Get Fit The Fun Way

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am a bit of a fitness freak! (Apart from the past couple of weeks where I’ve been taking it easy.) I’ve received quite a few messages from people I know and people I don’t know asking where I get my workout ideas from.

First things first, I don’t have a gym membership. Every single one of these ideas you can do at home with minimal, if any, equipment.

Second of all, I have found all of these resources myself. I have not been paid by a person or a company to promote these websites, I genuinely use them myself!

Tone It Up

My number one love. If you follow my TIU series on the blog, you will see I follow Karena and Katrina’s weekly schedule online (see here for this week’s) and add in any extras I feel like doing that day. Most of their workouts can be seen for free on the website along with a free printable. They have brought out DVDs and a new downloadable set of routines which I invested in but they are not a necessity. I had been following the schedules for a year before I bought anything at all!


Cassey is an amazing woman who believes that you can get fit using your own bodyweight- no equipment necessary. She delivers a monthly calendar into your email inbox at the start of every month and each day targets a different area of your body. If you’re thinking bodyweight exercises are easy, think again. These routines are hard! Cassey pushes you to your limit but trust me, it will be worth it in the end. If you don’t fancy following the monthly calendar, check out her YouTube channel to choose the videos you want. (My personal favourite are the Cardio Dance ones, so much fun!) She’s also just released her own programme, PIIT 28, which looks like a lot of fun!

PopSugar Fitness

I’ve only discovered this site in the past few months but I’m obsessed with it already. Every single day, they upload numerous fitness/health articles. Many of them are workouts but there are plenty of tips and tricks about exercising, nutrition and a million other topics on the main site. There are workouts that target certain body parts, total body exercises, celebrity-inspired routines and dance party videos. My personal favourite is this one though.

The Fitness Marshall

I found The Fitness Marshall from PopSugar Fitness after looking for a dance routine YouTube channel that wasn’t cheesy or easy. (As a trained dancer, I need difficulty!) And wow, these routines are hard! Well the steps aren’t but the intensity and speed are! Most of the routines are around three minutes long as they are to popular songs but my god, do a few in a row and you will be dripping with sweat! And let’s face it, dancing is far more fun than jogging or going on the elliptical! This one is by far my favourite so far!

Women’s Health

I’ve been buying the magazine for about a year now and always rip out the workout routines when I’ve read the mag from cover to cover. However, what is better than the mag is the website, There are tonnes more routines and videos to choose from. Word of warning, the US version of he site is far better than the UK version!

Self Magazine

Similarly, another great magazine/website is Self. Earlier this year, they teamed up with Tone It Up to create the SelfxTIU month-long challenge which I plan on redoing in April! There’s some great shorter-routines on there which you can do when you’re short on time or add a couple of them together for a longer workout!