Whilst I am excited to take two weeks off work, I still have a few tasks I want to get done. Whilst I’m hoping to get some relaxed blogging done and content scheduled, I really want to get those tasks done that I just keep putting off. Some will take less than an hour, some will take longer but it’s about time that they got completed. My 2020 Christmas to-do list is quite full but I like to stay productive!



I love a bit of decluttering anyway but ending a year and starting a new one is a great time to do a tidy up. When we think about decluttering, we tend to think about in the house but what about our laptops, phones and social media? I don’t keep much on my mobile anymore. However, my laptop and external hard-drive are both full of all sorts of stuff. I’m also hoping to do my annual social media declutter too where I unfollow accounts that don’t serve me anymore. 



One of my favourite parts of getting ready for a new year is getting to start all my new planners. Yes, I have many. Most of them are pre-made ones so I like to go through the opening few pages. 2021 is also the year I start bullet journalling for my everyday diary. I’ve been going crazy on Pinterest trying to find the perfect ideas that are easy to do!



2021 is also the year that I start taking my finances seriously. I had a great year in 2020 for saving, with the help of my Help2Buy ISA. However, I want to challenge myself even more now. Now I’m self-employed, income can be sporadic but I’m hoping to give myself a few challenges. I’m currently saving up for a new pair of trainers (£100+), some home office equipment and an emergency fund. All whilst saving for a house too! Monzo allows you to set up multiple pots for whatever you want! You can bet I’m taking advantage of that.



I bought the annual Tailwind subscription for Pinterest in the Black Friday sales but have yet to look into it at all. I’ll be looking into all the tutorials and videos on the website as well as re-reading all the emails they’ve sent me. I shall become a Tailwind nerd so I can make the most out of my money!



On the same track, I also need to have a play around with my Pinterest boards as well as make more pins for my old blog posts. That’s where Canva comes in. This website is my saviour when it comes to graphic design as it’s a weakness of mine. I also want to make old blog posts into social media graphics so there will be a lot of repurposing going on.



Ooh, exciting changes coming to TEE! I’ve had a few ideas of producing some eBooks and freebies to do with my niches but now’s the time to actually do something about them. I’ve been taking part in Fiona’s Inspire, Write, Repeat programme and it’s really motivated me to get moving on this one.



I have a habit of signing up to memberships and courses and never actually doing them. I have lots to catch up on. Busy to Boss Academy, The Co-Working Club and Grow and Glow are the three main ones right now for me. Hopefully I can do a bit every day and make the most out of them!



I’ve spent much of 2020 reading so it’s a habit I want to continue in 2021. Instead of buying books every couple of days, I want to sign up to Kindle Unlimited and spend just £7.99 a month. This way, I can borrow a maximum of ten books at a time whilst still reading those on my Kindle already. I’m so glad that I’ve got the reading bug back!



I’ll start by saying I don’t enjoy photography. I find it stressful, difficult and I quite frankly just aren’t any good at it. However, I’m all about improving my skills so this is definitely an area to address. Instead of struggling to shoot images for upcoming blog posts, I want to start my own photo library so I have some photos spare for any blog posts or social media. 



Scheduling content in advance is going to be my theme of 2021 so I have to basically start now! If I want to increase my blog post frequency, I cannot just write and post all on the same day. By drafting up content in advance and having it in my content calendar, it’s more of a commitment. Thank goodness I’ve got a planner for that!



2021 is the year I maintain my capsule wardrobe set-ups, reduce the amount of clothes I buy and maybe even post more on Instagram about my journey with capsules too. I’m fascinated at people’s personal takes on capsules so why not throw my hat into the ring? However, that will mean I need to wear something other than joggers and dressing gowns daily. 



As above, I want to improve my relationship with Instagram in 2021 so why not share what I plan in my journals on there as well? Currently, I’m thinking daily gratitude lists, no-spend trackers, film/TV I’ve watched, books I’ve read and outfits worn. I’m sure I’ll think of more but send me a DM if you want to see anything else from me on Instagram!


As you can see, my Christmas 2020 to-do list is quite chocker but I like to keep busy! Some of these will be done whilst watching Christmas movies and TV box sets so they will still be fun! Does anything on my Christmas 2020 to-do list look like something you need to get done too? Leave a comment below or come and chat over on Twitter!



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