#Blogmas Day 10: Christmas On A Budget

1. Set a budget: If you know that you have a few people to buy for, set a budget for each person. Be it £5, £10 or £50 depending on who you’re buying for, make sure that they know as well!

2. Make a list: Think of ideas for each person you want to buy for. This makes your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier and stress-free!

3. Shop in the sales and make use of any discount cards you have: All of the shops on the High street are having sales right now and have been for the past month. If you have in-store discount cards or are a student, make use of them now!

4. Regift items: I know this can be seen as a big cardinal sin but if you know you won’t use something, give it to someone who will!

5. Do Secret Santa if you have a big group of friends: Put all of your names in a hat, set a budget and pick out a name! We do this at work every year but just buy a generic female present instead with a £10 budget but at college, we picked out a name and only have a £2 budget!

6. If not, agree with your friends not to do gifts and just go out for a nice meal: My best friend and I have agreed on that this year; we’re both skint and have very little free time so we’re going to go out after Christmas because it will be quieter and hopefully cheaper!

7. Make a Christmas food shop list: We never make a food shopping list apart from at Christmas; it ends up being easier to grab what we need, rather than wandering around aimlessly for hours and buying a load of stuff we probably won’t even use!

8. Send Christmas cards early or just send an email: With my working in a Post Office, I recommend if you’re sending your cards this year, get them sent as soon as possible. At Christmas time, the expected delivery times goes out of the window due to the higher volume of cards and parcels being sent! If you can, just send those you love an email or Skype them!

9. Cover up in jumpers and blankets to reduce your heating bills: I’m lucky that I own numerous jumpers and blankets which I’m sure my parents are thankful for because I’m always cold!

10. Don’t buy fancy bows and wrapping paper: At the end of the day, we rip the paper off because the present is what we’re really after! Yes, I know the presents look pretty but for people you buy a few items for, the costs soon add up!