July was such a weird month for me. I feel like I got absolutely nothing done yet I’ve been working constantly! I have some exciting things coming my way soon but I’m not quite ready to share with everyone yet before it is all confirmed.

I decided to have a little blogging break because quite frankly, I was seriously lacking the inspiration or motivation to write. Now I’ve had some time out, I’m really excited to get planning some new content!

Before I introduce my goals for this month, let’s recap my goals for July:
1. Get in shape. I’ve been trying to get to the gym more but there’s always room for improvement, right?
2. Save, save, save! After paying extra for my car servicing, I’ve been living on the very minimal this month. Saving up for my Masters is hard work as it is!
3. Plan blog posts for July and August. Oops.
4. The month of eBay. Doing more hours at work means that I keep missing the sunlight! I need sunlight to take the photos!


5. Try a new gym class every week. I’ve not tried one every week but I did try Step and Stretch & Tone. Loved Step, hated Stretch (it was basically a yoga class!).
6. Stop snacking on a night after tea. A goal that I’ve really tried to stick to! By having larger portions at meal times, I’ve managed to cut back on snacking in general! At weekends, I tend to slack a little but I’m not about depriving myself in any way!
7. Walk 10,000 steps every day! Most days I’ve been able to accomplish this; I’ve managed 10k+ on 11 days and 5k+ on the majority left.
8. Post daily on Instagram. I’ve barely posted on Instagram at all this month! I’ve been seriously lacking inspiration for it!

Now we have August. I genuinely feel like we’ve only just celebrated the New Year and we’re closer to Christmas than that now! I’m definitely going to be kicking some butt this August and getting lots of things done! Here’s a look at my August goals:

1. Reach 3.5k on Twitter. Currently I need about 160 followers to reach this goal. 40 a week? Bring it on!

2. Lose 9lbs. Although I don’t workout to lose weight, I definitely think I’d feel healthier if I lost a few pounds!

3. Workout 5 times a week. I need to get the most out of my gym membership. Working out used to be fun to me so I’d love to rediscover why I used to love it so much.

4. Develop a blogging schedule and plan. I really have to start getting back into blogging mode. If I create a schedule and have posts planned, I might actually be able to blog more!


5. Read 2 books. I’ve started reading a little more in the past week so I’d love to keep that going! I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series right now!

6. Buy only essentials. Saving money is crucial for me right now so I am only spending on what I need to. No more takeaway hot chocolates, extra bags of chocolate or a new lipstick!

7. Keep finding new ways to make money. I’ve been doing online surveys for a while now but I need to get back into the routine of checking them daily. I’ve got a tonne of clothes to sell on eBay too and I’ve looked into mystery shopping too!

8. Stop having so many lazy days! When I finally do get a day off, I tend to lounge around the house watching TV. I need to be a little more pro-active and start doing more housework or having a blogging day!



What are your goals for August? Do you have any exciting plans? 
Leave me a comment below!