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In honour of Taylor Swift’s 26th birthday today, I’ve decided to take a break from Christmas and write an open letter to Taylor thanking her for her existence. I’m a huge fan of hers and have been for many years but to me, she is more than her music.

From the Red tour, February 2014.

Dear Taylor,

I like to think of you as a friend. I know you’re not and I long to be part of your so-called “girl squad” but I feel a connection with you.

Having listened to your music since I was 15 and followed your career avidly since then, I am most definitely a “Swifty”. After hearing Love Story, I went back and bought your first album (which was hard to find here in the UK) and have bought every album since. Through your music, you have got me through some good times and bad times and taught me so many lessons. Your songs have made me reveal my emotions to myself and to others, they’ve given me hope when I’ve needed it, they’ve inspired me to strive to better myself, they’ve given me a self-confidence that I never knew I had but most of all, they’ve given me joy. It’s rare that I find an artist that I think the world of and you might be the only one. I’m not embarrassed that I am a fan: you write incredible lyrics, you have catchy melodies, you have a gift. I will defend you endlessly to those who say bad about you, including several people who I know.

I admire your entrepreneurial skills and how you are able to treat yourself and your brand as a business, not just music. The way you stood up to Apple with regards to the streaming of your music for free, I could not have been more proud to be a fan of yours at that moment. The fact that you took a stand and publicly called them out when we all know many other musicians were thinking exactly the same, was incredibly brave. Also, the fact that you know your audience and what we love and how we work shows how much work you and your team must do in order to keep us happy. We appreciate everything that you do and that is why we love you. You treat us like we’re your friends and it’s like you can get inside our brains and tell us what we need to do at any specific time.

I believe that you are a credit, not only to your craft and the music industry, but to the human race. Your humility and kindness speaks volumes of you and how you’ve been brought up in this world. Being nice will always sit well with me. It seems like everyone always wants you to fall flat on your face or do a Britney but why should we bring someone down just because they’re nice? Nice doesn’t make you boring, it makes you friendly and approachable and a true lady and a good role model. I know you don’t make music to be a role model but being in the public eye makes you a target. However, you handle this with grace and present yourself as a class act. 

The accomplishments you have achieved are phenomenal but truly deserved. I love watching your reaction at award shows when you win because you still get genuinely excited that people recognise and appreciate your talent and hard work. I love how you really soak everything in too and actually enjoy attending them by dancing and singing along to all of the performances. You appreciate other artists so in turn, they respect you and your music.

There is not one song of yours that I dislike; yes I love some more than others (Haunted is a personal favourite) but every single one represents a moment in your life or a feeling that you’ve had and felt important enough to produce a song about. That is the side I love the most; you give us a glimpse into your mind and your life through your songwriting. I can relate to every song in one way or another and I’ve matched these songs up to moments in my life many times. Your lyrics speak to me on such a personal level and I’ve adopted many as my life mantras. I don’t care who they’re about, I think it’s shameful that the media try to pinpoint who they’re about. As an aspiring journalist myself, I find it embarrassing that the press speculate about your life and what you’re doing. You should be able to live your life how you choose and you’re doing a pretty good job of that to me!

To finish off, I would like to thank you for being so real. You speak from the heart, you’re passionate about your music and you seem like a lovely person. I’ve read every interview, got every song, been to a concert and every time I hear any news or a new song, it makes me love you even more. It is on my bucket list to eventually meet you and tell you how much you inspire me. Either that or I would like to spend the day baking with you, Gigi, Selena and Karlie! I hope that you continue to grow as a musician, a songwriter and a person and I will support you every step of the way.

Long live Queen Taylor.

Love Sian x

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