Following on from yesterday’s part 1, here’s Fearless Taylor’s Version part 2. This is the second half of the album, full of unreleased tracks, amazing collaborations and those bonus tracks that weren’t on the UK release.

Jump Then Fall

I’ve always loved the melody of Jump Then Fall, it just sounds so classic. Now it sounds even more countryfied (yes, that’s a word in my vocabulary). I remember discovering the bonus tracks initially on Youtube because the UK release had three songs from her debut album as extra tracks. I really like the vocals on this updated version; it’s a more adult sound and the harmonies are spot on.


One of Taylor’s most underrated songs, both lyrically and melodically. It’s really slow and sad but so beautiful. I really love her vocals on it too as the notes are on a really difficult melody. This song reminds me of sobbing over boys in my bedroom for no apparent reason so it’s filled with nostalgia for me.

Forever & Always (Piano Version)

The best track on the album for me. Whilst the first version is upbeat and bouncy, this version is really haunting. If this version was on the original album, I’d have had a breakdown upon the first listen. God, it’s so heartbreaking, it’s like she’s pleading with the person it’s about, rather than being angry. Now I’m going to go ugly cry in the corner.

Come In With The Rain

This is one that could’ve been on her debut album, especially with the banjos and strings in the background. It’s one of those songs that’s about heartbreak but isn’t overly sad like many of her other ballads. It’s like she’s reliving a previous love but on nicer terms than usual!


Oh, another favourite of mine. What girl or woman haven’t dreamt about dating someone famous? This song is meant to about an artist she was the opening act for back in the day but it’s never been confirmed. She wrote it as a teenager and again, the new version feels like she’s reflecting on her memory of writing it in the first place.

The Other Side Of The Door

I’m a big fan of the updated version; it’s more adult than the original. This song is all about the dramatics and games in a relationship with a more upbeat tempo. Now It sounds like she really understands the lyrics of the song more deeply so there’s more emotion in her vocals.

Today Was A Fairytale

Despite it being the lead song on the soundtrack of one of the most disappointing films I’ve ever seen (I was hoping Valentine’s Day was going to be like He’s Just Not That Into You but it was lacking), the song isn’t bad at all. I love the folkier update and how it’s like a sister song for Love Story. It’s all about getting caught up in the fantasy of new love and is super sweet and youthful.

You All Over Me (featuring Maren Morris)

Two of my fave female singers collaborating was always going to be a dream for me. Maren’s vocals are normally strong so it was nice to hear her harmonise more subtly. I’m all about this friendship and it’s always fab to see female artists supporting each other! This song wouldn’t have sounded out of place on folklore or evermore even though it was written back in 2008 or so!

Mr Perfectly Fine

I really wish this had been on the original album and have no idea why it was dropped! It wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Speak Now either. It’s supposedly about Joe Jonas but some of the lyrics seem so fitting for Scooter Braun now! We’ve all dealt with those men who seem perfect and in fact, they’re just ordinary or a complete knobhead.

We Were Happy

The lyrics for this are all about falling out of love with a man and this is a feeling that hits far too close to home for me! Keith Urban’s harmonies really lift the song to another level, like seriously complimentary. I think she wrote this back when she was touring with Keith when she was just releasing Fearless. They also feature together on one of my favourite country songs, Tim McGraw’s Highway Don’t Care, with Taylor’s vocals and Keith’s insane guitar playing.

That’s When (featuring Keith Urban)

Taylor’s songs are at their best when they tell a story. That’s When is the perfect example of that. I got major Ed Sheeran/Everything Has Changed vibes upon first listen but I much prefer Keith to Ed! Seriously, listen to Keith’s music or see him live; he really puts on a show! I saw him at Country2Country in 2019 and he was incredible!

Don’t You

Singing about not being able to get over an ex is a song I’ve definitely needed in the past! This one has Jack Antonoff’s production all over it with major Lover vibes on this one. Whilst the lyrics are poignant, I think it’s my least fave song of the Vault songs. It’s not bad by any means but maybe it’s just a grower for me?

Bye Bye Baby

Proper Swifties know that this song has been around for quite some time but we originally thought it was possibly called The One Thing! Her break-up songs often get a lot of stick but they’re usually her best ones! Bye Bye Baby wouldn’t be out of place on her folklore/evermore albums and is one of the best Vault songs too. Saving it for the last is a real treat.

There you have it, Fearless Taylor’s Version part 2 is complete! This album means so much to me so I wanted to share that with you all and do a track by track review. If you’ve been a fan of my review of Fearless Taylor’s Version part 2, let’s chat over on Twitter!


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