With just one full day left in 2019, I thought I would check back in with the goals I set in January to see how much, if any, progress has been made!

2019 has been a rollercoaster year for me, which I’ll look into more tomorrow, but I have achieved some of my goals! Let’s take a look at reflecting on my 2019 goals.



I’ve always been the sort of person who puts everybody else’s needs above their own; however, I’ve often found that they are not always appreciative. This year, I decided to put my own wants and needs first and I’ve never been happier.

Staying in over going out? Perfect for me. Toxic and one-way friendships? Be gone. Taking time to enjoy my own company and do the things that I enjoy? More of that, please!

I’ve always been happier on my own than with others (I’m an only child after all) but I’ve never really put myself first. Now I’ve started to go on almost a journey of self-discovery this past year as I’m figuring out what I enjoy and what makes me tick. I refound old hobbies, I enjoyed just relaxing and doing nothing, I made new friends, I discovered new places, I went on several solo trips. Honestly, spending more time alone actually has improved me as a person.





I went full-time freelance in December 2018; however, I was working three days a week with a client and then working with my own clients at home. However, after just a couple of months, they made me redundant and my income took a huge hit. I had enough in savings luckily to attempt to start building a business but in all honesty, I didn’t really try. I had a couple of regular clients but didn’t push for more work.

In October, I made the choice to go back to my old Post Office job for a regular income so I could really give my freelance business a real go in 2020. It’s not a backwards step like many family members have told me; it’s a sideways move giving me a set amount every month and allowing me the freedom to top up my income with freelance work. It means I can build slowly and add more work to see if I can handle the workload.



And the disappointment just keeps coming! I really tried to push myself with my blog but somehow, with trying to balance freelancing and part-time work again, I just failed miserably. Who would’ve thought that blogging was just so damn hard?!



I won’t lie, money has been tight. Losing a job meant losing the majority of my income so I heavily relied on my savings. Now I’m back working, I need to fill up that savings pot once more. I’ve tried to diversify and make money other ways (selling on eBay, online surveys) but there’s still a long way to go.

On the flip side, I have curbed my spending massively but still not enough. I’ve bought less beauty products, clothing and stationery, buying only what I need. I still think there is room for improvement but I’m proud that I’ve cut back where I can. Less trips to Costa is my next area to cull on!



Another area of my life that I neglected was my health. I tried intermittent fasting for the most part and it seemed to work. However, during the year, I had long periods of sickness which really zapped my energy.

I started back at the gym in October but definitely didn’t visit anywhere near as often as I should’ve. Working out regularly has always been a priority for me up until the last couple of years so I’d like to get back to that mindset. Putting myself first is one thing but making sure my body is at its healthiest needs to be a focus of mine now. I’m not getting any younger!





I travelled much more than I thought I would in 2019. Nowhere as exotic as many bloggers but my UK staycations are a fave of mine! Two family holidays (Cornwall in July and Stratford-upon-Avon in September) meant I got to see new places that I’d not been to before. I’d not visited Stratford before and hadn’t been to Cornwall for nearly 10 years!

I managed to add in multiple London trips, which is something I always enjoy. I tend to go for a purpose, a concert or theatre show, and try to fit in as much around the event as possible! Also, I took myself on a tour of the West End theatres and enjoyed my own company away from home.



This is probably the area that I’m most proud of. As someone who has always been quite materialistic and preferring quantity over quality, I’m thrilled that I’ve shifted my mindset. It’s still a work in progress as I slowly whittle down my belongings but I’m getting there.

I also managed to have a little bedroom update this year: I managed to get my new feature wall done as well as a few smaller improvements. The spare bedroom has morphed into my home office where I have spent many days and nights writing!



If there’s anything I’m most proud of this year, it’s my organisational skills. Seriously, I could be a professional diary organiser. I’ve been making daily to-lists, having weekly planning sessions and streamlining my processes so I don’t have to work 24 hours a day.

There’s always room for improvement so I definitely need to procrastinate a little less in general! Time-blocking is a recent discovery for me so I will be continuing this through 2020 and beyond!





Another category where I feel content with is my hobbies. For years now, I’ve let work and education put an end to having anything fun in my life so I’m glad I’ve organised my time better to allow me to have more fun!

I’ve rediscovered my love of musicals and theatre, seeing nine shows in 2019. I managed to squeeze in a couple of concerts too and rediscovered my love of reading, managing 22/26 books this year. I certainly want to push myself in 2020 though!



Self-care to me is just about looking after myself and having some alone time. I’ve treated myself to city breaks and days out this year, I took myself out on coffee dates, cinema trips and beauty treatments and I let myself fully relax on my days off.


It’s certainly been a great year in some areas for me, yet the most important ones to me (blog and career) have been a bit of a struggle! Come back tomorrow for part 2 of my 2019 reflections, with a look back through the year.

I find reflecting on my 2019 goals really therapeutic. It’s okay to not have achieved as much as you thought you would. For me, it makes me even more determined to make the following year even better!


Did you enjoy reading and reflecting on my 2019 goals?

Do you do anything similar yourself?

Leave me a comment below or follow me on Instagram as we start 2020 with a bang!



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