WARNING: This post contains swearing. Just two months left of this shit-show of a year but we can get through this! As we head into a second lockdown in England, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the first one. I did very little during those spring/summer months and am determined to do a little more this time. I deifnitely want to create a better work-life balance for myself, which is why I’m setting myself some November 2020 goals.

Goals usually help to motivate me and by putting them online too, I hold myself accountable (and you can too!). I definitely set myself some big plans at the start of 2020 and of course, it’s been a struggle to get many of them done! Now I’ve got used to this working-from-home life, it’s time to switch it up. 

There are no rules to say you have to be incredibly productive during lockdown but for me, I need to give myself something to aim for or I’ll just sit and watch box sets again (nothing wrong with that, I just have lots to do!). If you’re interested in what I have planned for the month, here’s a closer look at my November 2020 goals.



Relaunching in October is something I’ve been putting off for months but I’m excited to bring new content ideas in my new niches to you all! I’ve got plenty of posts in the pipeline, now I just need to actually write up those ideas! 

  • Post 3x a week on blog
  • Post 3x a week on IG
  • Reach 1.7k IG followers
  • Plan two weeks in advance


I’m actually embarrassed by how unfit I’ve become. Every year, I say this is my year to get fit. I usually start the year off with good intentions but flit in and out of working out. (Note: I did my first workout in months on Monday and haven’t been able to move for 2 days!

  • Follow Blogilates November workout calendar
  • Use my planner to track food, water, sleep, workouts, mood etc
  • Drink 2l water daily
  • Exercise 3x a week


My favourite and least favourite subject! 2021 is the year I really take control over my finances but it doesn’t hurt to get organised in advance. Saving to buy a house is a marathon, not a sprint, so I’m just taking it a month at a time. I’m also trying to reduce my spending as I really don’t need anything right now!

  • Have a no-spend month: exclusions are bills/fixed expenses + Christmas presents
  • Get £200 in my Help2Buy ISA on 1st December
  • Save £5 a day into my car fund



I’ve been freelance for two months now and whilst business is okay, it certainly can be improved upon. I’m making enough money to pay my expenses but not quite enough to start saving lots, especially for Christmas! Now I’ve been able to gage my current clients, it’s time to start building up my client base and therefore, my income!

  • Get one new client
  • Reach 350 IG followers
  • Post on the CBS blog once a week
  • Post on CBS IG feed 3x a week
  • Make Monday mornings my admin morning


With all those miscellaneous goals, I’ve popped them into one section. Whilst I want to be productive in lockdown two, I also want to take some time out to look after myself. I’ve found a new love of baking and cooking this year and am excited to try some new recipes. 

Routine has also been a big area for me this year, especially since going self-employed. Whilst I’ve been sticking to them, I really want to perfect my routines. I’m certainly not a 5am riser in a morning but I have found that 7am is a good wake-up time for me!

  • Work on routines: morning, evening, Monday admin morning, Friday planning afternoons
  • Bake once a week
  • Cook from scratch 3x a week
  • Read 8 books

There you have it! I’m already making a good start on many of these goals so lockdown 2 looks slighty more optimistic for me. Goal-setting is a tool I’ve used for quite a while as I like to have something to strive for. I make a daily to-do list to keep striving for my goals too. However, some days, I put things like get out of bed and brush teeth on my list too! 

Have you set your November 2020 goals yet? I’d love to know if we have any similar aims or if you’re aiming just to get out of bed every day in the second lockdown? Leave a comment below or come and chat on Twitter or Instagram. I can help keep you accountable if you’d like or I can help you set your own goals!

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