It’s that time of year: it’s getting colder and darker outside, we’re counting down to Christmas so we’ve got very little money and all the good TV is back on or starting very shortly! Autumn telly really is great! Along with reality TV, we get a tonne of new dramas as well as all the oldies that get played every year.
If you’re like me and you watch A LOT of TV, it’s definitely worth getting a top-notch TV to watch it. What’s the point in paying tonnes in terms of subscriptions and DVDs/Blu-rays if your TV is of rubbish quality? The new Panasonic 4k TVs tick all the right boxes: a choice of sizes, ultra HD for clear viewing and lots of HDMI sockets so you can plug in your DVD player if you’re a bit old-fashioned like me!

Now you have your new set-up in place, now you have to decide what to watch? For me personally, I love a good drama as of late. If I can get my teeth into the first episode, I’m hooked. I like to think I watch a variety of TV but I tend to watch more stuff online nowadays because I’m prone to forgetting what time certain shows are on! Autumn is the one time I remember when my fave shows are on! Here’s what I’m looking forward to watching over the next couple of months:

Strictly Come Dancing


Strictly has to be my number one. I’ve had to watch on iPlayer the past couple of weeks but from next week, I will be back live tweeting away! I’m obsessed with it because dance is life! My background is in ballet, tap and modern but I love the glitz and glamour of ballroom and Latin. I for one can’t wait to be famous enough to go on the show but for now, I’ll settle with a Saturday/Sunday night in having a boogie in my PJs. I’ve been so surprised by the standard this year as well; there isn’t one who has no rhythm at all! I also have a massive thing for Gorka the Corker who is partnering Alexandra Burke this year so I want them to go all the way to the final!

Blue Planet II


The national treasure that is David Attenborough is finally back with a much-needed second series of Blue Planet. I don’t watch many documentaries but the ones I do watch are usually his! There’s just something about his voice and the way he describes animals and their environments, it’s captivating.



As someone who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, I know of Kit Harrington but I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything he’s been in! I’m fascinated by history and really want to learn about more events, other than World Wars. BBC dramas are usually pretty accurate so I have high hopes for this one!



I’m fairly new to the Riverdale family. I didn’t quite get it after the first couple of episodes but I powered through and was gripped by the last few. I’m so insanely excited for season 2 because I need more Archie and Veronica in my life (I have a huuuuge girl crush on Camila Mendes!)

Chicago Fire


I’ve managed to catch up with season 5 and couldn’t get over how sad and dramatic the season finale was. Now season 6 has started, I’m going to try to keep up with it as best I can! It’s my favourite box set to binge watch lately. If you don’t watch any of the #OneChicago shows, please do! They are all amazing and constantly have crossover episodes! And there’s plenty of eye candy in Chicago Fire too, both men and women! #TeamDawsey

Eat Well For Less


As much as I love dramas, I also am obsessed with watching anything to do with money and health. This is by far one of my favourite TV shows on the BBC. Gregg and Chris are such great presenters and you can always find new tips and tricks about saving money and cooking healthy food on the show!

The Mayor


Lea Michele is one of my favourite women on TV/film so I will watch anything she’s in. I’m a huge fan of Glee but couldn’t really get on with Scream Queens so I’m excited to see her in something else. She’ll always be Rachel Berry to me though!



Being a 90s baby, I pretty much have only heard of the show Dynasty and never seen it. It’s been dubbed the new Gossip Girl but I highly doubt it will be THAT good. However, I’ll watch any sort of teen drama so I’ll give it a whirl!

The Flash


Now I’ve finally caught up with season 3, I can’t wait for season 4! Grant Gustin is beyond beautiful and talented so I love that he has a starring role in something. He’s phenomenal as a baddie in Glee so it was about time he got a main character!

What TV are you excited for this Autumn? Any recommendations? Leave me a comment below!

This post is a sponsored post with Panasonic but all content and views are my own.