April already? Spring already? I’m glad this year has been whizzing by as it means we’re gradually creeping closer to some normality. I’m very lucky that being a hermit/introvert, I’ve been okay at home. March was one of the most stressful months of my life; my Dad was in the hospital (not Covid) and I struggled with motivation all month long. I’m hoping with my 10 goals for April 2021, I might be able to refocus and get a spring in my step!

Being self-employed, I basically live at home (mostly at my desk). I’m just excited to work/people-watch in a coffee shop and eat in a restaurant with a couple of friends or family. However, I won’t be rushing out just yet. I’m in the last group to be vaccinated so will have to wait quite a while for mine. The good news is all my parents and grandparents are vaccinated now though! 

The start of a new quarter gives me a chance to review what happened in the previous three months and look forward to the next three. It’s like setting new year goals more frequently!



10 – Number of TV series watched

1 – Number of films watched

1 – Number of empties

£340 – Money saved

10 – Number of books read

1865 – Number of pages read



Journal + habit tracker daily

I’ve been a little lacklustre with journaling and self-care in March so I want to get back to it during April. I have a couple of notebooks, one for the morning and one for the evening, that I’d like to continue filling in. Journalling daily for me just means a quick gratitude list and affirmation when I wake up and a quick review before bed. 

Habit tracking is something I started doing last year but fell off the wagon towards the start of 2021. I’ll probably track habits such as drinking 2l of water, getting outside for a walk, taking my vitamins and reading.

£100 side hustle income

Last month, I was very lacklustre with side hustling. For the most part, I just do online/app surveys, receipt scanning and selling on eBay. The extra cash usually goes into my clothes fund so I need to get building it back up!

Friday planning afternoons

Another fave activity of mine is planning but again, I’ve let it slide in March. Planning the following week on a Friday means you can relax over the weekend so I need to get back to that. It’s rare that I work on Friday afternoons as I’m usually in a winding-down kind of mood. I’m a sucker for pretty stationery so I sit at my desk with my diaries and pens and have a huge brainstorm (with my fave Leaf Lane Studio stationery).  

Read 13 books

I’m slacking off with my GoodReads challenge of 120 for the year, equalling 10 a month. At the end of March, I was only at 27 (you can find my Jan/Feb reads here). Hopefully, in April, I can make it up a bit as I tend to read more towards the spring/summer. I’m hoping to get through all of Paige Toon’s books once again as she’s a fave of mine!

No spend month + 25 no-spend days

March was a bit of a spendy month for no reason really, just boredom! So much for a no-spend year! I need to get back on track with my savings again because this year, I’ve invested in a new phone and laptop using my savings from Jan and Feb. I doubt I’ll make it to my yearly goal of saving £10k but I’ll try my hardest!

Complete text for week 1 of my secret challenge

This month, I was planning on launching a new blog; however, March was a bit of a crappy month so I’ve decided to delay the launch until the summer. However, I want to get as much work done beforehand as I can. I’m thinking of launching with a weekly challenge of sorts so I’d like to get that drafted and planned this month to keep progressing with it.

Update 50 old posts with SEO + Pinterest

I need to work more on my blog; it was a big goal of mine for the year to make more of a commitment. As well as posting more than just at the start of the month, I want to improve my old content. I went through it a while ago and deleted some rubbish old posts so the ones that stayed simply just need updating. SEO and a Pinterest image are the main additions to make but I’ll gradually update the imagery and text too.

Catch up with memberships

I include this every single month but it seems never-ending! As well as current ones, I’ve also joined Moxie VA’s Grow with Pinterest and SEO as this is an area I know very little about! I’ve also grabbed a few of The Pocket VA‘s Instagram courses as she is the IG queen! 

Complete 2020/21 tax return

April means self-employment tax return time. Last year, I got mine done pretty much on the first day of the new tax year so I want to do the same again! It also means I have plenty of time to save for any impending tax bills! I also don’t have to panic when it gets to January as I’m all done and dusted!

Schedule May CBS socials

I’ve been really happy with my Instagram account for my biz and want to continue to schedule in advance. April is already done for the most part so I need to crack on with May. Hopefully, the Instagram training will give me some fresh ideas too.


Those are my 10 goals for April 2021, which I’m super excited to get started with. Monthly goals keep me motivated and hopefully, I’ll achieve them all this time around! 

Have you set any goals for Q2 or April? Anything on my 10 goals for April 2021 that have inspired you? Let me know in a comment below or let’s chat on Twitter!



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