It might not feel like summer is on its way with this awful autumn-like weather recently but it must come at some point! Now that my spring capsule wardrobe is coming to the end and the summer capsule edition will be on its way at the start of July, I thought I’d run you through how I prepare to get ready for the next season. We’ll look at the steps I take to change my wardrobe from spring to summer, the items I’m looking forward to wearing in my summer capsule as well as a closer look at each category (tops, bottoms, outerwear and shoes) and look at where I’m at with them in terms of moving to my summer capsule.

I’ve never really been a summer person: I like wrapping up warm, lots of layers and comfortable footwear. I live in dark colours and don’t usually have much skin on show. Autumn/winter are my comfort zones and where I feel like my style is more suited. Having a basic uniform of a casual tee or sweatshirt, jeans and trainers doesn’t always lend itself to warmer weather so I have to adapt. The tee and trainers stay and I switch the jeans for cotton joggers. I’ve got to that point in life where I am comfortable with my style and what suits me and I know summer is not the season for me. I don’t like floaty dresses, cropped tops or anything neon.

That doesn’t stop me from changing up my wardrobe a little though. Spring was an odd season this year, with freezing temperatures some days and blazing hot sunshine sprinkled in there for good measure. Some days, I didn’t even have to wear a jacket and for someone who is always cold, that is pretty much a spring miracle! Because of this, I’m changing up my summer capsule a little more and taking out some longer sleeves and knitwear because I didn’t wear them at all during the spring. Here’s a sneak peek at how my summer capsule will look in a couple of weeks time.





Have a look at what you already have in your spring capsule

It’s important for me to assess every single season. You often find your tastes have changed or something no longer fits. I like to especially take note of the items I haven’t worn very often or at all and see why. Maybe they’re not suited to the season or I’ve simply just gone off them. Make sure you try every item on again to make sure it’s still a keeper. If it’s not, it doesn’t need to be in your wardrobe. Sell it online, donate it to charity, give it away to family/friends or recycle it as a last resort.


Pull out items from other seasons and reassess

Despite it only being spring going into summer, I still take out all of my autumn/winter stuff and have a try-on again. You might find you still love everything or you might have fallen out of love with some items. You might also decide to box more items away: I kept a couple of long-sleeved tops and thin jumpers in my spring capsule and barely wore them. You can always pull them out of storage if it does get extra cold! These items may need a wash too so make sure you stay on top of your laundry!


See which items might need replacing from spring capsule

There will probably be at least one item that is on its last legs (I have some basic tees/vests that need replacing as well as a pair of jeans) and they’re usually what I would call staples or core pieces. Because these are the foundations to your wardrobe, replace them as soon as you can. These are items that don’t go in and out of fashion so they can be bought all year round. Stock up on more if you’ve got some extra cash!


Make a list for your summer capsule

As you go through your previous capsule and your clothes from storage, you’ll probably find some evident gaps in your wardrobe. Were there some items you couldn’t find at the start of the season? Do you need those replacements sooner rather than later? I like to have my new additions bought before starting my next capsule but I’m not too bothered if I don’t. I want to make sure I’m buying the perfect items that I know I will wear; this kind of shopping takes time and a higher spend so I’ll probably add a few items during the summer capsule itself.


Keep notes during the capsule as to what’s working and what’s not

For me, I don’t just create a capsule wardrobe and leave it for three months. I make note of every item I wear and the outfit combinations too. This way, you can visibly see which items you wear more than others! I’ll often add an extra note if an outfit is extra comfy or I’m not 100% feeling it. This note-taking makes it so much easier when the next season comes around!





  1. Straight leg jeans: I love the sleek look of skinny jeans but I’m over the tightness. Straight-leg jeans still give the slim look but without being basically attached to your thighs. I can’t wait to find my perfect pair and experiment with different looks.
  2. All the stripes: Stripes feature in every capsule for me because they’re so versatile and they’re pretty much the only pattern I love. I can’t wait to find some pastel-coloured stripes to add to my wardrobe.
  3. Ballet flats and loafers: I’ve been in boots and trainers since last year and my feet need some fresh air! I could do with adding a couple of cheap pairs though to get me through the season.
  4. A baseball cap: I’ve not worn a cap in forever but when the weather gets hot, it’s the only way I can protect my head from the sun. I don’t know whether to go for a plain-coloured one or one with one of my fave sports teams’ emblem on.
  5. Sunglasses: I wear sunglasses all-year round because my eyes are sensitive to light but now I can wear them without looking like a complete weirdo!






Despite the hopefully lovely weather (a girl can dream), I still like to keep a jacket or two in my wardrobe. I’d love to add a denim jacket and really need a replacement for my khaki cargo jacket. I’ve had it for years and it’s starting to look sad. The beauty with a capsule wardrobe is that it’s not as strict as you think. It’s not that I’ll never wear something outside of my capsule, it’s just that I won’t wear it regularly. I’ll still keep my waterproof jackets/coats on our clothes hooks just in case. Let’s face it, British summer weather is notorious for being temperamental. I’d also like a new bomber jacket in a block colour; I have two floral ones already but I need one to wear with stripes, maybe a classic navy or dark grey.



I love my classic skinny jeans but they’re difficult to wear in hot weather. Nobody likes to peel them off when they’ve stuck to you. I’ve been wearing a lot more of my boyfriend jeans but they tend to be made from really thick denim. I’m excited to try some straight-leg jeans and cotton joggers. I love the feel of wearing cotton joggers but my black pair need replacing massively. I need a pair that can easily be dressed up as well as dressed down though! I think I’d like some khaki cargo-style trousers too for a more casual look.



Tops are something I certainly don’t really need but I’m excited to wear a little more colour, probably in a striped format. I’ve been loving coloured slogan tops as they are perfect for my casual style. I need to add in a couple of basic vests as mine look tired.



I’ve been on the hunt for some leather closed-toe sandals for a while but I’m very fussy. I just don’t like my feet (years of dance and pointework has left them battered and bruised) and struggle with very flat shoes. They need to be cushioned, cover my toes and have a strap so they don’t fall off my feet. I think I’d like to find another pair of baseball sneakers too or maybe go back to my trusted Converse. My previous pink pair lasted me about 8 years during school/college but I’ve not bought a pair since!


If you’re all new to the capsule wardrobe journey, I’d suggest doing some research. I have a great starter post about how I transitioned to a capsule wardrobe as well as all my capsule posts in one place. My two favourite blogs to follow for inspiration are Caroline’s and Lo’s. Both have adapted what a capsule wardrobe means to them and they have such great style so I’d definitely give their blogs a read!


What are your summer staples for your wardrobe? Are you a capsule wardrober too? I’ll be sharing more about my capsule over the next few days over on Instagram so why not head over there right now and follow along?



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