Being a Dreamer

As I sit here watching Glee season 5 on DVD, it got me to thinking about how much I would have loved a spot on the show when I was younger. Up until the age of 11, it was my dream to be on stage. Most days I was at dance class straight from school and I’d stay for hours practising for shows, competitions and exams. Up until that point, my world revolved around dance. I missed birthday parties, lots of school, family gatherings, all because I had a rehearsal or a show. I still managed to get amazing school grades and hang out with my friends but dance was always number 1.

When I turned about 13, I got the opportunity to volunteer at a local radio station once a week with my friend. It was such a rush being live on air; I loved all of the researching aspects and learning the technical ropes. From that moment on, I knew that a career in the media was more for me. I slowly stopped going to dance, even though my love of it was still there, and put all of my efforts into the radio show. Unfortunately, the radio station lost its funding but for me, it was such an eye-opener. It inspired me to write and eventually start blogging.

As I near graduation, I have a pretty clear view of my short-term future. After my degree is finished, I will be going to college to get my journalism qualifications. Without them, I can’t apply for any jobs in newspapers or magazines and it is nice to have the formal knowledge and skills which I currently don’t have. For this I’ll be getting a train every day and paying for the course. This means I have pure dedication with all the travel it will take and the amount it will cost!

I’ve always been a dreamer, I believe that it motivates me to work hard for what I want. However, my dreams have always been career-related. Now, they’re a bunch of dreams. I still have my dream of being a presenter on Sky Sports News (and being a female sports journalist means you have to work even harder!) but this now links to my other dreams. Having a good job that I love means that I will be able to provide for my family and be able to have the nice things in life, such as a lovely home and a good car!

My non-career goals now are at level pegging with my career goals. Right now, I have the most perfect boyfriend, I have a job that I could potentially keep as a back-up career and I’m fairly healthy (well healthy-ish anyway). As an 11 year old at dance class, I would never have thought that this would be my life at 22. At that age, I’d have thought I’d be on stage singing and dancing but I guess dreams change.

I’m super happy and content with where I am but let’s face it, dreamers are achievers.