It’s gonna be May! Who doesn’t love a bit of N*Sync? May is always a month I look forward to; I always have a week off work because it’s Magic Weekend for rugby league, which is how I spend my time when I’m not working, in the gym or writing! In other news, I have done my exam! No more revision, no more spider diagrams and much more free time!


April did not go to plan at all in terms of goals because I spent every spare moment either revising or sleeping; however, to me, that was a worthy sacrifice! It just means that I won’t have met many of my goals! Here’s a recap of my April goals:

1. Prep for the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I definitely prepped! I cleared out my workout gear drawers, I started meal planning and fitness planning and I started a brand new fitness diary! I’m starting week 2 now but week 1 was so jam-packed that I don’t feel like I completed very much!

2. Write 3 blog posts a week. Never mind.

3. Keep my blog organised. On the train back from my exam, I planned my post schedule for March and I’ve been keeping a running list of ideas too! May is the month of the blog after all!



4. Pass my Essential Media Law exam! My exam went a lot better than I thought it would! 

5. Save, save, save (again). I was doing great until I had to travel to take my exam. I spent the night in Stockport and had to visit the town centre to find something to eat. I found a Primark and it all went downhill from there! 

6. Change banks/savings accounts. Hooray, I managed to successfully do both! After looking at all of the deals out there, I’ve chosen a brand new bank account and a defined access ISA!

Actually, looking back at those goals, I actually did achieve something! Small goals, I know, but sometimes it’s better to achieve something small than nothing at all! Now, onto my goals for the coming month. As I said, May is the month of the blog; now my exam is over (I don’t get my result until 6th June), I have a tonne of free time when I’m not working so the plan is to get as organised with my blog as I can! Here’s what I want to achieve in May:

1. Become more knowledgeable about blogging: photography, domains, SEO. I’ve been reading lots of posts about all of the above. I’ve got a favourites folder on my laptop and a notebook dedicated to tips and tricks. I’m no expert at all, but I’m slowly picking up new knowledge!

2. Buy my own domain and change my blog up a bit! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but this month, I can full research which website to buy from and whether to stay on Blogger or migrate to WordPress!



3. Only one lazy session a week! TV session means I must blog at the same time! I’ve spent my limited free time on a night (when not revising) binge-watching TV box sets. Right now I’m on Vampire Diaries season 6!

4. Keep tracking fitness/steps/meals. In my new fitness diary, I’ve made enough space to track all of these things. I’m determined to get fit and progress!

5. Write more freelance articles. Since I have more free time, I want to work not only on my blog but get back to writing for different websites. I have tonnes of different interests so why not explore them all?!



6. Read 2 books! My aim for this year was to read more; so far I’ve only read a couple of books. I really want to get back to reading on a night before bed so I’m going to start with re-reading the Harry Potter series!

7. Go to the gym 3 times a week! Now my fitness challenge has started, I’m on the path to getting fit once again! Getting to the gym is on the agenda; I’m getting a few more hours which means planning my time and sessions more but that’s what Sunday nights are for!

8. Cut down on spending. Now I’ve changed over my banks and savings accounts, I’ve decided since today I’m not allowed to spend any money on clothes, fitness gear, make-up or toiletries unless I run out of something!

This month, I want to meet as many of these goals as possible. I think I say that every month but this month feels different. I feel motivated to get my head in the game (nice High School Musical reference there, I feel like Troy Bolton!) and really focus on myself and what matters to me.

What are your goals for this month? Leave me a comment below with what you want to achieve this month!