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I hate to be that person but I’m going to be: new year, new start. I’m not someone who celebrates New Year, in fact I’m usually asleep by 10.30pm just like a regular night. However, I do like the idea of reflection as it allows us to see what we’ve achieved and where we’d like to improve. Setting goals for 2019 is something that helps me to know what I want to work towards and how I need to get there.

I enjoy looking back but more importantly, I enjoy looking forward to having the best year yet. In all honesty, I usually end up disappointing myself but this year feels different. Already I feel motivated for 2019. I’m ready to kick some ass, metaphorically, possibly literally if someone annoys me enough.

2018 was a weird one for me: full of plenty of highs but plenty of lows. In 2019, I’m determined to reduce those lows to the bare minimum because I need to instill some positivity back in my life. I want to push myself to new heights in so many different aspects of my life. I need to get out of my comfort zone and strive for better. I know they say perfection doesn’t exist but I’ve always been an over-achiever.


My main goal over the next year is to work on me for me. I spend so much time worrying about everyone else and making other people happy that I put myself last. Quite frankly, I turn 26 in a couple of weeks time and I’m finally putting myself first. I’m at that point in my life where everything I want to do, I’m doing it because I want to.

I’ve broken down my goals into a few key areas. They’re not massively detailed as I want to break them down further in my own time but they give you a good idea of what I want to achieve this year. It really is a year of pushing myself to new limits and improving myself.


In April, I got my first full-time job after spending my entire working life in retail, only to leave it in December for a mixture of reasons but mostly health-related. Now I’m going it alone! 2019 is my first year of full-time freelancing. I basically need to build up my portfolio and add in more clients. My business will be mostly dealing with copywriting, blogging and social media which I know is an incredibly competitive field right now. I’d prefer to focus on the writing side of it all as this is where my real passion lies. However, to begin with, I’ll take whatever work I can.

  • Set up my freelance website and social media (and come up with a name for it first!)
  • Pitch to 5 businesses a week until I have filled up my time
  • Obtain 1 new client a month
  • Have monthly brainstorming sessions for ideas to pitch as a journalist
  • Continue my role as manager of the UK side of Nothing But League
  • Network with local businesses and freelancers


Last year was probably my worst blogging year in terms of content: I gave up with writing because I was writing so much for uni and work. I also put Instagram on the shelf because I didn’t have the time to take decent quality photos either. However, working on my blog rebrand has instilled a new motivation in me. I’ve told a lot of people that 2019 is the year that I dedicate to my blog. I already have the whole of January mapped out with content ideas but I’ve barely written any yet so I need to get started! New Year is the perfect time to get organised so I want to get my content planned further in advance. No more finishing a post the night before it’s due to be published!

  • Complete the Udemy e-courses purchased
  • Teach myself more about photography, SEO, analytics, Pinterest etc.
  • Post at least three times a week
  • Have a blog day every week to analyse figures and plan content for the future
  • Connect with other bloggers more, both online and offline!


This may not be the year that I am the most affluent. Going self-employed without a huge client base is a real risk. However, it became a struggle to continue to work full-time in an office with my health problems and other commitments. Luckily, I have saved up a small amount to leave with me with some money for the next few months; however, I am looking to buy a car again so I need to earn enough regularly to make this a possibility!

  • Project Pan with my friends (we’re not allowed to buy any beauty stuff until we’ve used up what we have!)
  • Cut back on beauty/clothes shopping and only buy what I need
  • Track money going in and out in my budget planner
  • Earn a minimum of £1000 a month from freelancing to be comfortable
  • Buy a car by the end of the year!


Definitely an area I have previously excelled in but haven’t for the past year or so. I used to be obsessed with keeping fit and I’d love to get back in that mindset. I worked out frequently, cooked more meals from scratch and took care of myself better. I have pretty much been running on zero energy these last few months due to having too much on my plate but now I’m self-employed, I am in charge of my life. I can work as much or as little as I want to! For me, it’s not about losing weight (although that would be great), it’s about feeling more like myself, getting fitter and looking after myself! Having a healthier relationship with exercise and more importantly food is something that I will always struggle with but I know it will be a learning curve for me.

  • Maintain a regular workout schedule and plan it weekly
  • Drink 2l of water daily
  • Get back into the habit of taking vitamins and eating healthier
  • Having a day to myself every week: no work!


I’m really not a person who is obsessed with travel. I love a staycation and there’s so much of the UK that I’ve yet to visit. Travel for me is getting on a train and taking myself on a UK travel trip, usually just for the night or two. The main issues tend to be money (obvs) and the fact that Hull is so far off the beaten track. It takes at least an hour just to get to Leeds/Sheffield to then travel onto another destination. However, there’s nothing like getting out of town for a day or two so my focus is on treating myself to nights away and experiencing what other places have to offer. Recommendations are always welcome too!

  • Travel to 6 new-to-me cities
  • Visit blogger friends in their hometowns


2018 was the year I moved back home after studying for my Masters in Sheffield and with that, I accumulated double the amount of crap. I did manage to whittle through my belongings but a new year is the perfect time to have a sort-out once again. Some items, like box sets, I will never be apply minimalism to but I want to streamline the rest of my stuff. I discovered capsule wardrobes a couple of years ago but I’d always preferred bargains and quantity over quality pieces. Now I’m a little older, I can see the value in paying a little extra for an item if it will last you longer and you’ll wear it often. Pinterest has a lot to answer for too because I have become obsessed with interiors again and now I actually enjoy going to B&Q on a Sunday with my dad. I’ve definitely changed!

  • Create four capsule wardrobes throughout the year (winter: Jan-March, spring: April-June, summer: July-Sept, autumn: Oct-Dec)
  • Sell unwanted items on eBay or donate to charity
  • Finally get my bedroom walls wallpapered
  • Create a cleaning/housework schedule


This sort of ties in with health/fitness but routine is something I crave. I feel less stressed when I know what I am doing. For me, this means getting organised. I like to know where I’m meant to be on any given day. I write daily to-do lists which is always a great excuse for new stationery! I’ve been a serious planner for a couple of years now but it also means sitting down every week to look at the time you have and the tasks you have to do which I didn’t have much of in 2018. Planning the week on a Sunday evening helps to keep me sane and relaxed!

  • Have weekly/monthly planning sessions to organise my life
  • Create a morning and evening routine for myself
  • Work during the day so I can relax during the evening
  • Stop procrastinating and pinpoint the tasks that need doing immediately
  • Keep a master to-do list all year long of non-immediate tasks


Most hobbies require money which isn’t exactly frequent for me currently. My main passions have always been dance and books. Reading is definitely an activity I can do regularly once I am highly organised again! I have a bookshelf full of unread novels and old favourites that I’ve not picked up in years (sorry HP) and they need dusting off! As for dancing, because I can’t go to regular classes due to lack of money/transport, I’ll have to make do with Youtube and Amazon Music. There’s just something about making up a routine and letting the music just flow through your body. I’d love to work on my flexibility too!

Musicals are also a huge part of my life so I’d love to keep going through my whole DVD collection of them as well as get to as many shows as possible this year. I’ve got my eye on a few shows here in Hull but I might venture further afield to watch some productions that aren’t touring here!

  • Read 26 books this year (one a fortnight should be easy, right?)
  • Treat myself to an at-home dance session every week
  • Be able to do the splits on one side by the end of the year!
  • Socialise with my friends more (I’m too much of a hermit)
  • Discover more podcasts (let me know if you know of any you think I’d like)
  • See 6 shows at the theatre


I need to find my joy again. I spent a lot of 2018 miserable for a myriad of reasons but this year will be different. I’m in control of my own destiny and wow, I sound like some creepy fortune-teller. I just want to discover myself all over again and find out in which areas I’m still the same but also in which areas that I’ve evolved. I have spent any free time I’ve had sat in bed watching TV which isn’t always good for me! I still have many of the same passions as I’ve always had but a lack of time makes it difficult. Hopefully, now I’m a freelancer, I can make up for some of that lost time and start doing what’s fun for me!

  • Journal daily: reflect on the day (what went well, what could’ve gone better, aims for the next day)
  • Meditate/stretch daily: just for 10 minutes a day!
  • Take myself out on a date once a month: shopping, relaxation, cinema, whatever I need the most that month!



If you’re still here, thanks for reading. I’ve loved reading all of these 2019 goals posts from other bloggers but I still have heaps more to catch up on. I’m determined to make 2019 my year (I say that every year but this year feels different) so wish me luck!

Do you set yourself goals at the start of every year? Let me know what yours are for 2019!

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