A Sunday Well Spent

Sunday nights are my favourite. There was a time when I just chilled out after work and did absolutely nothing. Now, I’ve realised that if I get organised as soon as I get in from work, I can then chill out and not stress out on a Monday morning! Here are my top tips to having a productive Sunday in order to have a stress-free Monday!

1. Set yourself some goals for the week. For me, it tends to be related to revision, exercise and food. If you write them down, you’ll be more likely to achieve them too!

2. Plan, plan, plan! I use my Sunday nights to decorate my planner and make to-do lists. Plan out what you want to do on every day (revision, work, exercise, sleep, date nights, family time, nights out, whatever is good for you) and make sure you make time for yourself. Sunday afternoons after work are my own time.

3. Plan your blogging routine too. I like to write down what posts I’m going to do that week even if I’m not going to write them there and then. Use any spare time to take photos while there is some sunlight.

4. Treat yourself to a pamper night. I shower, put on a face mask and paint my nails on a Sunday night. For me, that’s my relaxation time. For you, you may prefer to watch a movie or a TV box set or read a book.

5. Check your emails and respond. I often find during the week that I read emails, delete the ones I don’t want and just leave the others sat in my inbox all week long. If you go over your inbox on a Sunday night and reply then, the recipient will have you near the top of their inbox.

6. Tidy up your desktop. Whilst you’re at your emails, have a look through your photos and documents to see if you can clear any of them. Then empty your recycling bin!

7. Have a tidy around your room. Put all your laundry away, vacuum your floor, have a sort through your paperwork. Tidy room= tidy mind! I always find that the top drawer in my bedside table is an absolute mess so that is a must to sort out!

8. Pack your bag for school/work. For me, I have a suitcase to pack too so it requires a bit more time! Less rushing on a Monday morning, people!

9. Outfit plan. Once you’ve tidied your wardrobe, plan out your outfits for the next week. I plan out my college outfit as well as my workout gear so I’m ready to go on Monday morning!

10. Reflect on the past week. Keep a journal or ring up your best friend for a chat. I’m not a very open person with my feelings so I prefer to write in a journal just to clear out my mind.

I do note that this Sunday is very different as I’ve been at a family gathering plus it’s Christmas! This is my usual routine when I’m at college!