January is my favourite month for one big reason: it’s my birthday! My birthday is mid-month so I look forward to it for two weeks and then celebrate for at least one week after! This month has been so crazy busy! I’ve done lots of overtime, I was sent on a work trip for a couple of days and I’ve had my back injury which has meant everything else has had to take a back seat!


Now I am fit and healthy again, I’m ready to kick some booty with my blog, my fitness and work. Meeting my January goals was always going to be difficult as soon as I got injured but here’s a recap anyway:

1. Keep up with my organisation. I’ve only really used my everyday diary and my reading diary constantly but I want to make more use of the other diaries that I have!
2. No spending on toiletries or make-up. I failed because of the Boots sale and my birthday trip to Meadowhall! I’ve got so many products that need using up!
3. Go to the gym 3-4 times a week. So I failed massively at this. My slipped disc in my back caused me a lot of trouble so I’ve had to take it easy all month!
4. Get to 3,000 Twitter followers. My numbers keeping going all over the place but I’m about 50 away from reaching my goal!
5. Start living a minimalist life. Now I’ve updated my make-up stash and wardrobe, I think I’ll be able to buy less and less from now on.
6. Read 4 books. I’ve managed to read two and a bit books. I finished Fifty Shades Freed and We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk and I’m also a few chapters into both The Great Gatsby and The Guest List (Melissa Hill).

As you can see, I didn’t really achieve any of my goals fully which makes me even more motivated to achieve something in February! As I’ll be spending Valentine’s alone (no sad violins, I’m single and proud!), I have lots of time to focus on myself and my goals! Here’s what I aim to do in February:


1. Write 5 posts a week. I want to get back to consistent posting and I think I’ve scheduled ideas for all posts up until the end of February so fingers crossed I can get them all written and published!

2. Create a workout schedule around work and blogging. Now I’m well rested with my back, it’s time to get back into regular gym sessions and have a mixture of cardio and strength training.

3. No spend February on beauty, toiletries and clothing! This is going to be incredibly hard as I have a spending addiction but I want to use up all the beauty products that I have and wearing the clothes that I already own!

4. Less takeaway hot drinks/lunches! I have a Costa Coffee addiction; the staff know me because I go in so much! I need to start taking my own hot drinks and lunches so I save money!


5. Be more active on Twitter chats. I’ve been so busy this month that I haven’t been as active on Twitter that much in January. The more organised I get, the more I’ll be able to chat!

6. Reach 3,000 Twitter followers. If I become more active in chats, I should be able to increase my follower count. I’m not all about numbers but it is nice to see your numbers going up!

7. Read 4 books. Reading before bed has actually been helping me sleep so I want to continue this and try to read a book a week!

8. Keep tidying/de-cluttering. I’ve been making a huge effort recently with de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff that I’m not using. I’ve been through toiletries, make-up, stationery and clothing but I can always be a bit more ruthless!

Have you got any goals for February? Leave me a comment below with your aims!