With a no-spend year, I have to get creative about my clothing. Whilst I don’t necessary need any new pieces, I’m not sure I’ll be able to go a full year without buying them. However, I have set myself some guidelines to follow on what to buy as well as how I’m organising my wardrobe. My 2021 capsule wardrobe mission comes about after about five years of trying out seasonal capsules and finding them a bit too restrictive. I’ve pared-down my wardrobe as much as I can but wear most pieces all year round. I thought it would be nice to share where I’m at and where I’m going with my 2021 capsule wardrobe mission!

21 items in 2021 challenge

This is a monumentous challenge but I’m really prepared for it. Over the past couple of years and since starting to research capsule wardrobes, I’ve tried to buy less clothing in general. Last year, I’d stripped my wardrobe back that much that I needed to replace a lot of it. In 2021, I want to buy just 21 items, focusing on buying second-hand as best I can.

I’ll start by compiling a wishlist as the year goes on of pieces I fill a gap or need replacing. I bought a few bits in the 2020 Christmas sales so I should have enough for now. Buying more thoughtfully means every piece must mix and match with my existing wardrobe or I’m not allowed to buy it!

Reduce wardrobes

When 2 become 1 (cue the Spice Girls). Currently, I have two biggish wardrobes but this year, I want to get them down to one, strengthen the rail and come up with a better storage solution inside for spare bits and pieces. I’m not going to get rid of pieces for the sake of it but many items are looking a bit worse for wear now. I’ll continue to wear them at the start of the year and donate/sell them when we’ve finished our journey together!

Track my wear count

Now I know there are apps that can do this but I’m a bit more old-school. I’ve set up a spreadsheet on Google Drive to track my daily wear count and seven days in, it’s mostly loungewear. Is there any point in owning jeans anymore?

Reduce in general

Starting with my drawers, I want to reduce my make-up stash and T-shirt so I can move loungewear into them, rather than having them in my wardrobe. This will free up wardrobe space and allow me to have just the one wardrobe. Most items don’t need to be hung so drawers will do just fine.

Declutter summer clothing

I have a confession to make: I don’t even know what summer clothing I own. It’s in a big plastic tub at the moment with zero organisation. I’m not sure if half of it even fits or if I even like the items in there! I don’t really do summer dressing so that will be fun to go through!

Sell or donate

This is the last time I get everything on eBay or it’s off to the charity shop. I no longer want to have to spend half a day doing a wardrobe declutter, just getting rid of items ad hoc. After that, I want to replace it with a one in, one out system.

I’ll be putting some items up on eBay over the weekend so feel free to browse away!

Organise by colour

It’s aesthically pleasing to see your wardrobe organised by colour but I still want to keep tops and bottoms separate. I know it’s very ‘The Home Edit’ but if you can see how beautiful it looks when it’s completed, it’s worth it!

Be ruthless with outerwear

Another section I need to do some serious decluttering with is my outerwear collection. Because I keep my collection in multiple locations (mostly the spare bedroom and the cupboard under the stairs), I always forget what I actually have. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just grabs the same one or two! I actually think I probably have too many options that I just pop on my safe balck waterproof coat because it goes with everything!

Share more slow fashion content

I’ve never been a fashion blogger nor will I ever claim to be; however, I do love fashion. Sustainability is key for me so I certainly won’t be wearing an item just the once! I’m pretty sure my favourite pieces have been worn 50+ times. Why buy pieces you only wear once when you can invest and wear an item tonnes?

I’d love to create more fashion content on the blog about my experiences with capsule wardrobes and my progress this year!

For me, it’s important to make use of what I have before adding something new. I’m going to try and not buy any new clothing items for at least the first couple of months of 2021. That way, I will know which items I’m missing and which items I’m not a fan of anymore. My 2021 capsule wardrobe mission is about defining my personal style and picking quality pieces.

If you want to follow more of my 2021 capsule wardrobe mission, I’ll be sharing much more about it on Instagram over the next 12 months as well as my 21 in 2021 challenge too!


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