How is it May already? 
Yes, I know everyone’s been saying it but 2018 is speeding up, I swear! April was a little bit all over the place; one minute it was snowing, then we had tropical sunshine. I can’t cope with theses changes since I took all of my winter clothing home already!

May for me means nearing the end of university. I have no more deadlines and just two exams in a couple of weeks. I am so ready for uni to be over; I want to be working full-time (I’m so over the student life) and earning a proper living. I’ve still got a few decisions to make: my tenancy contract is up in September and I can’t stay in student accommodation so I either have to find somewhere else to live or move back home (I’m actually hoping it’s back home). I’ve been looking into flats but my god, everything’s so expensive! I can’t adult just yet, I’m still working part-time and I don’t have any money in savings yet!
The start of a new month means setting myself new goals. Last month was a bit of a disaster; because I started a new job and had a tonne of deadlines, my time was pretty limited! This month, I’m determined to focus on everything that’s important to me: my career, university and fitness.
1. Go for my smear test:
I’ve been putting it off since I turned 25 in January as I haven’t registered at a doctors’ here in Sheffield and am rarely home for longer than one weekend. My cousin had a bit of a scare recently with hers so it definitely made me a little more wary. Since I’m home for an entire week this month, I’m booked in to go.
2. Track my health/fitness: 
My health has been awful lately: I’m incredibly tired, I’m eating poorly, I only get fresh air when I have to go out to work. I’m definitely at my best when I’m looking after myself. That means drinking at least two litres of water a day, a minimum of 10,000 steps daily and less chocolate now that Easter is long gone! I also want to start weighing myself every Monday morning and keeping a note of anything health-related in my fitness journal.
3. Get back into a fitness routine/stick with the Bikini Series:
May means Tone It Up’s Bikini Series time although I’m doing it a little differently this year. I’m not a huge fan of the changes they’ve made to their programme so I’m going back to redo the 2015 series. I want to try to work out everyday, maybe give myself one rest day a week, but I definitely want to move every single day!
4. Get up earlier: 
Since moving to uni, I have become so ridiculously lazy. If I’m working, I’ll be up at around 6.30am. If it’s my day off, I wake up at around 8am but don’t actually get out of bed until 10am. Getting up a little earlier means I can fit in a workout, then I don’t have to spend the rest of the day thinking I have to workout later.
5. Get myself into some sort of routine: 
This sort of ties in with my previous point. Now uni is pretty much over (I have two exams this month and my final project due in September), I want to start working more hours.Working shifts means routines are difficult to start but I do get every Sunday off now! That will be my ‘get shit done’ day!
6. Start blogging again!: 
Since I’ve had deadlines at uni, I’ve pretty much put my blog on the back-burner. I’ve been spending all my time either at work or doing my uni work. I’ve already started by actually writing this post!
7. Create a blog/freelance schedule: 
Following my last goal, making a schedule always seems to work for me. Organisation keeps me sane so they usually work for me!
8. Stick to my revision plan: 
I set myself up with a schedule and want to stick to it. I have around two weeks until my exams so I’m starting my revision now so I don’t have to cram!
9. Clear out my computer/favourites: 
My computer is so slow lately which means it’s clogged full of crap. I have a external hard-drive but still keep loads of stuff on my computer. I need to bite the bullet and move it all over!
10. Sell old clothes on eBay: 
I’m trying to make as much money as possible at the minute and since I’m going home for the full week shortly, the plan is to take all of the photos and sell everything in that week. If not, it’s going straight to charity shop so I can get rid of one of my wobbly wardrobes (I’m not kidding, my dad had to nail it to the wall to keep it up!).
Here’s to May being a fab month for you and me!

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