Get To Know Me: TV

I’m introducing a new series on Mondays with a ‘Get To Know Me’ feature. I don’t know about you but I am very nosy. I love bloggers’ posts that are personal and these general posts are my favourites!

When I have spare time, I love watching TV. It’s rare that I watch actual TV; I tend to watch box sets and binge watch! There’s nothing more I love than spending the day off surfing the web and watching my favourite box sets!

1. The O.C.

By far, my favourite TV show of all time. I was so sad when it got cancelled but I have to admit I didn’t really like the final season anyway. As much as I didn’t always like her, the last scene of Season 3 when Ryan is carrying a dead Marissa down that dark road makes me cry every single time! I’m hoping for a reunion (they seem to be doing it for every other TV show) but I think Mischa Barton is ruining it for everyone!
Favourite character: Summer
2. One Tree Hill

I’m currently watching this on DVD from the beginning; the storylines are relatable as are the characters. I’m only up to season two but I have seen most episodes and definitely prefer the earlier series. I love that it incorporates sports too, which is a huge part of my life.
Favourite character: Brooke

3. Gossip Girl

The TV show I was most obsessed with when it came out. I may have gone to school wearing headbands for a long period of time. I followed this show from beginning to end and once again, I prefer the first couple of series. Once the characters went to college, the outfits stayed on point but the storylines went downhill.
Favourite character: Blair
4. Glee

When you’re having a bad day, just stick Glee on, sing along and you will forget why you were in a crap mood! I went through phases when it was on TV as I kept forgetting what day/time it was on. I ended up just buying all the box sets instead and love every season! The cast are so insanely talented as well.
Favourite character: Rachel

5. Pretty Little Liars

I’ve only got properly into this show last year and I love it. I saw the first series on MTV when it first started and then it seemed to disappear off TV! I found the first series cheap on Amazon one day and was hooked. Now I own all 5 series on DVD and signed up to Netflix so I can watch the new episodes every single week! However, I’m very impatient and need new episodes urgently!
Favourite character: Aria or Spencer

I don’t know if you’ve seen a pattern emerging, I gravitate towards the brunette lead females. I think if you merged all of my favourite characters into one, you would get me. I like characters that resemble me (my mum says that I have the personality of Blair Waldorf but look like Aria Montgomery).

Do you agree? What are your favourite characters from these TV shows? What are your favourite TV shows? Leave a comment below or tweet me!