It’s been over a month since I last posted on my blog or on my Instagram account so I thought now would be a great time for us to have a little catch-up and re-introduce myself to you all. A life update is the perfect time to do this, especially as we head into one of my favourite seasons, autumn!



Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost and uninspired. I spend my days writing blog posts for clients but I noticed that I’ve been taking my time to get stuff done. Everything else outside of my freelance business has taken a back seat. For some reason, I’ve just felt completely zapped of energy and only leave the house when I have to. With no car and a limited bus service in our village, I can’t get out as much as I’d like to.

In mid-September, I spent the week with my parents in Stratford-upon-Avon (more about that in another post) and I basically tuned out of everything. I had a proper break: no work, no blogging, very little social media. Partly this was because the Wifi in the cottage was awful and so was the 4G signal, but mostly it was because I needed some time out. Time to resasses and recooperate, time to relax and realise what I really want. I spent the week connecting with my parents and discovering some new places. For the first time in a while, I felt completely content.

However, I noticed that I had been running myself into the ground. During the trip, I saw how tired I got after spending a few hours walking about, how I felt unwell after eating certain rich foods, how certain parts of my body just ached after being on my feet for more than an hour or two. This got me to thinking that I need a major life change. Enter the 90 day plan.



I want to overhaul my life between now and Christmas, focusing on myself in a few key areas: blog, freelancing/money, health & fitness and self-care. These four areas bring me either the most joy or most benefit so I can fully function at my best. I’ll be sharing more about my 90-day plan soon as well as the rest of my goals for 2019.

For some reason, I had an almost epihany with my life when I was away from home and spent some time reflecting on the year so far and where I want to be come Christmas. I’ve also recently accepted an offer to go back to my old Post Office job on a part-time basis so I have some extra income whilst I build my business. It’s not ideal but it will give me some flexibility whilst earning some extra cash.


Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Stratford-upon-Avon




I’ve been loving all the musical soundtracks as of late: Dear Evan Hansen, Six, Waitress, Mean Girls and Legally Blonde. As a huge Taylor Swift fan, Lover has been heavily played since its release (I like it but it’s not my favourite Taylor album). I’ve also had Ben Platt’s album on repeat for a while now as his voice is just to die for.



I have about 1000 episodes total to catch up on but I want to start listening to one a day. Holly’s Blog It Boss It and Vix’s Grow & Glow (formally Exciting Emails) are my two absolute favourites. I’ve also started listening to Charlotte’s Investigating Influence and Jess’ The Co-Working Club. Here’s a few on my current listen-list but I’m always looking for more recommendations:



I’ve been keeping up with the latest season of my favourite reality show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. I’m borderline obsessed with it! I’m also near the end of my annual Gilmore Girls rewatch and I’ve started Chicago PD and One Tree Hill once again. Strictly is back too, which means the countdown to Christmas can begin!



With winter on the way, it means my Harry Potter rewatch has been taking place. I usually watch them all before autumn really kicks in and then in the lead up to Christmas again. I’ve also be watching a bunch of musicals, old and new, because they really do cheer me up!



For once, I’m adding colour to my wardrobe. I tend to stick with black, tan and grey but I’ve been adding various hues of purple, red, blue, pink and even green! I’ve parred my wardrobe down gradually too so capsule wardrobing is a lot easier now! Adding pieces to eBay on a regular basis is part of my routine now! Now summer is over, I’m excited for autumn!


I’m excited to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak. Expect new content regularly as I aim to step up my game! Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram to get a closer look at my life if you want to!



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