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I’ve not been abroad since I was 13, 13 years ago in fact. My parents don’t even have passports and mine is very out of date. No, I’m not scared of flying but I don’t particularly have a desire to travel and see the world right now. It’s just not something I see myself doing for the time being but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to travel. I just prefer travelling in the UK.

Taking a break somewhere doesn’t have to be sunning it on a beach. What’s wrong with a city break or the great outdoors? I’ve been holidaying in the UK for as long as I can remember. We used to stay in caravans a lot when I was a kid but now I prefer apartments, cottages and hotels. Sometimes I go away with my parents, sometimes with a friend but most of the time, I travel alone. It’s not as scary as you would think. I tend to stick with city breaks when I’m a solo traveller, just because they tend to be a bit safer than staying in the middle of nowhere.

There’s just something about exploring a new city or one that you’ve been to many times before. With a new city, I usually make a list of the places I want to prioritise visiting whereas with somewhere I’m revisiting, I’m often going for a gig or an event and that is my main priority.

Because I travel mostly alone, the places I tend to visit have to be reachable by train easily and have to have a chain hotel near where I need to be. I know I should try an Air BnB or a regular BnB but I like tried and tested in that area. I like to have my own private space to relax in so that’s why I stick with hotels and not hostels.

The UK has so much to offer: we’re rich in history and culture and there’s always something going on somewhere! I want to visit some new places this year and I’ll be sharing some of my favourite places I’ve visited before and my current UK travel bucket list over the coming weeks but this post is all about why I love holidaying in the UK!


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Revisiting the same places but discovering something new

Most cities are so big, you can never see everything all in one go (unless you’re planning on staying there for like a month or so). I like to take multiple trips for different reasons: I might go initially and visit more tourist attractions and to gather my bearings, then a repeat visit purely for shopping and then a third visit for an event, such as a concert or theatre. This just depends on what your interests are.


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The great outdoors

Living in the countryside for the past few years has made this more of a necessity on some trips. Visiting rural locations tends to be a family affair, rather than a solo excursion, just because they tend to be a little difficult to get to via train. There’s something so beautiful about walking/hiking in the outdoors or even visit other open spaces. It could be a visitor attraction or just a park. You can usually find some green spaces in major cities, they’re just harder to find!


The price

When I go on a UK break, I spend a minimal amount. I’ll only go if it’s cheap to get to and cheap to stay there. Even staying in chain, budget hotels, the prices can fluctuate day to day so I book as far in advance as I can and often go during the week when it tends to be cheaper. Because of my love of cheap eats, I rarely spend much when I’m there unless it’s a shopping trip (I’ve usually saved up for a little while before that though). I always do a tonne of research before booking to see what the average prices will be and book attractions in advance if possible. I look for cheap activities to do and places to eat mostly.


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I am a girl who loves food. I like simple, classic, non-fancy foods so I can usually be found in a café, eating a toastie. (I don’t care if they’re not cool anymore, they are tasty as hell) I try to avoid the Costas/Prets/Starbucks of the world when I’m away because I know they are tried and tested. I like to try local places where my £5-10 means a little more. I also like cheap eats so avoid those fancy shmancy bistros and opt for hearty-type places with bigger portions. I’m also that weirdo who uploads my reviews to TripAdvisor when I can because I know smaller eateries appreciate my feedback more so than chain places would. I also like to tag them on social media if they have it to get their name out there. I especially love anywhere that has a chocolate-themed café because this feeds my habit.


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This is where I reveal my inner nerd: I am a history buff. I’ve always had an interest in my local city’s history as well as the World Wars but in the past few years (thanks to my love of quiz shows), I’ve discovered other periods in history. British history is just so fascinating, and castles are a major part of that. I’m always intrigued to learn about the rich folk who once resided in them as well as their key roles in our heritage.


Are you a staycationer like myself? What do you love about travelling in the UK?

Leave me a comment below!

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