Gossip Girl Day

26th January = Gossip Girl Day! (Yes, I know I’m a day late but I only just found out about this!) It started in 2012 as the Mayor of New York gave Gossip Girl the day to celebrate their 100th episode and for their contribution to the city. This is news to my ears as I am such a GG fan!

I’ve loved it since the very first episode in March 2008 when Serena arrived at Grand Central Station sporting a tan leather jacket, dark skinny jeans and my personal favourite, a Breton-striped top. I officially knew from that moment on that this was a show that I was going to fall in love with. I was 15 when the show first came out so throughout my later teenage years, I have tried to embody those girls in my everyday life. In school, I tried to dress as Blair Waldorf as much as I could with a bland school uniform. This meant a bow headband, a signature ring, girly socks and shoes and a fabulous handbag. Unfortunately no-one at school was really into GG like I was and then when I met my best friend, Amy, at college, I re-lived my Waldorf phase once again! I’d be watching an episode one night, note down an outfit, recreate my own version and Amy could tell who it was based on.

For me, it was the late ’00s version of The O.C., which I love but was too young to appreciate it when it was first aired. Blair was always my favourite (my mum even says I remind her of her!) even though she’s a bitch sometimes! There’ll be a post to follow soon noting the many reasons why she is my idol.

The idea of yesterday was to post an #ootd inspired by your favourite GG character. As a twist, I’ve got two outfits for each of the three leading ladies: Blair, Serena and Jenny. My favourite outfits were always their idea of school uniform so one outfit will be a school outfit and the other a more general outfit.


Tartan? Check. Headband? Check. Splash of colour? Check. Blair was always my fashion icon growing up but now I’m not in school, I had to make her school uniform a bit more appropriate. This outfit would be perfect for a job interview (minus the socks of course!) or in the office.

Next up is an outfit inspired by Blair for a cocktail party. This dress is my favourite as it has sparkly thread running through it (everyone loves a bit of glitz!) and it’s plain enough to dress up. Nude heels are a must to elongate legs and of course, in true Blair style, a headband is the must-have accessory, either a fascinator-style or a pearl headband with this dress.


Serena’s school style is super laid-back; you see in half the episodes she literally does just throw her uniform on, shove her hair back and run out of the door and she looks flawless every time! This outfit was more planned than that! Serena always wear just basic items for school: plain tops, cardigans, knee-high socks. Then she’ll jazz them up with shoes, bags and jackets.

This whole outfit is inspired by the first scene of the whole TV show. I don’t own any knee-high boots but I thought Chelsea boots worked well with this outfit. I’d wear this for a day shopping or for dinner with friends. It’s casual but with a classic and smart edge plus stripes are my things right now!


Season 3 Jenny took over from Blair as my style icon. I love that she was the edgy character on the show and that showed in her clothing. She wore a lot of navy in this season and was constantly rocking a leather jacket too. This is an outfit I’d wear to uni in the spring but with flats as I can’t walk in heels!

Night-time Jenny is right up my street: dark colours, lots of leather and heels. I probably wear something similar during the day and on a night! I wear this skirt all the time anyway but this top complements it so well. However, I only wear these shoes when I’m going out for food as these are not dancing shoes!