If you’re a regular reader of The English Everygirl. you’ll know I watch a lot of TV. Most of the time, I watch DVDs because I’m old-school, plus it means I can work on my laptop whilst watching something on the TV. You may also know that I tend to watch the same shows over and over again. Because of this, I’ve compiled my top 20 binge-worthy TV shows for you all to enjoy. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order because I couldn’t possibly rank them!

You’ll probably notice some of these shows from my regular TV watchlist posts (Jan/Feb and March/April) because when you find a TV show that you love, you need to watch it frequently! Let me know in a comment below if you’re a fan of any of my top 20 binge-worthy TV shows!


9-1-1 + 9-1-1: Lone Star

We’ll start off with the emergency services (you’ll see a pattern soon) and firefighters. I mostly watch American TV because it’s escapism to another place for me. 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star are two new-ish shows but binge-worthy all the same. I mostly watch it because I love the camaraderie of the team and Buck is my absolute favourite character on the show, along with Christopher.


Olivia Colman and David Tennant in a crime drama together were always going to be a match made in heaven. I’d actually forgotten how good the show was until I watched it again at the start of 2021. If there’s a type of show that we excel in over here, it’s crime dramas. Broadchurch is probably my favourite of them all because I love the new storylines in every series but also love that they intertwine with the regulars living in the village.


Ah, my beloved Chicago shows. If you follow me on any social media, you’ll know these are my favourite shows. Fire, PD, Med and Justice (in that order) are my go-to shows when I don’t know what to watch. Firefighters, cops, medics and lawyers all fight to save the city of Chicago. I love that all of the series crossover at least once a series and it’s great to see the characters interacting with one another. My personal fave character? Jay Halstead on Chicago PD. Just Google him and you’ll see why.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

Whilst I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, DCC:MTT is the most addictive TV show. You lot can keep your Love Islands and The Circles, I’ll stick with this. It helps that I’m a former dancer and a Cowboys fan but I love seeing the journey of these young women chasing their dreams and becoming NFL cheerleaders. It’s amazing to see the rookies get their uniforms and see the veterans support them. The only problem I have is that I don’t always agree with the final decisions of who makes the squad!

Dance Moms

Another reality TV show I’m obsessed with is Dance Moms. I remember finding it on Lifetime one day a few years ago and my mum and I were hooked. It takes me back to my childhood in dance where my mum was pushy but not as bad as the moms on the show. I live for the drama and the incredible talent for the girls. In fact, I’d prefer it if the moms weren’t even on it (apart from Dr Holly, she’s the only sane one) but then again, it wouldn’t be as funny!

Downton Abbey

I’m not crazy for period dramas but I love Downton Abbey. There’s something about the storylines and the characters that make it so easy to watch. Also, the fact that it’s meant to be set in Yorkshire (even though Grantham is in Lincolnshire) helps too! I remember watching it originally on ITV and falling in love with the show straight away. It looks into all the events that happened around the early 20th century and how it affects the elite of society.

The Flash

I’m not huge on superheroes but I love The Flash. I originally started watching because of Grant Gustin but stayed because of the rest of the cast as well. The earlier seasons are certainly much better but it’s exciting to see Barry Allen adapt to his new powers and how the team at STAR Labs help him along the way. I’m not entirely sure where I’ve got up to so I should have a rewatch as soon as possible!

Gilmore Girls

Now I know this show is problematic when you watch it now but it does have some better scenes. I’m one of the few who’s on Team Logan. To me, Dean is too much of a sap and needs to grow a pair whereas Jess has a real character evolution from being a dick to being too good for Rory. Let’s face it, Rory is sweet, to begin with, and then she gets to college and she’s awful! Paris is the highlight of the show for me and deserved more screen-time and/or a spin-off. 


Again, it’s not perfect and has many, many issues but it’s such a funny show for the most part. High school shows are definitely my ‘guilty’ pleasure (I hate the term as I don’t feel guilty) and mixed in with musicals, it’s my favourite thing ever! Some of the covers are better than the originals (sorry, not sorry) and the talent in the cast is insane. My only regret is not seeing the cast in concert back in the day!

Gossip Girl

I don’t rewatch Gossip Girl often as I watched it far too much when it was first broadcast but I still love it. I’ll always choose Blair over Serena and Nate is the best guy on the show. I loved it so much in school that I built a collection of headbands, funky socks and ‘fancy’ school uniform. Whilst always wearing the correct uniform, I’d try and push the boat out every so often and embody my inner Blair. 

Grey’s Anatomy

If you want to watch a programme that continually breaks your heart (worse than a break-up), watch Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t get too attached to a character because they’ll probably leave or die. However, I do love how they keep it fresh with new characters introduced every season and new stories for each of them. Cristina and Miranda are two of my favourite characters of all time.

The Hills

If you’re Team Lauren and Whitney, we can talk. Lauren Conrad will probably always be my idol because quite frankly, she can do no wrong in my eyes. She and Whitney are the only two ‘normal’ people on the show. The earlier seasons are my favourites because I loved watching their friendship blossom and their careers build. Whilst I’m watched New Beginnings, the cast just need to grow up and stop with the drama now. 

Law and Order: SVU

If you’ve got lots of time on your hands, try watching 22 seasons of SVU. Nearly 500 years later, you will be able to work with special victims and be a qualified detective. It’s really hard to find online but I’m always recording episodes on 5USA and Sky Witness so if you have Freeview/Sky, I recommend recording all the episodes and watching them in chunks!

Line of Duty

Mate, I binged the first five series with just hours to spare before series six started. After one of the most disappointing finales ever, I need to go back and rewatch every episode again. I mean the final episode wasn’t terrible but it felt rushed and I have many unanswered questions. Is Chloe related to Tony Gates? What was James Nesbitt earning for purely photographic appearances? Why didn’t Neil Morrisey make a guest appearance? Seriously BBC, I need another series.

The OC

Now we’re onto my favourite TV show of all time. Sure, season 4 isn’t great but seasons one to three are incredible. This was probably the first TV I was ever fully hooked on, thanks to T4 on a Saturday/Sunday morning (anyone else miss T4?). Not only is it full of drama but there is some seriously underrated humour throughout the show. Seth and Summer are the perfect couple and Sandy is the best TV dad there is.

One Tree Hill

My other favourite teen show is One Tree Hill. Whilst I prefer the earlier seasons, I did enjoy it when Peyton and Lucas left (overrated character to me). It allowed Brooke and Haley to take centre stage as well as Jamie, who is the best kid on TV. Again, there were some iffy storylines (Pete Wentz appearing and dating a teenager) but for the most part, it was dramatic and emotional. 

Pretty Little Liars

What is it with these teen shows and dodgy storylines? I do love Aria and Ezra as a couple but he was her teacher after all! The main reason for watching PLL was the suspense of each episode and the core four. I’m sorry but Alison is the worst and should’ve stayed in hiding. Mona makes the show and should’ve been featured more. I’ve yet to see The Perfectionists but it doesn’t look particularly enthralling so I’ll stick with the original!


A seriously underrated show, Revenge is like PLL and Gossip Girl merged together but more grown-up. I love the main couple on the show, Emily and Daniel, are a couple in real life too and it seems like the cast are still friends. It’s a show you need to watch closely or you’ll miss clues for future episodes!


I demand a third series pronto! Smash is seriously one of the best TV shows of all time yet I barely know anyone who’s seen it! If you love musicals, you’ll love Smash. My favourite parts are the original songs from both musicals featured, Bombshell and Hit List, as well as all the cameos from Broadway stars, both past and present. I’ve been a Kat McPhee fan since American Idol (still pissed that Chris Daughtry got booted off early though) and Megan Hilty stars as her rival. Both women are exceptional performers, which is the main reason to watch!

The West Wing

I had to include a serious TV show and The West Wing is probably my favourite of those ‘critically-acclaimed.’ It’s so fast-paced that I can only watch it when my brain isn’t frazzled because you need to give it your full attention. I experienced many emotions when I first watched the show and even when I rewatch, I’l forgot that something happened and be emotional all over again! Also, everything I know about US politics, I’ve learned from The West Wing and Hamilton.


As you can tell from my top 20 binge-worthy TV shows list, I like teen dramas, emergency services dramas and the odd US reality TV show. I do watch new TV shows but it’s just so easy to go back to something familiar, isn’t it?

Any of my top 20 binge-worthy TV shows on your favourites list or have you yet to watch some of them? Leave me a comment below or head over to my Instagram and let’s chat all about TV! If you loved my top 20 binge-worthy TV shows post, head over to my blog page to check out my other lifestyle posts!



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