It’s been nine years since I last visited Cornwall as a stubborn 17 year old. I was so over family holidays and was just about to start college for the second time. All I really remember was being grumpy most of the time, it rained all the time and I saw lots of cute boys. Roll on nine years, I’m still grumpy most of the time, it rained part of the trip and I am still very single but this time was different. I was excited to have some time away and re-explore such a beautiful county (still ain’t a patch on Yorkshire though!) with my parents.

It’s a long trek for us to Cornwall (around six hours of driving) so we like to pack as much into our holiday as possible. Usually we go for a fortnight but decided to just go for the week this time. Doing Cornwall on a budget is not easy. Many activites, such as the Eden Project, can be expensive so it’s all about doing some planning beforehand and seeing where you can save some money. I’ve rounded up some tips we’ve learned over the years about holidaying in Cornwall on a budget.




  1. Don’t go in the school holidays if you can avoid them: We always go on holiday the week before the kids break up because it’s cheaper and it just so happens to be my dad’s birthday week also!
  2. Stay inland: All the hotspots are the coastal towns but you can find some beautiful villages just a short drive away that have tonnes of holiday lets. We stayed in Lostwithiel, that’s a short drive away from Fowey. There’s little to do in the village itself but you don’t have to travel too far to find something to do!
  3. Go for self-catered accommodation: We stayed in this gorgeous apartment and it had everything we could possibly need. We usually went out for the day and came back home for tea. This saves so much money!
  4. Take packed lunches out with you: On several days, we took our own lunch because it can be £8+ for a sandwich in Cornwall!
  5. Search for offers for discounts: There are a lot of heritage activities to do in Cornwall so make sure to look out for any vouchers before your trip. Some holiday lets even leave you vouchers for local excursions!
  6. Pack for a range of weather: Usually when we visit Cornwall, it rains all week. This time, we had heatwave weather until the last couple of days when the rain was pouring down. Take suncream and an umbrella, sandals and waterproofs.





Another fishing destination but again, it’s a beautiful town full of amazing food places and local stores. Pucelli’s was an amazing Italian restaurant overlooking the harbour.




If you’re looking for an old town with character, Fowey is the place to be. So much so that we visited twice on our trip! Brown Sugar did the best cookies and cream milkshake and The Well House does the best cakes and hot drinks (see above).




An old fishing village, perfect for a walk around the harbour. She Sells fudge brownie on the sea front was such a delight! It also has a quaint gift shop next door too.




Probably my favourite place we visited on this holiday. It’s a little bigger than many of the other villages/towns in South-East Cornwall so there are more shops and places to eat. I was a fan of Bassett’s for ice cream and and the cookies and general everything at Cornish Bakehouse (the paninis looked yummy!)




Definitely an afternoon worth of fresh air. Unfortunately, our trip was a little foggy so we couldn’t hike quite as much but it still makes for some amazing views. Make sure to check out the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic too!



If you’re after a more convential town centre, Truro has everything you need. All of the cafes are down little side streets so make sure to take a proper walkaround before deciding on one place.


A compact guide to Cornwall on a budget and my favourite spots in town. UK travel is definitely something I’d like to feature more on my blog.


Are you a Cornwall fan? Anywhere I should visit next in the UK?

Leave me a comment below!



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