2017 isn’t too far away. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I know everyone says that every year but for once I feel like this year, it’s really true. For me, it’s been a fairly consistent year. I’ve worked on myself and the things I want in life.
2017 is definitely the year of the career for me. Now I’ve finished my journalism qualification, I can start to look for jobs that will get my writing out there. With this, having a blog will only help my applications. Every job interview I’ve been for, I’ve been asked about it. Next year, I want to continue the work I’ve been doing on my blog and make it bigger and better! Here are the goals I want to achieve with blogging in 2017:

1. Improve my photography: My photography has improved since I started blogging but now I want to keep this momentum growing and add in more props. I’m also going to save up for a camera and a tripod so I don’t have to take my photos on my iPhone!

2. Learn how to edit photos properly: Right now, I just use a couple of apps on my phone to edit all of my photos. I’d like to learn how to use Photoshop well and maybe even create my own logos and add text to my photos.


3. Buy my own domain name: I’ve been using Blogger ever since I started blogging and definitely want to take the next step in the blogging game and acquire my own site. I’ve also thought about moving over to WordPress as I’ve used it for other websites before and found it easy to use.

4. Stay consistent with posting: I’d like to go back to posting every weekday but I know that’s not usually a reasonable expectation for me (life always gets in the way!) so I may go back to posting 3-4 days a week as that seemed to work well before!

5. Keep a list of post ideas going: With posting more, it means the ideas pool gets reduced. I always have loads of ideas but tend to forget them after ten minutes or so. In 2017, I want to always have an ideas notebook with me so I won’t have any excuses!


6. Write more: As much as I love my own blog, I’d also like to contribute to other blogs and websites to get my name out there. It’s something that I plan to make a career out of so I’d like to start as soon as possible!

7. Go to a blogging event: I’ve been invited to a few events either run by bloggers or companies but haven’t been able to go for various personal reasons. Next year, I’d love to attend even just one to have a great time and meet some new people!


8. Comment on more blogs: I love reading other blogs; I’m so proud of all the bloggers I follow on Twitter who are killing it right now with their posts. I’d like to help promote their blogs more either by sharing them on social media or simply commenting on their posts!

Also how cute are my diaries and notebooks? I’m such a stationery hoarder! If any of you have any posts are photography, post ideas or buying your own domain, please leave me a comment below!