I might be the only one but I bloody love winter. Even when Christmas has been and gone, winter is still my season: it’s my birthday season and I love wrapping up. I’m constantly cold anyway so I love layering! It’s definitely something that I have pretty much perfected if I do say so myself but I’d also say that about my general style. I’ve got to that point in life where I know what styles suit me and what items I tend to go for.

I have loved fashion since forever but in recent years, I’ve found myself falling out of love with it. I just don’t ‘get’ fashion anymore. Trends seem silly to me (why are shops selling so many cropped items when it’s so bloody cold outside?) and the quality of materials seems to have declined (god, I sound like my mum). That’s when I decided I wanted to do something different and challenge myself. I’ve always been a shopaholic but found myself buying items and then returning them so my wardrobe was staying the exact same for months on end.

Capsule wardrobes were the best solution for me. I was only adding the occasional item to my wardrobe infrequently and was always grabbing the same pieces and same outfit combinations. I was buying the same patterns and colours (do I need more stripes? Yes I do) and sticking to the same stores (soz Primark, our love affair is over for clothing). I’m definitely looking into adding more sustainable items into my wardrobe too but for now, I’d rather just wear the items that I love rather than just replace the things I already have.




Winter is easy for me: I have a wardrobe full of jumpers, sweatshirts and long-sleeved t-shirts. Comfort is key for me because I work from home mostly but I do like to have smart pieces in there just in case of meetings/interviews. I don’t have a set number of items because I don’t want my capsule to be too strict. If I fall out of love with an item or it no longer fits me, it can go. The main idea is that I don’t buy any more items for winter. I have enough to see me through this year but I will be looking to see what won’t make it to next winter and buy new jumpers/t-shirts in advance. Maybe I’ll even make a couple of spring purchases.




I’d describe my style as classic, relaxed and tomboyish. I live in jeans, t-shirts and trainers but I also love a classic jumper and boots. I’m monochromatic the majority of the time, just because you have no issues with colour clashing when it comes to black, white and grey! My splash of colour tends to come from accessories and make-up but I do like to have a bit of colour in there, usually a t-shirt or jumper. I add in other colour through stripey clothing.

I didn’t set a budget this time because I wanted to buy very few pieces. For me, my shopping attitude has completely changed in recent years. No more weekly shopping sprees, I will be pre-planning my shopping trips from now on. I’ll be making a wishlist towards the end of the season to see what new additions I need and how much I’m willing to spend on them too! My income is a little unpredictable currently so my budget might take a hit for 2019.

Colour is an area that I really should experiment more with but I already know what suits me. Black might be boring to some but it’s my go-to. Winter this year was especially tricky as there seemed to be a lot of colour in stores but it’s just not me. I had wanted to add in a couple of new jumpers but nothing really caught my eye this season.



  • Major: grey, navy, black
  • Minor: white, red, blue, burgundy, pink
  • Accents: stripes, lilac, teal, nude, tan




  • extreme weather clothing
  • workwear
  • comfies
  • PJs/underwear
  • outerwear
  • accessories
  • basics
  • shoes

Because the weather is a bit all over the place during the colder months in the UK, I’ve not included any clothes used for extremities. Thick coats are always needed in my wardrobe and I have a pair of old biker boots that I stick on when it’s pouring down. These are in a communal, family wardrobe where we keep all of our wet weather clothes so they’re all in one place.

Other items that I leave out are: workwear, comfies, PJs, underwear, outerwear (jackets/coats), accessories and basic vests/tees for layering (have vests in nude/white/grey to wear under jumpers during colder weather). These are things that I wear either every day or every once in a while. I have a few pairs of smart trousers that I wear for meetings as well as tonnes of comfies because I work from home. This tends to be a mixture of leggings, joggers, old t-shirts and fleeces. I pretty much live in a dressing gown at home so I could probably include that in a capsule!

Normally I would include shoes in a capsule wardrobe but I’m currently in the process of going through my shoe collection and minimising it. I have older pairs that I want to wear more as they’re on the last legs so to speak.




  • Allow some skin to breathe: Even though it’s cold and I need to be wrapped up, you can always take layers off. Wearing a V-neck t-shirt, for instance, and adding a jacket on top still keeps you warm but allows your skin to get some fresh air.
  • Add colour to outfits through make up: I like a smoky eye or strong lip and I certainly have a large enough collection to achieve this goal. Even though I have had a clearout, I still have plenty of options and I need to make use of them!
  • Wear more accessories: As well as purging my make-up and wardrobe, I also went through my jewellery collection. I had emassed a huge collection of statement necklaces and rings and never wore them. Now I want to dust them off and add them to plain outfits.
  • Track how much you wear each item: I need to make a list of everything in my wardrobe and mark when I’ve worn them. I could be all high-tech and use a swanky programme but a good old-fashioned list with pen and paper is more my style.
  • Dress up every once in a while: I got rid of most of my dressier items of clothing but kept a few back just in case. I do like to make more of an effort sometimes so adding a pair of heeled boots can really elevate a look!


I’ll be sharing an update after the season ends and so far, I’m really enjoying having a winter capsule wardrobe.

Have you tried capsule wardrobes before?

Are you a minimalist when it comes to clothing or do you like having plenty of options?


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