How To Start A Fitness Routine

Fitness is a hobby that I’ve had since I was very young. Ever since I can remember, I’ve done some sort of exercise: dance, hockey, netball, going to the gym. Lately, I’ve been lacking, probably because I’ve been overwhelmed trying to balance everything in my life and fitness has taken a back seat. I’ve always found I get the best results when I stick to a routine. Here are my top tips for making a workout routine work for you:

1. Plan, plan, plan! On a Sunday night (or whenever is best for you), sit down and write down everything you need to do across the week. By everything, I mean everything: work shifts, appointments, social events, birthdays, cleaning. If you can see how much time you use up visually, you’ll be able to see where you can fit in any workouts. If you schedule in a workout like a meeting or appointment, you’re more likely to do it!

2. Get up a little earlier. I find it easiest to wake up about half an hour earlier than I need to for work and squeeze in a workout then. Sometimes I even sleep in my workout gear so I can just roll out of bed, grab my laptop and get straight to it!

3. Fit in a workout whilst you’re doing something else. Watching TV? Create an ab circuit to do at the same time. Cooking? Do some squats or calf raises whilst you wait.

4. Add in some exercise during your work day. Take your lunch out of the office and take a walk or fit in a fitness class if you can. Always use the stairs as much as you possibly can. Lift boxes to get in a bit of weight training. Stand up as much as you can and walk about.

5. Do an activity you enjoy. I cancelled my gym membership over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. I love to dance so I try to do that instead of regular cardio. You might love running, rock climbing or ice skating: if you love it, go out and do it!

6. Don’t do too much too soon. If you haven’t worked out in ages, don’t decide to start with a goal of working out 6 times a week. Start off with 2-3 sessions and add one session on every week.

7. Track your progress. For me, I like to keep track of my weight fortnightly; however I know some people find this disheartening to track if you’re not seeing any changes. Instead, track your measurements or even fitness. Maybe see how many burpees you can do in a minute and do this every Monday morning to see how your figures improve?

8. Keep motivated. You might find it easier to workout with a friend to keep each other accountable or maybe you want to set yourself personal goals. Whatever it is, I often like to aim for something in the future to keep me looking forward.