IT’S CHRISTMASSSSS! Well not quite yet, but it’s fast approaching. I’m going to sound like an oldie right now but my god, hasn’t this year gone by fast?! To think I’ve only got six weeks left at uni this semester is insane!

Seeing as I’ve decided I want to get back to get back in blogging again, I thought it would be great to get back on track with setting some goals for myself. I feel like I need to start printing these out so I stick to them! Here’s a look at what I’d like to achieve this month:

1. Make sure I keep on top of all my uni assignments! I have 4 assignments due in before Christmas and don’t want to leave all of them until the last minute so I get super stressed! Most of them have multiple parts to them too so it’s almost like I have about 10 assignments instead!

2. Start my Christmas shopping. If I can find some extra money from somewhere, I want to start shopping for presents. I said I wouldn’t be doing Christmas this year but I’d like to get my closest friends and family members a little something! As well as this, I want to buy myself a small Christmas tree and some decorations! I’m so ready to start celebrating Christmas!

3. Blog three times a week. I’m really hoping to get back on track with blogging. I’ve managed to have a bulk photo session the other day for about four posts so that should do me until the end of the month! I’m hoping to use weekends to concentrate on blog work.

4. Prepare for Blogmas and create content ahead of time. I really want to be able to stick with posting daily in December which means the prep needs to start now! I need to create a list of ideas, plan out the posts and when they will be going live, take all of the photos and write them up!

5. Get back into a fitness routine. Since moving to uni, all I’ve done is sit in my flat and stuff my face with junk food. Having a gym downstairs in my apartment building means I have no excuse! I want to enjoy working out again so I’ll be trying to mix it up as much as I can! I’m looking into doing a 6 or 8 week programme so I’ll be sure to update you all!

6. Get my hair cut. I’m starting to get a few split ends having not had it cut for many months. It’s about time I treat myself! I’m going to use it as my treat for exercising for a full month!

7. Recap my 2017 goals. I want to see if I’ve made any progress with any of them and if not, see if I can make a difference to them between now and the new year. I often set myself goals but never reflect on them so I’d love to change that!

8. Get to 3,750 Twitter followers. I need to start making more of an effort on Twitter I think. Lately, I’ve just been retweeting stuff rather than interacting with people! I’d like to get involved in more Twitter chats which ultimately increases your follower count!

9. Post more on Instagram. I use stories quite a bit but I only post on Instagram to promote blog posts! I just go places and don’t always have chance to take photos constantly like a typical blogger!

10. Make sure I don’t suffer burnout. I have a lot going on and I’m one of those people who likes to please other people no matter what it means for my health and well-being! I like to keep busy but sometimes I get to the point where I leave no time for myself. I need to spend one night a week away from technology and just relax!

I’m really excited for this upcoming month. I can’t wait to start organising my time better so I’m able to fit everything in and meet all of my deadlines. I’m loving meeting new people whether that’s at uni or bloggers that I’ve met at events. I really feel like I’m making a move in my career too so I’m determined to keep that momentum going!

What are your goals for November? Leave me a comment below!