Since we’re halfway through 2017 (already, whaaaat?), I thought I’d recap the goals I set myself for my blog this year. I love putting my goals out there so I can be held accountable and track my progress! I know that I’ve not blogged as much as I thought I would’ve this year but I’ve definitely made some steps in making some improvements!


Here’s a look at how I’ve been getting on so far!

1. Improve my photography: I’d like to think that I have improved but there’s always tonnes of progress to be made. I want to add in more props!

2. Learn how to edit photos properly: I’m still editing on apps on my phone and have nowhere near enough money for a camera. My phone camera will have to do for now!



3. Buy my own domain name: Something I’ve achieved! I was thrilled to pay for my own domain name!
4. Stay consistent with posting: I decided to give daily posting a go during June and so far I’ve only missed a couple of days so far! I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it forever but I definitely want to start posting more often!



5. Keep a list of post ideas going: Another goal achieved! I’ve started a notebook with ideas in different categories and then gone into more detail further on.
6. Write more: Because I’ve been getting more overtime, it’s been hard to write consistently for other sites. I’ve been writing for a rugby league website as well as my blog but other than that, that’s it!


7. Go to a blogging event: Still a no! I have been invited but it’s very difficult to attend when you live a minimum of an hour away and have work to schedule around!
8. Comment on more blogs: I’ve been trying really hard to do this. There’s no limit to how much commenting one can do so I’d definitely still love to try to do more!
Is 2017 a good blogging year for you? What do you aim to do with your blog in the next 6 months? Leave me a comment below!