Tips For Becoming A Morning Person

By all means, this post is not going to preach that you must wake up at 5am every morning. I will never be that person unless there is a valid reason to! However, I do believe in waking up early enough to see sunlight and actually make the most of the day rather than rising out of your pit 20 minutes before a lecture. I have to be up early for work on a weekend but during the week, I like to be out of bed at 8 when my parents go out to work. Luckily, I’m one of those people who can’t get back to sleep but for most people, I know this isn’t the case. For this reason, here are my top tips for waking up!

  1. Plan the following day the night before. Every Sunday night, I update my planner with the things I need to do every day of the week. However, I know that things crop up unexpectedly and for this reason, I review my to-do list every night for the next day. This means I can cross tasks off or add to the list.
  2. Pack your bag/lay out your clothes for the next day. Even if you’re planning on staying at home, lay out your outfit for the next day, pack your bag full of your essentials and maybe even get your lunch ready for the next day. Every night, I fill a couple of water bottles and leave them in the fridge so it’s one less task to do in the morning. This is my routine every night; I know it’s not for everyone but it works for me. Usually, I like to read something before bed too as that makes me sleepy!
  3. Speaking of water, have a bottle of water by your bed. I aim to drink about half a 500ml bottle before I go to sleep and the remainder of the bottle when I wake up. It’s useful as I also take tablets first thing in a morning.
  4. Set an alarm but leave it away from your bed. My alarm is a DAB radio so it’s less annoying and in order to turn it off, I have to get out of bed to do so. Because I drink so much water too, I always need to pee first thing so when I’m out of bed, I might as well stay out! If you’re really bad at waking up, set your alarm 15 minutes before you actually need to get up so you get to relax in bed for a bit!
  5. When you get into bed, make sure you actually sleep. I aim to be asleep for 11pm most nights so I can get in my 8 hours of sleep (anything less and I’m a monster!). I always work out that if I get up at a certain time, I need to be asleep by this time so I can fit in my 8 hours.
  6. Wash your face as soon as you wake up. Once I’ve gotten out of bed, I go straight to the bathroom to cleanse and tone my face. Having to splash water over my face wakes me up for sure!
  7. Exercise within 30 minutes of waking up. After my routine of cleaning my face, I find it good for me to fit in a workout. If I’m planning on doing a proper workout, I’ll make sure I have a cardio workout and get to it. If I’m doing a workout later in the day, I still like to stretch out and do a quick yoga routine. I think it’s best to work out first thing because then you don’t have to go into your day worrying that you have a workout to squeeze in.
  8. Just get to it! There’s really no excuse to get up most days!
I follow these rules purely for weekdays as Saturdays I have to be up earlier for work and Sundays are my late start at work and my lie-in with my boyfriend. I’m not saying I follow them to a tee every single day but for the majority, I do try to.
What are your morning routines? Do you have any tips for getting up in a morning?