Now that I’ve reached a quarter of a century on the planet and am now the wise old age of 25, I really need to start getting my shit together. I’ve always been someone who strives for the best; in fact, my ambition has got in the way of relationships and friendships before with people in my life not wanting me to reach my full potential or reach my dreams.

I have realised in the past few years that as you’re doing something that you want to do and work hard, you’ll achieve whatever you want. It’s now important to me that I keep on track with my ambitions and keep pushing on. It also means that those who don’t want you to achieve your best, it means you should get rid of them pronto!

After sharing my 101 goals in 1001 days post at the start of the year, I thought it would be a great idea that instead of making New Year resolutions, I’d try making a list of tasks that I want to complete and achieve at the age of 26. Some of them are career-related, some are hobbies. There’s a real mixed bag here so I hope you enjoy. You might even want to achieve some of these goals yourself!

1. Leave the country. 
I have only been out of the UK once and that was in secondary school. I’d love to go on a quick city break somewhere!
2. Post consistently both on my blog and on Instagram. 
This is the year that I create some kind of schedule and stick to it. Ideally, I’d like to post three times a week but it may depend on how busy I get! The key is to write posts in advance!
3. Take my parents out for dinner. 
Everytime I go out for food with my parents, they always pay. I’d love to be the one who pays some time.
4. Give blood. 
For years, I’ve been unable to due to being underweight. If I can maintain a healthy weight, I’m hoping to give blood!
5. Save minimum of £100 a month. 
By budgeting myself £100 a week, the aim is to put anything over £400 from my payslip straight into my savings and top it up every week if I’ve underspent.
6. Get a full-time job. 
I have never worked full-time and I’m 25. It’s almost embarrassing! I’ve worked in retail since I was 16 and never been able to get a full-time contract anywhere. Ideally, I’d like a job in the media!
7. Finish my Masters degree. 
We’ve just started semester two and I’m really focused this time round. I really want to make the most of my last couple of months of being a student and hopefully gain some work experience too.
8. Perfect the flatlay. 
I suck at photography, I’ve fully accepted that. However, just because I’m rubbish at it, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try! I really want to work on my photography this year and get some better kit!
9. Travel to 3 new places in the UK. 
I adore going to places I’ve never been to in this country, there’s something about visiting a new city and having a wander about. Brighton is number one on my list this year!
10. Set up 3 capsule wardrobes. 
I’ve been researching them for a couple of years now and never quite stuck to one. Now I’m at uni and have limited space, it’s about time I got my act together! I’m starting to plan my spring capsule currently which will start in March.
11. See 5 theatre shows. 
I’m hoping this will be fairly easy as I do have tickets to see at least three already but I adore the theatre and it’s a hobby that I’d love to keep up.
12. Keep my diary updated. 
The plan is to carry it everywhere with me so I can reference it when needs be. If I want this year to be a kick-ass one for me, I need to know where I’m going to be at all times!
13. Have regular Sunday planning sessions. 
In order to keep my diary updated, I’ve found it useful to sit down on Sundays and plan my workouts, meals, uni stuff, blogging and work stuff. It really does help to keep me focused for the week off and I know when I’m actually free (which isn’t very often!).
14. Go on a spa day. 
I’ve never been to any sort of spa or salon other than to get my hair cut so I’d love to indulge for a few hours or a full weekend at one. I’m talking going the whole hog: facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, gym session, sauna, the lot!
15. Read 12 books. 
One a month isn’t too hard to achieve, surely? I used to read constantly as a child so I’d really love to get back to it!
16. Have a no-spend month other than essentials. 
As much as I love shopping, I don’t exactly have much of a disposable income nowadays. Turning 25 means getting my finances in order and no more silly spending!
17. Find the perfect LBD. 
As I’m working on my fitness more, I need to find that dress that I can turn to for many occasions and what better dress than a black one?
18. Make a career plan. 
The aim for a few years now has been to become a Sky Sports News presenter; however, wanting to specialise in rugby league means it might not happen. I need to spend some time thinking about how I can get to the top.
19. Keep a list of blog post ideas going. 
This is the perfect excuse for me to buy new stationery (not that I need one!) and the best way to post consistently is to have a regular list of ideas going!
20. Stop biting my nails. 
The only way I do this is by painting them regularly which I plan on doing after my Sunday planning sessions! I’m a grown adult, I need to stop!
21. Have a blog day every week. 
In order to get my content up regularly, I want to dedicate one day a week to everything bloggy. On this day, I want to take photos, plan content, write said content, schedule social media, comment on other blogs and track my stats.
22. Complete my media kit, contact page and about me page. 
I’ve been putting this off for some time now but now I’ve become a little more friendly with technology, there is no excuse anymore!
23. Run a 5k. 
This is the age that I work on my fitness and with that, means added cardio. I’d really love to compete in some sort of run, whether it’s a fun run or a proper 5k race! We’ll have to wait and see I suppose!
24. Track my expenses. 
It’s important for me to properly start to be an adult, especially now that I live on my own. That means no more frivolous spending on crap I don’t need, like weekly Superdrug trips and daily takeaway hot chocolates. These should be a treat every so often instead!
25. Get an article published. 
I’ve got plenty of online writing experience but currently, it is all unpaid. I want to get a byline in print, be it a magazine or a newspaper. Let the work experience hunt begin!
26. Read all the Harry Potter books again. 
I will admit that nowadays I watch the films a lot more than I read the books. The last time I read them as a series, I was in college. I want to take more time for myself and spending half an hour or so a day reading means I can do that.
Will I achieve them all? Probably not! Stay tuned over the year by following me on Twitter to see how many I accomplish! 

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