How is it March already? I know most of us say that every month but genuinely, February has flown by for me! I’ve been so crazy busy with work that all I’ve done on a night is binge-watch TV and sleep!

March is set to be the month where I make things happen. I’m feeling super motivated so I’m ready to get fit, pass my final journalism exam and work on my blog when I get a chance to!



First, it’s time to review my February goals. I’m not going to lie, I’m not incredibly optimistic in achieving these but let’s take a look anyway!

1. Write 5 posts a week. MASSIVE FAIL. Life happened and posting went down the pan! I’m now sticking to three posts a week!
2. Create a workout schedule around work and blogging. I’m doing that currently! As soon as I get my work shifts, I organise my week around them!
3. No spend February on beauty, toiletries and clothing! Oops. I didn’t spend as much as I usually do which is a bonus but then my local Boots got a NYX counter and then there was no looking back!
4. Less takeaway hot drinks/lunches! Something I succeeded at! I’ve been treating myself to just 1 or 2 takeaway hot drinks a week rather than one a day! I’ve been preparing lunches at home too which is saving me tonnes of money!
5. Be more active on Twitter chats. Next.
6. Reach 3,000 Twitter followers. I finally did it! Hooray!
7. Read 4 books. I haven’t even read one, oh dear.
8. Keep tidying/de-cluttering. Still a work in progress but I’m trying to do it steadily!



So I completed 2 and a bit goals: well done me! This month, I’m even more determined after failing so badly! Here’s a look at my March goals:

1. Stick to my revision plan. I have to resit a media law exam mid-April so I need to get a move on; third time lucky so I need to pass it!

2. Keep track of my workouts, meals and steps. I’ve got a fitness diary where I plan everything in advance and then a seperate one to track what I actually do! So far, so good!

3. Save, save, save. I have two big spends this month: my law exam and a Fitbit. Those have been paid for so now I need to stop with the spending! I do have a load of Boots vouchers that run out mid-month though!

4. Research cruelty-free beauty more. Having seen the sheer amount of brands that test on animals, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will only buy cruelty-free from now on. I have a tonne of products that aren’t to use up asap but I want to find more brands!



5. Read 4 books. After last month’s epic fail, I need to step up my game! I’ve got three books that I need to finish first!

6. Stick to my brand new workout plan. Day 3 today and I’m glad I’m sticking to it so far! I’m given myself a tonne of workouts to do daily but as long as I stick to a couple a day, I’ll be happy!

7. Drink 2 litres of water a day. I’ve found that lately, I’ve been getting headaches frequently again and I think it’s a mixture of things. Keeping hydrated is one step in the right direction!

8. Go to the gym 3 times a week. This fits in with my workout plan as cardio is on the agenda most days!


What are your March goals? Leave me a comment below!