I’m determined to make the most of my 10 goals for March 2021. I’ve even written them out and put them on my pinboard right above my desk. This means I’ll be looking at them every single day so I can’t say I’ve forgotten about them!

I’m hoping March feels a bit lighter because I definitely want to feel lighter! It’s been a while since I did a review of the previous month and then followed it with goals for the next month so I thought I’d bring it back! First, let’s have a look back at my February stats!


11 – Number of TV series watched

5 – Number of empties

£818 – Money saved

9 – Number of books read

1044 – Number of pages read


After January’s attempt and skipping February on the blog, setting my 10 goals for March 2021 wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! Coming to the end of Q1 means a lot of hard work needs to be put in.

Consistent posting for CBS + TEE

I’ve set myself a couple of targets this month when it comes to blogging and social media for both my personal and business blogs. I’ve tried to keep it as minimal as possible so I can actually achieve them! Hopefully, by doing a little, I can build up to posting more frequently and plan ahead better, especially with my TEE and CBS Instagrams!

Set up my new blog

As if having two blogs and a business to run isn’t enough, I’ve had this idea for a while to set up a brand new blog. Initially, I thought about rebranding TEE but then I thought I’d keep this about more general lifestyle topics. My new blog will be in a niche that I think has a real gap in the market right now and it’s something I’ve been obsessed with for a long time. Stay tuned as I launch on 1st April!

Set up free challenge

I don’t want to say too much but with the new blog launch, I’ll be releasing a free challenge too. I’ve got the launch planned but need to start making it happen now!

Update 12 old posts

It’s been a while since I updated an old blog post but I have created a spreadsheet to track my progress! I’ve listed all the posts on my site (that took me a full day alone) and then I’ll mark off when I update the SEO and photos.

Catch up with BTBA

I’ve been part of the Busy to Boss Academy since last April and love the weekly workshops and co-working calls. However, it’s been a while since I went through all of the academy lessons. I’m hoping it might give me some direction on where I want to take my business.

Read 13 books

I’m a bit behind on my Goodreads challenge for the year so I need to start making a move! I want to make sure I read some fiction this month too because my list is full of non-fiction so far!

Concentrate on AM + PM routines

There’s something about slower mornings in bed that I’ve been loving in 2021 so far. It’s like we’re conditioned that we must get out of bed straight away when most of us could probably do with a more chilled approach. Taking it slowly with a hot drink, journalling and reading in bed before starting the day has been a routine that I’m keeping.

Take Saturdays off

I’ve had a habit of working every day in this pandemic. Not all day every day but doing small amounts of work daily. I need to make sure that I’m taking a full day off every week, away from my laptop. I’ve been incorporating self-care daily too but a whole day just for me is the ultimate goal!

Save £950 + 25 no-spend days

After January and February’s success, I’m sticking with saving and no-spend days again. Having one spending day a week means I can buy multiple things on that one day without going too mad. However, I have given myself a couple of extra days leeway. I’m also aiming to save £950 through freelancing and side hustles (online surveys and eBay selling).

Set up for Q2

That means a huge goal-setting and planning session (but that’s fun to me) at the end of the month. I love reflecting on the previous quarter and using that to help look forward to the next. I have BIG plans for Q2 so watch out world!

And that’s my 10 goals for March 2021 done. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve more of these than I did in January! To me, every month is a chance for a fresh start and to reflect and review. No need to wait for the New Year!

Have you set any goals for the month yet? Any of them line up with my 10 goals for March 2021? Let me know in the comments below!


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