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My Autumn Shoedrobe


I’m not normally a Marilyn (I’m an Audrey girl) but she nailed it with this saying. Most women have an item of clothing or an accessory that they collect. For me, it’s stripey tops, bow hair bobbles and shoes. You can be wearing the plainest outfit in the world and wearing a fabulous shoe can make all the difference.

I’m that person that usually has a spare pair of shoes in my bag or car, just in case of emergencies. You never know when you might be out somewhere and a plan might change. You might be wearing trainers and need to be at a dressier event or vice versa. Shoes really do make an outfit.

Although I love shoes, I am trying to downsize my collection. I’m selling a few on eBay and storing my summer selection away in a box for the time being. I’ve tried to stick with staple shoes: boots, heels, trainers and pumps. I’ve also tried to stick with neutral colours too as tan and black go with EVERYTHING.

So without further adieu, here’s a look at my autumn shoedrobe!

First up is staple number one: the black boot. As you can see, I like a mixture of styles! I’ve had these biker boots a couple of years now and I’ll be getting a new pair next autumn but I’ve loved them since I bought them. They only cost £15 from Primark but they’ve lasted me aaaages!

Next up are the Chelsea boots. These are a new addition and I got a load of discount on them in Dorothy Perkins. Last year, I bought a tan pair off eBay so I thought I’d switch it up this year and get black.

Finally are these gorgeous shoobs that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them on the Forever 21 website. The heel is higher than I thought they would be so I probably won’t be wearing them very much! But look how beautiful they are?!

Natural-coloured boots are great for autumn. I don’t usually wear them for winter as they never seem to come up clean properly but for autumn, they’re a must for me. First are my bargain boots from Dorothy Perkins; they were £10 in the sale and then I got student discount on them too!

Next are my heeled Deichmann boots which I have worn constantly for the past year. They are so comfy but I can’t imagine I’ll get much longer out of them because the inside soles are starting to deteriorate slowly!

Finally are these amazing peeptoe shoobs from Dorothy Perkins. Another sale bargain at the start of summer but I’m yet to wear them. I doubt I’ll wear these much, only for social events and meals out as it’s getting too cold to have your toes out!

The ultimate comfort for me will always be trainers. I used to live in Converse when I was at school/college but then I discovered these red Keds a couple of years ago and have never looked back since. They are battered and need to be replaced soon but they’ll do for a little while longer.

These pink trainers are incredibly comfy. I’d love to get Nike trainers all the time but when I came across these in Matalan for £9, I knew I couldn’t resist. These are perfect for when I need to run errands about town or on those days where I don’t feel like dressing up!

Flat shoes will always be one of my go-to styles of shoe. Even though I’m 5″2, I find heels uncomfortable and love to celebrate my height (or lack of)! First up are my new leather loafers from George @ Asda! I initially tried on some fake leather ones but these were only £4 more so I opted for real leather for £20. I find loafers more comfy than pumps!

Next up are my trusty black driving shoes. I paid over £30 for these from Next but as soon as I tried them on, the comfort was unreal. Unfortunately, I’ve ruined them from stepping in puddles but they’ll do for now.

Nude pumps are about as girly as my footwear gets. New Look is the only place that I can get pumps from as everywhere else has weird sizing. I’ve had these in loads of different colours but nude is the colour for now!

What shoes are your staple choice of footwear? Leave me a comment below!