So much for being a good blogger and updating my blog regularly! A whole month has gone by and nothing has happened content/social media wise. You know when you just get stuck in a rut with ideas and what direction you actually want to move your blog? Well, that’s me right now. I enjoy writing such a range of posts but it’s all the rage to niche down and just cover one or two areas. For me, that’s anything from theatre reviews, UK travel posts, my focus on minimalism and organisation, capsule wardrobes and more fashion/beauty content as well as these general kind of lifestyle catch-ups/what I’ve been watching, reading and listening to. I thought I’d do a little life update for November, just so you can all be super nosey and see what I’ve been getting up to.

I actually think my niche is me. I’m the sort of person that does have 1000 different interests and hobbies. I started this blog because I loved to write, and I think that’s what I need to get back to. For some reason, ‘lifestyle blogging’ is uncool now and everybody has a speciality. That’s just not me. I like writing about too many different categories to get rid of some of them. So, if you want to stick around, you’ll basically just get a little taste of how my brain works in every single post. Expect chatty posts and ramblings about my favourite things, how everything I do is usually on a budget of some sort (I’m saving for a car/house/general living) and a glimpse at how my life is as I balance working and freelancing so I can build up my business.


A little life update for November: What’s been happening since I last posted?

I went back to my old part-time job

I left my job in a Hull Post Office when I moved to Sheffield to do my Masters back in 2017. Even though I’ve been at other offices since, this is the most convenient for me now. After being made redundant from a previous job, freelancing has been a real slog. In fairness, I didn’t put in the most amount of effort that I should’ve, but I thought going back to work part-time in a job I know and do well would be a good sideways move. Whilst collecting a wage every month, I can use my spare time to blog and freelance as a side hustle. This isn’t how I want it to be permanently but for now, I’m happy to keep things moving.


I’ve realised who I value most

Since going back to part-time retail role, I’ve noticed many digs from friends and family saying I’ve not accomplished anything and that my two degrees have been a complete waste. Yes, I might not be working in sports journalism (my Masters degree subject) but I am using my undergraduate Marketing degree in my freelance work. There is no shame on taking part-time work as a freelancer but most of my family only think that full-time work is ‘real work’. Those who question my choices every time I see them have been cut out of my life. Internet friends are better anyway!


I saw three theatre shows: On Your Feet, Northern Ballet’s Cinderella and Six

Each one was better than I imagined! I only really go to see musicals and ballet so I knew I’d enjoy them; however I didn’t expect to enjoy On Your Feet that much but I did! Cinderella was an updated version of the classical ballet and Six was just out of this world. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months so finally getting to see it in the West End was a dream. Look out for the review by the end of the month!


I started my manifestation journey at Victoria’s Leeds workshop

I’ve always been a pessimist but the power of positive thinking is something I do feel strongly about. Although I work hard and am grateful for what I have, I do think that asking the universe often works. I’m still a novice but Victoria gave us some tips to help get us started. It was fab to mingle with some bloggers I’ve not met before too.


I’m definitely not where I thought I would be at the start of the year; however, my life has never gone as planned so I’m used to going the long way around stuff. I’m going to use these last two months of 2019 to get back on track with everything. I never thought I would end up going back to retail but for now, it’s where I need to be. It’s not a step back or a failure. It’s all about getting some money saved up to really give my business a go when I have the funds. Whilst some friends/family members may not understand and call it a backwards step, it’s right for me.

I value my happiness more than anything so I’m being selfish when it comes to my life.


Would you like to see more posts like a little life update from me as I muddle my way through part-time work and freelancing?

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