Happy Taylor Swift Day everyone! I’m so excited that I thought I’d do a track by track personal review of Fearless Taylor’s Version part 1. Part 2 will follow soon.

This album is one of the few CDs I still own (the original for now). It didn’t get released in the UK until 2009. I remember getting the bus from school to town so I could go to HMV to buy a copy. I had just turned 16 and it was the first album that felt like it spoke to me. A young female artist, not much older than myself, talking about love, heartbreak and friendships.

It’s an album that will always hold a special place in my heart for so many reasons so I wanted to share that with you all. Here’s my review of Fearless Taylor’s Version part 1.


When I was 16, this was my anthem. I had the word Fearless as a mantra for life, written over all of my diaries and notebooks. It’s a great opening track all about overpowering love for someone, a feeling I’d not felt before. The new version just sounds richer, more contemporary and uplifting.


The first time I heard this, it reminded me of my best friend at the time. We survived five years of senior school together. Now when I hear it, it hits me that we no longer talk. It’s one of those songs that will always bring back happy memories, singing along in our dinner breaks at school when we fought over who was going to marry Nick Jonas. This version feels like Taylor’s writing a love letter to her oldest friend all over again.

Love Story

Ah, the quintessential Taylor Swift song. In the UK, this was the first song of hers I ever heard. Whilst now it’s not my favourite, I will forever be grateful for discovering it because not only did it start off my love for Miss Swift, it also introduced me to the incredible country music genre. I’d love to see an updated fairytale video with her new Romeo.

Hey Stephen

I can’t not think of the music video with this song, starring 00s fave Stephen Colletti (from Laguna Beach, The Hills and One Tree Hill). This song has always been sickly sweet and cheesy but that’s the beauty of it. Taylor doesn’t just write ballad-style love songs, she can write an upbeat song about unrequited love too. I love how she kept the giggle in the song too, even though it now sounds much more like she’s laughing at her own teenage lyrics.

White Horse

Genuinely one of the best love songs ever written (I say that about most of hers though). It felt more grown-up at the time, even if she is talking about not being treated like a princess any longer. I’ve ugly cried to this song after every break-up I’ve ever had (no matter how serious they were). It’s also made me pretty cynical about love and relationships. Thanks, Taylor.

You Belong With Me

Another light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek song. Seriously, why do people take some of her songs so seriously? This one’s about a young girl in love with a boy who doesn’t know she’s in love with him, very teen rom-com-esque. I love that she sings it seriously still and doesn’t cringe (some of the lyrics are pretty cheesy). Her new take is full of affection for her old songwriting and I love it. Please remake the video with Lucas Till again.

Breathe (featuring Colbie Caillat)

One of Taylor’s most underrated songs in my opinion. I’ve always thought this isn’t necessarily about a romantic relationship but it could be about friendship or family too. Every so often, this song will hit me hard. Sometimes it’s reminded me of an ex, other times losing a family member or friend (not always death). I’ve always found this song full of layers as it builds and Colbie’s harmonies are so subtle and pure.

Tell Me Why

An angry song from Taylor always goes under the radar. Can we appreciate the extra country vibes of this new version, please? This is the perfect song to sing out loud to relieve stress. Trust me, it works. Even if you’re not angry with a lover (or ex), it’s still fun to belt out! Especially in the online world, we all get those days when enough is enough. Sing this at the top of your lungs, you won’t regret it.

You’re Not Sorry

This ranks as one of my favourite Taylor songs. I’ve always thought it was utterly heartbreaking and the updated song is just as sad. Even more so when you’re older and have experienced such feelings as the lyrics express. It feels even rawer than it used to as well like she’s singing to all of those who’ve wronged her in the past. A song that is both sad and powerful at the same time. One of those songs where you pretend you’re in a dramatic music video.

The Way I Loved You

Another song where Taylor pours out her emotions about love into a song. I’ve always thought this song lacked a bit in emotion the first time but now she’s older, it’s been given a new meaning. I do love that the song still sounds exactly the same though musically, but with a little more country in there.

Forever & Always

Another song to scream the words to when you’re in a crap mood. I bet Joe Jonas didn’t think dumping Taylor in a 25-second phone call would lead to such an epic song. It’s always been one of my fave upbeat songs of hers because it tells a story. Crappy men who act like boys should get in the bin.

The Best Day

For some reason, this has always been one of my least favourite Taylor songs. I love the nostalgia for her though, especially now she’s older. It felt very American and the lyrics aren’t something I can really relate to. However, I love that she writes about her family on most albums too. She does not just write about her exs’ as the tabloids would have you believe.


This song has always meant a lot to me. It’s about taking back control, sticking by those who believe in the same things that you do and making things change. It’s even more appropriate now with the re-release that Taylor now gets to fight back. With an army of Swifties, she’s more powerful than ever.

I hope you enjoyed the review of Fearless Taylor’s Version part 1. Part 2 is coming up soon, where I’ll cover the second half of the album, including new collabs, unreleased songs and extra tracks we didn’t get on the UK release. In the meantime, come and say hello on Twitter and let me know your favourite song off the Fearless album 2.0!


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