I cannot believe how stressful doing a Masters is. Some people on my course have it pretty easy as all they do is the university course and that is it. For the people I know, we have university, part-time work and blogging/writing jobs to include in our daily schedules.

1. I began my media placement with the RFL. I went for my induction in Manchester at the beginning of November and this is going to be an incredibly opportunity. I’m dipping my toes into the rugby league world a little further and getting to work with university teams to get their matches online and more visible.

2. I got a new job! After spending a night at Meadowhall, I went for an interview at Laura Ashley later that week and got the job on the spot! I was thrilled to be able to hand my notice in at the Post Office and start a job in fashion. I’ve now been there about a month and I adore it. There’s a lot to learn as I’m going to be covering fashion and homeware but it’s so much fun!

3. My best friend from home came to stay. I haven’t seen my best friend Amy since September and I’ve missed her dearly. We have that type of friendship where we can go for months without seeing each other and once we do meet up, it’s like we’re back in college talking daily! Although she was only here for one night, it was fab to have a little bit of home here in Sheffield with me!

4. I saw Legally Blonde at the Lyceum Theatre. When Amy came to stay, we managed to get tickets to closing night of Legally Blonde here in Sheffield. I’ve never seen the West End show but I adore the film so much. After listening to the soundtrack for a week straight, I was amazed by how good the show was. The numbers came to life on stage and there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the show!

5. The Rugby League World Cup started. I’ve been writing for one rugby league website for about a year now and for the World Cup, I chose to represent England. This meant that all month long, I’ve been previewing or reviewing all England games for the site. The final is today so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an England win!

6. I went home for a weekend. Work gave me a full weekend off so I decided to go home for it! I spent all day weekend watching rugby and random TV with my dad! It was so great to go home and chill out for a couple of days!

7. I had an Ikea/Nando’s date with Bow and Emma. Two of my fave blogger friends came to Sheffield for the night and we had such a fab time! We had a wander around Ikea before going to Meadowhall and Nando’s for food. I had a red reward on my card so free chicken for me! I love chicken. I haven’t laughed that much in quite a while!

8. I planned Blogmas! One night, I just sat down and wrote a list of post ideas and then wrote them all in my diary as to which posts would go live each day. The only problem is I’ve taken very few photos and have written very few posts!

This month has been a bit manic with starting a new job and getting some new writing opportunities but I like to keep busy! I really need to start making progress on my uni work as there are only two weeks until the deadlines!

What have you been up to this month? Leave me a comment below!