Capsule Wardrobe


I’ve had this post sat in my drafts for a couple of weeks now and was constantly dreaming of spring. Then Snowmaggedon happened and my dreams went out the window. Now it looks like the worst of the snow is over (fingers crossed), I can finally start planning my spring wardrobe!

I’ve always been an avid reader of capsule wardrobe blogs and been pinning them for at least a year or so on Pinterest. It’s only until fairly recently that I’ve thought it was actually achievable that I could create one myself.

At home, I have two wardrobes (one three-door, the other a two-door) so I have ample space to hang clothes up plus tonnes of drawer space. Since moving into my studio flat in Sheffield, I have one wardrobe with 3 wide drawers inside it. To say I have limited space is an understatement but my bestie Brooke lives in the same size flat on the floor above and she shares with her boyfriend! How they manage, I do not know!

Before moving to uni, I managed to go through my entire wardrobe and only brought my favourite clothing items with me. Whenever I go home, I take back the items I haven’t been wearing and bring back a couple of others. I’ve pretty much tailored my wardrobe to be a capsule wardrobe. I reach for the same items, in the same colours so I only do laundry once a week. Yet I still have items in my wardrobe for those just-in-case moments that never, ever come.

As I’ve got older, I’ve been able to fine tune my personal style. I’ve discovered what styles suit me, what colours suit my skintone and what items I always go back to. Shopping isn’t as fun for me as it once was because I’m putting more thought behind each purchase. Will I wear it? What do I have that goes with this? Do I have one similar already?

I don’t cover much fashion on my blog anymore; I’m awkward in photos so it does not translate well! This is an alternative way of me to share my style with you all so I hope you enjoy it!


When planning my capsule, it’s important for me to look at what I have going on during the next couple of months. I planned for my spring capsule to take me from April to the middle/end of June. In that time, all I have going on is uni stuff, work and a couple of theatre trips. As I don’t drink or go clubbing, I have no need for any partywear or heels.

You also have to factor in the weather and your lifestyle. The weather in the UK, let’s face it, is unpredictable. One day it can be super sunny and warm, the next it can be snowing (like the other week) or raining. My idea was to not include items that I use for extreme weather (i.e. my coats and biker boots) and just grab them if I need them. I’m a cold arse so skirts/shorts are not for me during the spring. When I’m not at uni or work, I spend my time in my flat lounging around so comfort is always key for me!

I tend to wear the same outfit formula: tee/jumper, jeans and boots/trainers. This is just easy for me; I know that most items in my wardrobe are able to mix and match with each other because they’re all in the same colour palette. I gravitate towards black, grey, navy and burgundy. It’s good when it comes round to laundry day too! I do have flashes of blue, white and pink but that is just a couple of items.



  • Work uniform
  • Coats
  • Biker boots
  • Accessories (bags, jewellery)
  • Loungewear/comfies
  • Activewear
  • Underwear/socks


  • A black trench coat- I already own two beige ones, one short and one long with pleather sleeves, but I feel like I don’t reach for them very often. Black just fits my style better and doesn’t show up marks as much!
  • A new padded coat/parka- I’ve had my current showerproof coat for about 3-4 years so it’s about time I got a new one. I’ve got my eye on the exact same one in Asda for £25 but I’m undecided which colour to go for. My current one is grey but I fancy a change. I can choose from khaki, red, navy and black. I’ll probably go for black as it goes with everything of course!
  • Boyfriend jeans- I have a much-loved pair from Next that I’ve been wearing religiously for over a year now. I want a pair in a darker wash so they look a little more dressy if I need them to be.
  • Shoes- I am a shoes girl. This is the one area of my wardrobe that is not minimalist. I love boots and sneakers mostly but a few pairs of mine are currently looking a little tatty and could do with an upgrade. Buying boots when the stores are transitioning to summer stuff is a good idea because they’re all on sale! I also have very few pumps for the summer season so I’d love some new loafers, a black pair and a tan pair.
  • Decent basic t-shirts- I love V-neck t-shirts but it’s hard to buy them in a quality cotton. I’ve bought cheap ones but they don’t seem to last long. After a few washes, they’re either lost their shape or discoloured. And that elusive perfect white tee is out there somewhere! I tend not to include basics in my capsule either because I’m constantly wearing them as a base layer when it’s cold!
  • Adding a little colour- Living in student accommodation means pricey laundry. However, I go home around once a month and usually take some laundry to do there! I’d love to add maybe a couple of t-shirts or jumpers in a dusky pink and purple shade to stop people moaning that I always wear black. Black is a comfort blanket, sorry!
  • A silky blouse- I own a silky black blouse but I’d love to add a stripey one or a coloured one to my collection. It cannot be see-through because that pisses me off more than anything! I like a blouse because it makes an outfit look dressier instantly.
  • Go through my uni wardrobe and take home the pieces I no longer want/need.
  • Go through my home wardrobe and take back pieces I want to use.
  • Sell unwanted clothes on eBay.
  • Reorganise my uni wardrobe into sections: work uniform, tops, bottoms, outerwear.
  • Spot any gaps I want to fill.
  • Create a shopping list, set a budget and stick to it!
  • Create an inventory of my clothes and note down when I wear them throughout the season.
  • My spring capsule wardrobe is now complete! No buying clothes until June to prepare for my summer capsule!
Next week, I’ll be sharing my spring capsule with you all. I’m still putting the finishing touches to it and I need to pick up some new shoes!
Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe or are you a clothes hoarder? Leave me a comment below!