I know everyone’s been saying this but how quickly has March gone? I feel like there should be another week left! It’s been an indifferent month for me; I’ve tried to focus on my revision which has meant my blog has fallen behind a little. I have a few ideas for posts but it’s the sitting down and typing them that takes the time and effort!


I hadn’t looked at my March goals before writing this post so I was eager to read what I had planned to do! One month, I will achieve every goal! Here’s a recap of how March went for me:

1. Stick to my revision plan. Although I haven’t stuck to my exact plan, I’ve made up for it on my days off by reading several chapters to catch up!

2. Keep track of my workouts, meals and steps. I’ve gone through phases with this massively! I’ve been tracking my steps now as I have a Fitbit Charge HR but everything else has been hit and miss. I need to take photos every time I eat something so I keep on track!

3. Save, save, save. I went a bit crazy this month; I didn’t spend much money on beauty products but I bought new clothes and DVDs (I’m obsessed with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD)! In fairness, I never pay full price for everything (thank you student discount and vouchers!).

4. Research cruelty-free beauty more. Something I have researched! I found a few blogs that have a huge list of brands that are cruelty-free and I plan to see all my old products at a car boot sale soon!


5. Read 4 books. Next.

6. Stick to my brand new workout plan. I think I planned to do far too many workouts!

7. Drink 2 litres of water a day. I think I’ve been averaging about 1.5l when I’m at work. I do find when I’m at home, I drink waaaay less than I should!

8. Go to the gym 3 times a week. Another fail BUT I have been twice in the past week AND tried a new class, Pilates!


Now we’re starting a new month, it’s an excuse for a fresh start and to really re-focus on what I want to do. I love writing my goals down every month because it gives me something to work towards and leaves me accountable! Here are my aims for April:

1. Prep for the Tone It Up Bikini Series. My fitness has been a bit up-and-down as of late. The series normally starts mid-April and last year I was unprepared! I want to make sure I’ve sorted through my workout gear, have planned the rest of my life so I have time to exercise, make sure I have a shopping list to hand and get mentally prepared to kick ass this time!

2. Write 3 blog posts a week. Recently, I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging rut and honestly, I’ve lost a bit of motivated. Going through Twitter and seeing you all kill it with your posts has inspired me to keep going!

3. Keep my blog organised. I want to have a list of post ideas, schedule posts in advance, take advantage of lighter nights and take bulk photos; I just want to make sure I prioritise tasks properly!


4. Pass my Essential Media Law exam! My exam is at the end of the month and I’m knee deep in revision when I’m not working/sleeping/eating. This will be the third time I’ve taken the exam and this time I must pass it!

5. Save, save, save (again). I need to stop spending more on stuff I don’t actually need: Costa hot drinks, beauty products, cheap clothes. I want to really stick with a minimal lifestyle which means choosing quality over quantity. I’ve had a wardrobe clear-out again and am planning on having a car boot next month! I will be tracking my ins and outs this month in my diary!

6. Change banks/savings accounts. Currently, both my bank and building society are pretty rubbish. I need to sort out my finances massively! I’m making next to nothing with my current cash ISA which is such a pain!

May will be the month of the blog. My exam will be out of the way and I have a week’s holiday from work mid-month so I plan to have a blog overhaul. I want to make it look as slick and professional as possible so I want to try and go self-hosted soon!