Manic Mondays Be Gone

Monday mornings, does anyone actually enjoy them? In fact, does anyone like Mondays in general? If you work Mondays or are at school/college/university, that moment when you arrive home after a long day is one of the best feelings in the world. Mondays are long, stressful and often just a complete nightmare and most of the time, it’s because we’re so dis-organised. We wake up on Monday morning and have to choose what outfit to wear, what food to pack for lunch, what chores need to be done when we get home. The list is endless.

If we really get our act together, we could eradicate all of this stress by doing one simple thing? Doing it all on a…


Most people have the day off but most of us use it for either staying in bed or watching TV. For me, I find that once I’ve got everything in order on a Sunday, I have the whole of the night to myself to do whatever I want with!

Here are my top tips to having a Sunday routine:

  • Don’t stay in bed until dinner. I know, I know, it’s soooooo hard to have an extra long lie-in but why not do that on Saturday if you can? However, I’m not saying hello 5am but get up at the latest at 10am.
  • Get your chores done. Laundry, cleaning, changing the sheets. The more you do today, the less you have to do during the week! Whilst you’re cleaning, have a quick tidy-up too; you know what they say: tidy space, tidy mind!
  • Plan your week ahead. We’re talking work, meals, workouts, studying, date nights, socialising, TV to watch, blog posts to schedule, anything that you would put in your diary!
  • Meal prep. Get your lunch ready for Monday and have it packed and ready to go! Fill up your water bottles and leave them in the fridge. Put out your breakfast pots ready for the morning.
  • Lay out your outfits for the week. While you’re at it, lay out your workout outfits too with your trainers, weights and yoga mat.
  • Charge your appliances. I charge my phone every day but on Sunday nights, I make sure my iPod is charged because I can’t live without it!
  • Set yourself some goals for the week. Make them as huge or as small as you want them to be. Just don’t make them too big or else you’ll feel defeated if you don’t reach them.
  • Spend quality time with friends and family. If you manage to get all of that done, you will have spare time. Use it to spend with your loved ones. Go out for lunch or ring your grandparents for a chat, whatever takes your fancy!
  • Get outside. You could incorporate this with the previous point. Grab your other half/parents/siblings and take a walk.
  • Schedule some ‘me’ time. This is for you to choose what will help you relax. Take a bath, paint your nails, read a book, watch a film. If you have time, do them all!
  • Do some yoga or pilates before bed. I love stretching before bed; it’s a great workout without breaking up a sweat!
  • Get an early night! I like to be tucked up in bed by 10.30pm on a Sunday, all ready for an early alarm on Monday!
Just remember…