My Masters’ degree is finally over. Well, sort of. I still
have a project to do but that’s not due in until September. Now I can get a bit more overtime at work, it means I need to plan everything else around work. I’m
lucky that I get my shifts for the whole month and it rarely changes so I can
get things put in my diary. I’ve been given my shifts up until the second week of August which is pretty impressive! It also means that if I want to visit home for the
weekend, I can just plan it with work and they let me work more hours during
the week to cover.
My main goal for this month is to write more. My blog has
fallen behind because of my exams and I’ve been doing the odd freelance article
but not a large amount. I’m seriously looking at becoming self-employed as a copywriter but I have no idea where to start!
This month, I want to focus on myself and what I enjoy but first, let’s take a look at what I wanted to achieve last month. Once again, I’m not holding much hope of having achieved anything!
May Goals Recap 
1. Go for my smear test. Done. Ladies, not as bad as you think. A little awkward, yes, but it lasts less than a few minutes and then you’re done. My nurse used to be a midwife so she literally has seen it all!
2. Track my health/fitness. Revision and exam season is junk food central so oops!
3. Get back into a fitness routine/stick with the Bikini Series. See above.
4. Get up earlier. I do set my alarm but end up lying in bed for an extra hour or so when I can!
5. Get myself into some sort of routine. Definitely not.
6. Start blogging again! Massive fail there!
7. Create a blog/freelance schedule. Still a no.
8. Stick to my revision plan. This I did do, but I didn’t really stick to it! However, I got it done and now I don’t have to sit an exam ever again!
9. Clear out my computer/favourites. Have I had the time? Definitely not.
10. Sell old clothes on eBay. I did put some stuff on eBay but they didn’t sell. I’ll be doing a charity shop run when I get home again!




After last month’s defeat, I’m determined to get back on the wagon, so to speak. This month is self-focused because I need to get back on track with my life, my career and my health!
June Goals
1. Start my journalism project for my Masters. I don’t want to leave my final assignment until last minute like I have everything else. As it’s a project, it can be done gradually anyway!
2. Re-start with my fitness. I spent the last week of May, making sure that I had everything in order: I planned my meals for the following week as well as a workout schedule. I’ve decided to sack off joining a gym and taken to home workouts that I used to love doing!
3. No silly spending! I’m still trying to save up for my future so with getting extra hours at work and a good wage, I can still save and spend a little. I need to stop spending money on stuff that I don’t actually need though!
4. Write more. I want to get back into a routine again of writing consistently, both on my blog and for the freelance stuff I do.
5. Look into freelancing properly. I currently do a lot of free writing work but I really want to build up more of a portfolio and client base. I’d love to be self-employed so it’s definitely an avenue I need to explore in depth a little more. I might even set up a separate website if I get the chance too!
6. Keep on the job hunt. I’ve been looking for jobs on a daily basis around the North and not had a great amount of luck so far. Just have to keep applying and hopefully everything will work out.
7. Get back on track with my eating habits. I started intermittent fasting a while ago and it seemed to work. I rarely have breakfast anyway but only eating between 11am and 7pm. It tends to work as I often have a break at work around 11 and usually finish at 6. If I plan my meals, I’ll have food prepared ready to eat when I get home!
8. Read one book. It was one of the goals I set myself previously and I’ve yet to read any books this year so far (textbooks don’t count!). Now I have a little more free time, I can enjoy some quiet time again before bed!
I’m really determined to make June a great month for me.
Tune in next month to see how I get on!
Have you set yourself any goals this month? 
I’d love you to share them! 
Leave me a comment below! 

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