Now I’m in my late 20s, I’ve started to take my skincare routine seriously. However, as you can see from the photo above, I don’t buy high-end. I envy those who can afford to but for me, I’ve always been a fan of value and hunting down a bargain. Budget skincare is what I’m all about. You might be someone who writes off supermarkets and own brands but they have improved massively in recent years. If you’re cruelty-free, most of the supermarkets are cruelty-free as are Superdrug and Boots’ own brands.




Having sensitive skin means I have to be super careful with the skincare products I use. I opt for unfragranced, unscented, clear or creamy products and they usually are specifically for sensitive skin. I’m not afraid to try new products but they have to meet my criteria.

For me, I’m happy to continue buying budget skincare. It works for me and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. I will pay for quality but I’ve always been impressed by the budget brands I’ve bought from. The packaging might not be as pretty but I don’t care if the product is decent!




Day + Night



Micellar water

B. Pure Micellar Water (400ml), £4.99

This is a fairly new addition to my routine but I was sold after first use. I’d been very loyal to another Superdrug own brand but I go through micellar water so much, I was using a bottle a fortnight. This comes in a huge 400ml bottle which will last me over a month in theory! When I’m feeling super lazy and can’t be bothered to do my full routine, I just use this and my face feels pretty clean!



Asda Kind & Gentle Cleansing Lotion (200ml), 99p

Cleansers can be hard for me to find as I hate having to wash them off and they must be creamy. This doesn’t require a lot of product for the whole of your face, which makes it last longer. I mean for 99p, it’s way cheaper than almost anything else on the market but I still like value for money!



Asda Kind & Gentle Toner (200ml), 99p

The toner in this range is great for sensitive skin. Toner can be a struggle for us lot because it can be really irritating. This one again doesn’t require a lot of product to cover your face and it doesn’t really have a smell either! My skin always feels refreshed and clean after using this.



Asda Protect Cream Dry Skin Intensive Moisturiser (50ml)

I’ve been using this moisturiser for years after struggling to find anything else. Unfortunately it is discontinued now and I only have a few tubes of it left. I will need to find something else soon but it will be hard to replace! The tubes are the perfect handbag size too as I often use it on the eczema on my hands too.


Eye Cream

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream (15ml), £3.49

I might only be 26 but I know the importance of taking care of your skin when you’re young! I’m a restless sleeper so constantly have bags under my eyes. This eye cream doesn’t get rid of them instantly but it certainly diminshes them by using it twice a day. This tube will also last ages as you only need a very tiny blob under each eye!


Spot treatment

Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel (15ml)

For some reason, I can’t find this in any Superdrug anywhere anymore! It’s the only spot treatment gel that doesn’t burn my skin when I use it! It dries pretty quickly too and the smell isn’t too pungant. I do recommend washing your hands thoroughly after applying it because I forgot once and itched my eye, not my greatest moment!





Day moisturiser

Boots Expert Sensitive Day Cream (125ml), £2.50

Another recent find and it’s a keeper. It includes SPF which is a huge bonus for me because my face is pretty much the only skin I ever have out (sorry, I’m a winter baby). It’s fairly thick for a day cream and you do get the faintest smell of suncream from it but I’ve found it soaks into the skin within minutes. My skin is very dry so using double moisturisers helps!

Hydrating mist

Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist (150ml), £3.49

Because my skin is so dry, it is also dull-looking most of the time. Having a spritz of this hydrating mist on it is almost like a setting spray for my skincare. Make sure it’s fully dry before starting your make-up or it will not sit properly and most probably run down your face.





Eye make-up remover

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (125ml), £2.50

Although they’ve changed the name of the range, the products are still the same. Liquid eye make-up removers sting my eyes like crazy so I have to go for creamier versions, which are hard to come by. With this, I stock up as much as possible (I may have 6 bottles of the stuff stored away) because it’s not available very often! You only need a small amount of the product to get rid of any eye make-up too, waterproof or not.

Intensive moisturiser

Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream (100ml), £3.49

A super thick moisturiser is needed for my skin all year round. This is the best I’ve found so far. It takes quite a while to sink in which is why I only use it on an evening or if I’m having a pamper afternoon. Again, it’s a product that you need to use very little of and a pot lasts me for ages.


Leave on face mask

Superdrug Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask (100ml), £3.49

I love applying a face mask in the shower but I equally love a leave-on one. Another Vitamin E product that’s a winner is their leave-on mask. I tend to switch between this mask and the following one every night. After a few minutes, you just rub any excess product in and you’ll wake up with super silky skin.


Water gel mask

Superdrug Simply Pure Leave-On Water Mask (100ml), £3.99

Whilst not as moisturising as the Vitamin E mask, this one is great for hydrating. I use this on days when I’ve had less or no make-up on when my skin doesn’t need as much of a boost. It’s more like a gel mask that sits on your skin for a while before sinking in.





Face mask

No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask (75ml) (similar), £15.00

Another new addition to my routine. I try to use a face mask once a week and apply it in the shower, wash my body and wash off the mask. I find the heat of the shower makes the mask more effective. I mean, I’ve no idea if that is how it works but it seems to work for me! This is my treat for the week, usually on a Friday or Sunday evening.



Boots Expert Sensitive Face Scrub (150ml), £2.50

Another product I use once a week is this exfoliator. With sensitive skin, I struggle to find one that doesn’t itch my skin after using it. This, because it’s designed for sensitive skin, is the best one I’ve tried so far. I use it midweek to wake my skin up because my skin starts looking dull after a couple of days. Exfoliating really lifts it!


This probably looks a lot different from many bloggers’ skincare routine but I am still a huge believer that budget beauty, and especially budget skincare, doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! Quality doesn’t have to mean expensive or luxury, you can get it from the supermarket!


Are you a fan of budget skincare? If you have sensitive skin, what are your favourite products?

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