There’s nothing I love more than a night in: that’s a fact. I love getting cosy on the sofa or in bed watching TV, reading a good book or having a pamper night. There’s just something about being warm inside when it’s oh so cold outside! Since I am the queen of the night in, I thought I’d share my night in essentials with you all today!
1. Comfy clothing: Whether you prefer pyjamas and a dressing gown or joggers and a hoodie, wear something that keeps you warm. I try not to wear pyjamas if I’m having a lazy day but for a night in, anything goes!

2. Blankets and cushions: How can you have a night in during the winter time if you aren’t keeping warm? If you’ve got your comfy clothing on, you need to be sitting comfortably too! Basically, build yourself a fort and you’re good to go!


3. Allllll the snacks: Especially at Christmas, I like to stock up on party food. We’re talking chocolate, biscuits, crisps; basically, if it’s unhealthy and calorific, it’s allowed. If I’m going all out and having a night in with my friends, I might even rustle up a fabulous buffet; I normally go for pizza, garlic bread, sausage rolls, popcorn chicken and mozzarella sticks!

4. Movies/TV box sets: A night in isn’t complete without something to watch. Whether you like horrors, chick flicks or want to stick to Christmas films at this time of year, the choice is up to you! I love to have a theme night with friends (my next one is a High School Musical night with my bestie Amy!)

5. Hot chocolate: This is my go-to hot drink, even more so during the winter! On a special night in, there are no expenses spared! I’m talking whipped cream, flakes, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles!

6. A friend: Cosy nights in are great on your own (I’m an only child so I like spending time with myself) but they’re only truly memorable when you have someone to share them with. Whether it’s your mum, your nan, your other half or your friends, whoever makes you smile and will enjoy the night with you!