Summer has officially started! How beautiful is this weather? I have to admit, summer is not the season for me. My eczema flairs up and I just can’t handle the heat! I’m such a winter baby, it’s unreal! I do like the sun, I just can’t stay outside very long!

Now that all I have to do is work, I definitely need to get back on track with my blog. I’ve been neglecting it because in all honesty, I haven’t really been in the mood. I’ve been short of ideas but after reading a whole host of blogs, I’ve been re-inspired and I’m ready to get back to it!


First of all, let’s take a look at my May goals and see how I got on:

1. Become more knowledgeable about blogging: photography, domains, SEO. I’ve had so little time that I’ve not had chance to read up about much at all! I’ve still got them all saved in my favourites though!

2. Buy my own domain and change my blog up a bit! I bought my domain, guys! I also bought a new theme AND got a lovely new header, courtesy of the amazing Emmy. Although she made the header, it felt more like a collaboration in all honesty. I was able to pick colours, the theme and the font as well as the icons on it too! I wanted something that represents me and what I’m into and I think it definitely captures that!

3. Only one lazy session a week! TV session means I must blog at the same time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NEXT!

4. Keep tracking fitness/steps/meals. Again, next.

5. Write more freelance articles. I’ve emailed a few websites and have been keeping up with writing for Nothing But League but I definitely want to up my game even more!

6. Read 2 books! I’ve read one so at least I’ve achieved half of this goal!

7. Go to the gym 3 times a week! I don’t think I’ve even looked at my gym bag in the past month.

8. Cut down on spending. Oops, pass.

As you can see, May was such a successful month! In all fairness, all I did all month was go to work, watch a lot of TV and sleep. It’s been one of those month’s where all I’ve wanted to do all month was binge-watch TV box sets and stay in bed. I’ve been very drained of energy so it’s about time I get out of this slump!


Now, onto my June goals. This month, I’ve got very little going on. Other than work, I’ll have a lot more free time to write, blog and work on my fitness.

1. Go to the gym 3 times a week minimum. I’ve been slacking waaaay too much when it comes to working out. I’ve found myself getting short of breath after walking for a while and I’ve put on a few more lbs! This month, I’m going to focus on getting fit!

2. Research my Masters degree options. After an amazing sports broadcasting workshop at the BBC Radio 1 Academy last week, I was re-inspired with my sports journalism career. Unfortunately, it turns out that most people on the panel have undertaken a Masters degree in order to progress. After doing some research, I’ve decided on Sheffield. However, I’m undecided on when to apply (for this September or next year) and which university to attend! I’ve already been to an open evening at Sheffield Hallam and I was really impressed!

3. Minimal spending on luxuries. Since I’ve just had a week’s holiday from work, I treat myself to a shopping to Newcastle for a couple of days. Because I’ve been doing a capsule wardrobe, I only bought a couple of t-shirts but I then bought a whole bunch of make-up: I discovered Kiko and bought a load more cruelty-free products! This month is no-spend-on-make-up month! I have so much new make-up that honestly, I don’t even have enough room for anything new! I just want to spend money on essentials and the odd treat, rather than just spending on all the treats!

4. Blog daily! In preparation for Blogmas (yes I know it’s a while away) I want to get myself back into blogging and what better way to motivate myself than blogging daily? There’ll be a lot of make-up reviews as I’ve been buying so much lately but I will try to throw in a few lifestyle/fitness posts when I can.


5. Read 2 books. I’ve just finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and I want to get through the entire series before the end of summer! A huge task I know but I really want to get back into reading before bed. I’ve always found it helps me to sleep too!

6. Spend 10-15 minutes every night reflecting on my day and planning the next day. Before I start reading before bed, I want to spend a few minutes writing down my thoughts and making a to-do list for the following day. I usually plan my week on a Sunday night but often extra tasks need doing and it’s not always a good idea to write down everything a week in advance!

7. Walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day! Although I haven’t been on top of my fitness, I have been trying to move daily (apart from this weekend!). 10,000 steps is easy to do on a work day but I definitely want to keep moving on my days off. It’s so easy to just sit at home and do nothing all day long (those days are so great) but I do feel my best when I’m moving!

8. Decide what I’m going to use each of my planners for! I’m having a sort-out of my planners soon and then intend on buying some new ones of course! I need to decide what I’m going to use them all for though! I want to set up a blog planner but it takes some time to get the right set-up!

Have you set any June goals yet? Let me know by leaving a comment below!