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Happy New Year everyone!

I’m one of those people who doesn’t celebrate New Year itself but who loves any chance of a fresh start. I always use the first couple of days in January to get my shit together, organise my life and try to start how I mean to go on. However, I am also someone who usually fails by the 4th or 5th and has had enough of everything and has a lazy year after that point.

Usually, I set out my goals for the year but this year, I wanted to do it a little differently. A lot of the goals I want to achieve will take a little longer so I thought maybe it’s finally time to get my 101 goals in 1001 days post written! I won’t lie, I did come up with about 200 goals originally so I had to whittle it down significantly! Goal-setting is something that comes quite easily to me yet it’s not often I seem to reach them!

I wanted to do an array of goals, from career to blogging, fitness to hobbies so I have lots of things to look forward to. Many of them are serious, like saving money and working on my career, but many are more light-hearted, like watching films and finally cracking that elusive capsule wardrobe!

I hope you do enjoy reading them and it’s not too monotonous. I actually love reading these posts and drew inspiration from many other bloggers too! Do leave a comment if you’ve written a 101 in 1001 post!

The plan is to post an update monthly if I’ve actually achieved anything or it may end up being every three months if I’m a massive failure. Anyway, enjoy!

Start date: 1st January 2018
End date: 28th September 2020



1. Save £5,000. At the moment, I’ve been able to save about £200 a month just working part-time in retail so once I get a full-time job, I should be able to increase my saving every month!
2. Move out permanently. Although I moved to Sheffield in September, there’s a chance I’ll have to move back home when I graduate before I find a full-time job. I hope within two and a half years, I can make a move somewhere else permanently, probably renting I imagine to start with.
3. Buy myself a new car (can be second hand but new to me!). I had to sell my gorgeous Cece the Citroen C1 before I moved to uni (I needed the money to go towards my rent) and I miss being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want!
4. Create and stick to a budget. Since moving to Sheffield, I’ve really had to learn how to make the most of my money. However, there is always room for improvement like less spending on takeaway hot drinks and random trips to Superdrug for make-up I don’t actually need!
5. Complete a no-spend month apart from the essentials. I’m a poor student who needs to curb her spending. Now Christmas is done, I need to stop all spending unless it is on food shopping or bills!
6. Have a huge bedroom clearout at home and in my flat! I tried to de-clutter before moving to Sheffield but I seem to have acquired even more stuff and I know I still have lots of stuff at home!
7. Start a capsule wardrobe for spring (March-May), stick with it for 3 months then have one every season after. Once I’ve de-cluttered, this should be a lot easier! Capsule wardrobes are perfect for uni and they’re great when you have limited space in your room too!
8. Have a huge make-up purge. Seeing as I have so much make-up, I need to look at what I do have and get rid of some products that I don’t like. I’m sick of using the same products constantly, just because I know I like them!
9. Go on a no-spend-on-make-up ban for one month or longer! I bought way too much make-up at the end of 2017. I’ve got over three bags full of goodies that I’ve barely even looked at yet! Putting myself on a ban is the only way to stop my addiction!
10. Give blood. For years, I’ve been underweight and unable to. Now I’m at a more comfortable weight, I can now give blood!
11. Go for my first smear test. I’m 25 on 14th January (put that in your diary, gang!) which means I’m due my smear. I’m bricking it so please share your experiences if you’ve had one before!
12. Buy some new glasses. I’ve had the same glasses since college and they’re starting to look a little battered and bruised. Maybe it’s time to purchase new ones?
13. Teach myself French again. I studied French at school (and got an A) but now all I can remember are the very basics (Bonjour, Au revoir and Je m’appelle Sian are about as much as I know now) so I’d love to find my old vocabulary books or use an app to remember a little more!
14. Have a Facebook purge of friends and pages I liked when I was younger. You know those stupid pages you liked when you were about 13? Yeah, those ones.
15. Unsubscribe from all those shopping emails. I have tried in recent months to do this but I’ve got to that point where I don’t even read half of my emails before deleting them anyway!



16. Graduate from my Masters degree. In November this year, I will hopefully graduate with a good grade from my MA Sports Journalism.
17. Pass my Essential Media Law exam. I will be taking this exam in April for the third time and I really need to pass it!
18. Pass 60 words per minute shorthand. I’m basically going to teach myself shorthand from scratch and see if I can get any advice from my uni tutors as to where I’m going wrong!
19. Pass 80wpm shorthand.
20. Pass 100wpm shorthand.
21. Get an article published in print (either newspaper or magazine). All of my journalism experience has been online so it would be great to get a byline in a newspaper or magazine. I’m not even fussy as to how I get it!
22. Leave the retail industry. I’ve worked in the retail industry for over 8 years now and I’m so sick of it. I need to start making a move with my career or I’ll be stuck in retail forever!
23. Get a full-time journalism job after uni. That is my aim upon graduation. I know I might not be able to work in sport straight away but that is the end goal.
24. Keep my CV and LinkedIn updated everytime I gain a new opportunity. I need to make sure that I keep everything updated so it shows me off best to potential employers!
25. Set up a journalism Twitter profile. I’ve built up my Twitter profile for years; however, it’s not the most professional one. I’m thinking about setting up a new profile as a journalist and keep my personal one for blogging.
26. Invest in journalist business cards. Once I get a job full-time in journalism, I need some business cards to show it off!
27. Create a contacts book for my job. Although everything is done online or via mobile phone nowadays, I would love to create a book with all key contacts in for work purposes. I’ve bought an address book so that’s the first step!
28. Build a professional workwear wardrobe. If I want to become a journalist, I need to start collecting key pieces. Currently I have two pairs of black trousers and a couple of nice tops; I don’t think that would see me through a work week!

Blogging/Social Media

29. Complete Blogtober. I have never completed Blogtober yet and I’m determined to. It’s definitely a case of getting organised before the month actually starts!
30. Complete Blogmas. See above!
31. Reach 500 posts. I’m just shy of 370 posts so 130 posts in two years or so doesn’t see too extreme!
32. Reach 750 posts. Blogging more consistently should mean that I add another 250 posts on top!
33. Reach 5k Twitter followers. I’m at around 3.6k currently and I really want to make sure I utilise it. Currently, I either chat rubbish or just share bloggers. I want to start interacting with more bloggers and supporting others in the community.
34. Read 10k Twitter followers.
35. Reach 2.5k Instagram followers. Instagram is the hardest platform to build a following on. However, I really want to start making it work for me more.
36. Reach 5k Instagram followers.
37. Reach 500 posts on Instagram. Whenever I write a blog post, I need to start making sure that I share it on Instagram as well as Twitter! This should mean I reach my goal soon enough!
38. Reach 1000 posts on Instagram.
39. Post daily on Instagram for a month. Hopefully, if I can complete Blogtober and Blogmas, I should be able to post once a day for an entire month!
40. Earn £500 from sponsored content. Last year, I earned my first payment from this so I’d love to keep growing and integrating such content into my blog.
41. Earn £1000 from sponsored content.
42. Buy a new laptop. I’ve had my current laptop for at least 5 years or so but it’s still going strong! I’d love to save up and treat myself to an upgrade!
43. Buy a new camera and tripod. Currently I take my photos on my iPhone and it would be great to upgrade that tech too! Photography has always been a weak area of my blogging so I’d love to keep on improving!
44. Complete About Me and Contact Me pages. Another blog improvement is to get a more complete site. This means adding more pages to make it more appealing to both readers and PR companies.
45. Make a media kit. I’ve seen so many bloggers say that having a media kit is vital for PR people to see everything about you and your blog. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for posts about what you need to include in one though!
46. Go self-hosted. Last year, I finally got round to buying my domain and changing my blog design. Before self-hosting, I first need to actually do some research about it all. My technological skills are dreadful.
47. Learn how to use Photoshop. Since starting my masters, I’ve started to use Photoshop but very occasionally. I’d like to learn how to use the basic editing skills as it’s a vital skill to have as both a blogger and as a journalist.
48. Learn basic coding. I’m hoping to take a extra night class at university all about coding. Again, it’s another skill to have as a blogger and journalist. The more skills you have, the more likely you are to get a job!
49. Invest in blog business cards. Since I’ve had this blog for over three years, I think it’s about time I had some business cards made. I want to get to more events so having these in my bag at all times should help me to network!



50. Develop a fitness plan that works for me. Working out my fitness around uni and work is always a chore. I need to sit down on a Sunday night and start planning my week again and that starts with my workouts!
51. Complete a Tone It Up Bikini Series for 8 weeks. Tone It Up is my favourite fitness website/programme and I really want to start following it properly. Every year in the build-up to summer, they do an 8-week Bikini Series programme to help you get on track for summer. It’s not just about getting fit though, it’s about being a part of the community and gaining confidence too!
52. Complete a 30-day yoga challenge. Yoga really does clear your mind. I found doing a sequence at the beginning and the end of the day really sets you up and helps you to sleep respectively. There are tonnes of 30-day challenges out there to try so I just need to find one that suits me most.
53. Go to the gym 5 times a week for a month. I used to be such a gym bunny; I was there daily and doing at-home workouts too. I’ve been so unfit lately that I need to do this!
54. Lose 2 stone. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight in the past couple of years. I know weight is not everything but I’ve never felt so tired and lathargic as I do now. I want to get fit which will probably mean a decent weight loss!
55. Run a 5k. I hate running but running keeps you fit and healthy. I want to build up to this by running on a treadmill first before building up to running outdoors and eventually taking part in a run!
56. Run a 10k. After I’ve accomplished a 5k run, I want to attempt a 10k! Wish me luck!
57. Go to a spin class. Spin classes look fun but scary. As a newbie, I’ve no idea what to expect!
58. Go to a barre class. As an ex-ballerina, barre looks like my cup of tea. I just need to find somewhere that holds such classes! They’re hard to find outside of London!
59. Take up dance classes again. I love to dance. I’ve never stopped loving it but it’s so hard to find classes that fit in your schedule, especially when you work in retail. I think I’d like to take up ballet, tap, contemporary and street dance/commercial again.
60. Learn to do the splits again (both left/right front and straddle!). Since quitting dance classes during secondary school, I’ve lost most of my flexibility. I would love to be able to do the splits in all directions again!



61. Visit 10 new-to-me cities in the UK. I’m not big on travelling. In fact, I’ve never been on a holiday abroad, only a school trip to Poland. Living in the UK, we have such amazing sights already here so I want to do as much exploring as I can!
62. Visit 6 castles. I’m a bit of a history lover and I find castles fascinating. I’ve already been to a few but I’d love to visit more!
63. Visit the Harry Potter studios again. I went a couple of months after it first opened but now there are more exhibitions there so it’s time to go again!
64. See 3 West End musicals in London. Musicals are my fave show to see and I’ve not been to London for a couple of years. I’ve only seen Wicked and Les Mis so far but that list needs more adding to it!
65. Go on a touristy trip to London. I tend to go to London when I’ve got something planned like a concert but I really want to go back for a few days and plan a cheesy, tourist trip. See all the sights, take lots of photos. Why not?
66. Get a picture at Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross. Harry Potter lives on! Pretending to be in it? Yes please!
67. Renew my passport. My passport is so out of date, it’s unreal! I want to renew it before I have to get one of those hideous blue ones!
68. Go to Dallas, Texas and try out for DCC. For a couple of years now, I’ve been wanting to follow my cheerleading dream so I want to make it happen before I get too old! The DCC are world-class dancers so even just trying out will be a feat in itself!
69. Go to New York at Christmas time. You see it in the movies all the time but I’d just love to experience it for myself.



70. Read 70 books (one a fortnight). I’ve read barely anything this year, other than magazines and textbooks. I used to love to read as a kid so I want to get back into it!
71. Read all the books I already own. I have so many books at home that I’ve never actually read. It’s about time I got round to reading them!
72. Go to 3 concerts. I don’t go to many concerts as I’ve found they seem to be incredibly expensive nowadays! I used to go to gigs regularly but I’ve fallen out of love with music in recent years. I still try to get to one a year though.
73. Watch 125 new to me films. Since moving to Sheffield, I’ve watched a lot of films. However, more than not, I tend to watch the same films over and over again. I need to add new ones to my collection!
74. Watch my musicals collection A-Z. So far, I’m up to C (I last watched Cats) so I have a pretty long way to go. Musicals are my favourite genre of film to watch so it’s going to be so much fun to get through them all!
75. Own the entire Disney DVD collection. So far, I have about 10 but I really want to own all of the Disney and Pixar films.
76. Start and finish: Law & Order SVU, Nashville, Scandal, Once Upon A Time, Gotham, Supergirl, The Tudors, The Originals, Empire, This Is Us, Suits, The Good Wife, How To Get Away With Murder. I love box sets. In fact, having a binge-watch might be my favourite hobby. I’ve got a watchlist as long as my body I think!
77. Finish: Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, UnReal, Jane the Virgin, White Collar. I’ve started to watch a tonne of box sets but not finished any yet! I’m determined to do so!
78. Rewatch: Gossip Girl, The OC, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, Dance Academy, Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Quantico, Dexter. These are some of my favourite shows. After watching new shows, I tend to go back to a box set that I know that I love.
79. Have a Harry Potter marathon watching all 8 films in one go. I’ve only ever done this once before when I was living at home and my parents were away on holiday. It requires a lot of planning: you need to have had a good night’s sleep before, you need to make sure you’re stocked up on drinks and food, you need to make sure you have two days off work (you’ll want to sleep for a full day afterwards).
80. Re-read the Harry Potter books. I’ve not read the entire series for quite some time but reading them all again means reliving my childhood, hooray!
81. Visit the theatre 15 times. Being a child who was brought up in the dance studio and on the stage, there’s just something about the theatre that fills me with joy. Since my local theatre in Hull has re-opened, I plan on going back home to watch as many shows as I can!
82. Compete in a pub quiz. I want to find a regular pub quiz and people to be in a team with me!
83. Go on a TV quiz show. I’m a TV quiz show addict and would love to go on one and compete, preferably The Chase or Pointless with my dad!
84. Try 25 new restaurants. I’m not a risk taker when it comes to eating food but I’ll go to any Indian, Chinese or Italian place! I want to try new places in both Sheffield and Hull, not just your bog-standard Pizza Hut and cheeky Nandos!
85. Go to an Arsenal match. I’ve been an Arsenal fan since I was about 8 but I’ve never been to a live game. I’d love to take my dad to see them, even though he hates London!
86. Go to the British Speedway Grand Prix. Another sport that my dad and I adore is speedway. We’ve been saying for years that we’ll go to Cardiff to watch the GP but never got round to it!
87. Go to Bingo for the night. I’ve never been to bingo. I think it looks like a fun night out though!


88. Upgrade my iPhone 5S. I’ve had mine for three years now and I do love it but it’s probably time for an upgrade. I just wish contracts weren’t so expensive!
89. Keep up a skincare routine. My skin has been dreadful lately due to poor diet, lack of sunlight, lack of water intake and lack of sleep. Once I get all of that sorted, I want to create a skincare routine that doesn’t take too long on a daily basis and indulge on a weekend.
90. Finish a pot of Vaseline. I don’t think I’ve ever done this, I believe it may be impossible.
91. Go on a spa day. I’ve never ever been to a spa. In all honesty, I’ve never fancied it until I really got into beauty and make-up but a day of relaxation and pampering sounds divine now!
92. Have my first massage. I’m hoping to book in for one soon as I’m so stressed! However, I am a poor student so I’m not sure how much money I have to spend on one!
93. Have a manicure at a salon. I’m hoping to stop biting my nails so much and this will be my treat!
94. Have my make-up done professionally. Again, I’ve never had this done before so I would love to. Being cruelty-free means very few brands can do it for me though!
95. Learn how to French braid. I’m crap at hair and I’ve watched many tutorials on Youtube and just can’t seem to follow along very well!
96. Wear heels every day for a week. Being 5″3 means wearing heels always seem like I’m trying too hard. I like wearing them but just wish they were comfier! I’d love to try wearing them for a week!
97. Buy a designer handbag. A girl can dream, right?
98. Buy a pair of designer shoes. I’ve always been a shoes girl.
99. Own a Filofax. As you probably know, I am a fan of the diary. However, I’ve never owned a proper Filofax, just a cheaper version. I’d love to be really business-like and have a black leather one.
100. Win an award for something I’ve written (blogging or journalism). I really think my writing has improved over the years and want to continue to improve it. Winning an award would be such a good boost!
101. Save £20 each time I complete one of these goals! A good saving goal, I think!

Phew, we got there eventually! Can you relate to any of these goals? Leave me a comment below if you have or have any advice to help a girl out!
Completed 8/101 (as of 4/10/2018)
Italics indicate goal is completed!