There have been many changes in my life lately; I’ve closed a chapter in my life and started a new one. I loved my time in Sheffield but it’s time for me to put my big girl pants on and begin the start of something new. And yes, that High School Musical reference was intentional, y’know this girl loves her musicals/Zefron! (Sorry if you keep singing it to yourself now!) Anyways, all this excitement and change has led me to start thinking about many areas of my life and what the near future has in store for me.

I thought it would be a nice re-introductory post for me to share what I’ve been up to over the past few months and also to see where I’m heading next!


I’ve finally got my first big girl full-time job! Over a month ago, I joined a creative and marketing agency in Hull as their digital marketing assistant. After an initial interview and spending the morning trialing the job, I was overjoyed to get it! It’s initially a role for six months depending on how I fit in but I am really excited. I’m sure that my blog, freelance writing and social media experience contributed in me getting the job but mostly it was because I interacted with the rest of the office in my trial!

So far, I’ve mostly been doing social media stuff working with three companies mainly, but I’ve gradually been given more responsibility like writing press releases and sitting in on meetings. It’s a small office of mostly men but I really feel like I’ve settled in nicely! Being a sports/music fan has been a big help!

For the rest of the year, I want to really focus on my new job and see which areas of digital marketing and PR I’m particularly interested in. I also want to keep up with some of my freelance writing work, although initially, it will take a back seat until I’m settled in my new role.


Inconsistency has been a key theme for me in 2018 in terms of my blog. Studying for a Masters degree was so much more time-consuming than I ever would’ve thought it would be. I mean, I knew it would be hard work but I didn’t know pretty much everything I’ve learnt would be learned independently and tutor time would be minimal.

I really want to focus on producing content that I would want to read myself, instead of just bog-standard beauty reviews. There will still be beauty reviews as this girl still loves all things make-up and skincare, but I really want to start producing more personal posts. I don’t want to have a niche because I enjoy writing about too many topics so it will be a complete mixed bag of beauty, personal posts, general lifestyle stuff, interiors and hopefully some more fashion stuff!

Reaching out to brands is another avenue I want to explore which requires a bit of research first as well as becoming more integrated in the blogging community again. I miss taking part in Twitter chats and commenting on the awesome posts I’ve been reading that day.


Having to juggle studying with work was the bane of my life. Living away from home meant I had to work to be able to afford to live there but it did come at the expense of uni, especially during semester two. I got a new job in April and pretty much worked full-time from the get-go. Although my contract was only 16 hours, I adored working at the Post Office and it was a great workplace with a very good wage for customer service so doing overtime to help out was always an option for me.

I had been trying to save up but I’d only really been getting more than enough to live on since going back to the Post Office. I’ve been able to save up a few hundred pounds over the last couple of months and really want to continue doing so. Now I’ve started my new job, I’ve moved back home where my only expenses are my weekly bus pass, my hot chocolates for the bus journey and phone bill. Once I’m on my feet, I’ll be paying rent and saving up for a car. I had to sell mine when I moved to Sheffield and I miss the independence of having one!


God, this is such a touchy subject for me right now. Since moving to Sheffield, I’ve gained nearly two stone. Now I know that weight is not the be all and end all but for someone who has been underweight for most of her life, it is a big deal to me. More so, I feel incredibly unhealthy now. I have no energy, I’m sluggish and I reach for unhealthy snacks far too often.

For the final couple of months of the year, I really want to try to work on my fitness as much as possible. This means getting up half an hour earlier before work to have a workout at home and joining the gym as soon as I have my own car. In the meantime, home workouts are a must and getting back into Tone It Up is a great way for me to rekindle my love of fitness. My mum and I have also discussed walking a couple of nights a week too which would be great cardio!


I thought since moving to uni, I’d decluttered a lot of my belongings. Since I’ve been living between two places for a while, I’ve seen how much stuff I have acquired. I tried to have a clear-out in Hull but I still have so much stuff! I guess you could say, I’m a material girl! (Enough with the song lyrics, I hear you cry!)

Reducing the obscene amount of crap I have has to be the best place to start. Moving out of my Sheffield flat meant I was able to see how much stuff I really have. I’ve just got two new wardrobes as the old ones looked like they were going to collapse at any moment. My dad said he can build them to look how I want inside so I’ll be maximising the space with hanging rails, shelving, shoe racks and drawers. However, minimalism is the road I want to go down so less is more will be my new motto!

Moving home means I’ll still be able to keep my independence as my parents are awesome. I definitely want to contribute more to the household though. From washing up and doing laundry to hoovering and doing a food shop, I’m a grown-ass adult who can be a great help around the house! My parents have been so great to me since birth really but especially since I moved to Sheffield so I really want to give back to them where I can. I’d love to treat them to a nice meal out once every so often or a day out somewhere! I’m really excited to get Saturdays with my dad back too; my best pal is going to love hanging out with his favourite person in the world again! (I can hear him complaining already.)


Moving to Sheffield helped me to clarify who my true friends are. In Sheffield, I’ve made three proper friends who I will miss dearly but I know for a fact that I will keep in contact with them and visit them as often as I can. Back home, the relationships I had with my two best friends have been affected as they are both crazy busy as am I. One is an accountant in a new-ish job and the other is finishing up as a student nurse. Both occupations require a hell of a lot of time! I’m still close with a couple of girls I used to work with as well and our bond has probably grown stronger! We talk nearly every day via Facebook so I can’t wait to see more of them when I get home. (They’ll love this shout-out so hi Rae and Ren!) I’ve also grown closer to what my mum would call ‘my internet blogger friends’. Nicknamed ‘Archie’s Girls’, these women have become literally my rock, especially since moving, even though we are dotted about all over the UK. Having only met a couple of them IRL, it’s amazing to see how we can all help each other out and listen to everyone’s problems without judging.

I really want to reconnect with my Hull friends since I’ll be living here for the foreseeable future. It will be easier when I have a car but I’m excited for coffee catch-ups and Nando’s dates once again! I also want to make more of an effort with my online friends. Working full-time means I’ll get weekends free so I can go on my jollies wherever I please. Some UK breaks will definitely be on the horizon once I’m settle back home. I want to make sure I keep in contact with my Sheffield friends too because they were like my family for the year!


The start of 2018 has been a trying year for me. I’ve really struggled to balance everything, with my fingers being stuck in far too many pies (not literally, I don’t really like pie) and my self-confidence has really been affected. I’ve been stuck in a rut in many areas of my life including men, self-care, appearance and organisation. Working shifts plays havoc with your life and in all honesty, all I’ve wanted to do when I’ve finished work is go home, eat, binge watch a box set and have an early night.

By starting a full-time job, I’ll be able to see how I can use my free time wisely. I’ll be able to see what free time I actually have and allocate each aspect of my life a specific day. I can use one day for blogging, one day for socialising, one day for family time, Sundays for general ‘getting shit done’. I also want to start looking after myself better. Not only is this health and fitness-related but keeping my brain working by reading regularly and doing sudoku and quizzes, maintaining my skincare routine and painting my nails weekly. Little things like this help to keep me on track to a stress-free life.

I also think I’m ready to start dating again. I thought there might be a thing with my ex but it’s looking more likely that that isn’t happening so I have to start all over again! I want to start stepping outside of my comfort zone so why not start with my love life? Should I join Tinder or is it too cringeworthy?! If any of you have a single brother/cousin/friend/dad/grandad/uncle (delete as approapriate), give me a shout; I’m really not very fussy anymore!

I’m really excited to see what the end of 2018 is going to be like for me; I’ve got so many things to look forward to and starting a new chapter in my life is going to be a challenge but one that I’m really going to embrace.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018? Anything exciting coming up or more of the usual? Leave me a comment below; I’d love to see how you’ve been getting along this year! 

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