How can we be halfway through 2017 already? It’s going too fast, it’s insane! It will be Christmas before we know it!

Maybe not, but it’s a great time to reflect on how this year’s gone so far. All in all, 2017 has been an alright year for me; there hasn’t been much change but I’m feeling optimistic. I haven’t changed jobs yet, I’m still living at home and I’m still the same person but for some reason, I really like we’re I’m heading. I feel really motivated right now!

To symbolise my motivation, I’ll be back blogging regularly for the time being (hopefully anyway)! To kick it off, I thought I’d review the goals I set out at the beginning of the year!


1. Focus on my fitness. Oops. I’ve been really lacklustre with working out. I have tried to get back into it this month with a couple of gym sessions a week! To start July off with a bang, I’ve got a new 9-week fitness programme that I’ll be following!

2. Get a full-time job. Still a no. I’m applying for jobs on a daily basis but so far, no luck. I’m keeping my hopes up though! I’ve had a few interviews but nothing seems to be working out just yet!

3. Take control of my finances. I’ve set up a standing order to save so much a week and I’ve definitely cut back on spending. However, I’ve taken a shopping trip to Newcastle recently and spent a few pennies and have a couple of trips coming up too!


4. Be as organised and time-efficient as possible. I’m a mixed bag with this one. One minute, I’m super organised, diary filled out and posts scheduled. Another minute, I’m behind on everything! Now I’ve been able to start new diaries, I’m hoping to get kick-started on getting organised!

5. Stress less. I’ve definitely been relaxing but not in the ways I wanted to. I relax now by binge-watching TV box-sets and stuffing my face with junk food!

6. Visit the cinema and theatre more often. I’ve still yet to go to the cinema since seeing Beauty and the Beast and the theatre still isn’t open but I have at least 5 trips booked over the next twelve months!

7. Live a minimalist life. This is a goal I’ve stuck with mostly, other than my make-up collection. I’ve not been buying many clothes or books so my possessions haven’t increased very much!


8. Pass my journalism qualification finally! I failed the last exam I took for the third time so I have to resit that at some point! I’m so annoyed as I only failed by a few marks! I’ve also looked into doing a postgraduate journalism course but I’m unsure whether to start this September or next September!
9. Make the most of social media but take a break from it. I have tried to take breaks from being on my laptop but when you have tonnes of things to do on it, it makes it difficult to take a break!
10. Be braver and say yes to opportunities. I’ve definitely been trying to put myself out there but I know I can do it more. This means making a move in my journalism career, now more than ever!