I’m a sucker for goal-setting, so much so that I set them monthly. This year, I’m going in even more by setting some big goals for myself. My work for the year is THRIVE so you can bet I want to achieve a lot this year. I’ve kept some goals away from this post as they are big picture type goals. Following my 2020 edit, this year, I wanted to share my 21 goals for 2021. These are a mixture of blog, business, money and personal goals to give me a bit more of a challenge!


  1. Blog consistently – I have a frequency in mind but I just want to blog regularly. Now I work from home, I have more free time when I plan my days properly. 
  2. Write an eBook – I’ve a few ideas floating around my head but I want them to fit with my brand. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d love me to write about!
  3. Work with 6 brands on paid opps – This is the year that I start earning on my blog. I’ve worked with plenty of brands before but I’d like to get paid for my work. 
  4. Set up a newsletter – I’m mulling over some ideas as I don’t just want to write a newsletter just because everyone is! I want it to provide value or entertainment!
  5. Update old posts with photos/SEO – I did a mass blog post archive earlier last year. Now I need to update the surviving ones with new photos and SEO!
  6. Design media kit – I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years and I’ve still never made myself a media kit.
  7. Up my Pinterest / Instagram game – I have a love/hate relationship with social media but I want to use it more as a tool, rather than a platform (if that makes sense).


  1. Do 2020/21 tax return early – In 2020, I filed my tax return on the very first day. In 2021, I don’t think I’ll do it that early but I’m certainly not leaving it until the end of January!
  2. Write an eBook – Again, I want to diversify my income and an eBook for potential clients is a great way to build a relationship with them. I have a few ideas but haven’t drafted anything other than potential titles!
  3. Blog once a week – Business blogging is different from personal blogging so once a week will be more than enough, as long as I keep providing value and expertise. Time to get a running list of ideas!
  4. Set up a newsletter – Another biggie as I think this will be a great business opportunity. I’ve no idea what I’ll include in it so it could feature pretty much anything! 
  5. Be more present in memberships – I’m part of so many communities, memberships and courses but I don’t seem to put the time and effort in to them. 2021 is the year I become a fab team member!


  1. Save £10k through savings challenges – I have a plan of the amounts I want to save for each pot but I am giving myself a bit of leeway. It’s a huge challenge but I’m determined to save as much money as possible.
  2. Complete a no-spend year – Okay, so it won’t be a complete no spend year but I’d like to spend as little as possible. I’ll be sharing more about it next week!
  3. Do a #21in2021 clothes challenge – I have a wardrobe full of clothes, not as many as in the past but enough. In 2021, I’m limiting myself to just 21 clothes buys, which means I have to be super picky about each one!


  1. Read 120 books – After managing 104 in 2020, I want to up my game for 2021. 120 books is a lot but when you read every day, it is definitely achievable!
  2. Bake once a week – 2020 is the year I rediscovered my love of baking. I only make chocolate recipes currently but I’d like to try something new!
  3. Maintain a regular fitness routine – I know, the whole ‘get fit in the New Year’ thing is a yawnfest. However, I’m doing this for me. Getting fit the fun way and becoming a healthier version of myself.
  4. Visit 10 new places in the UK – Fingers crossed this will actually be possible! I had so many plans for 2020 with UK travel that obviously got cancelled.
  5. Journal daily – I want to sit down every morning and jot down my thoughts. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to write a novel every day, just a few words.
  6. Use up 50 empties (Project Pan) – Due to my no-spend year, I really need to get through my toiletries and beauty stash. I have so much stockpiled that I need to actually start using it!

There you have it, my 21 goals for 2021. I’ve tried to keep them as broad as possible but equally as challenging. I love to track my progress to see how I get on throughout the year so I might do an update post at some point.

Have you set any goals or aims for 2021 or are you just going to wing it this year? Let me know what you think of my 21 goals for 2021 below in a comment or come and chat on Twitter!


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