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Thank god it’s May. I have lots to look forward to this month: my trip to Chester, Eurovision, Magic Weekend (that’s a rugby league event for all you non-sports fans) and a theatre trip to see Thriller Live. For once, I have so many plans and for a hermit like me, that is unexpected!

April just seemed to be one of those months where I feel like I got very little done, even though I had a lot of time. I was in a bit of a funk for a while, which hasn’t helped. My freelance business and my blog are nowhere near where I want them to be so I need to start keeping my focus more.

May is an exciting month and it’s all about motivation and focus for me. I want to put my business and blog at the forefront because that is how I want to move forward. Take a look at how April was for me and what I’ve got to look forward to in May.

PS How cute is my sloth? Stanley’s a hot water bottle too!


April Recap

  • Plan May content: May is the month that I really get my blog moving to where I want it to be. I spent the end of April reading up about SEO, productivity and all sorts of tips and tricks, so I feel excited to make improvements. I have content and social media planned/mapped out and some posts completed too!
  • Read 5 books: God, I really need to start reading before bed again. I didn’t finish a single book this month and I’m disappointed with myself. May will be the month where I fine-tune my bedtime routine to incorporate more reading time.
  • Inventory for spring capsule wardrobe: I have been keeping up with this and I mark off what I’ve worn and in what outfit combination. I have already noticed that there are a couple of pieces in there that I no longer love so they will get sold on eBay soon as well as some old favourites that look like they need replacing soon.
  • Plan my trip to Chester: I have some ideas of where I want to go as well as a brief itinerary planned but nothing is set in stone just yet! I know when I get there and I have my trains and hotel booked, I just need to look at places to eat mostly because this girl loves to try new restaurants when she’s away.
  • Finish the Freelance Lifestyle course: I’ve been slowly going through it and have a week or so left. I’ve been forgetting to participate daily, instead sitting down in one sitting to do a week-long chunk. I want to finish it in May though!
  • Create a workout schedule and stick to it: I just started a fitness challenge on Monday that I first discovered a few years ago but I’m redoing it again. It’s important for me to start enjoying working out again because I need to get my confidence back up.
  • Self-care Friday afternoons: This month has been great for self-care for me. Although I’ve not dedicated every Friday afternoon to it, I’ve been picking one morning and one afternoon every week to just relax and chill out. Monday mornings are a great time for me to catch up on TV when I’m not really motivated to work! I even took a whole Saturday off this month too!
  • Focus on my freelance career more: I’ve been taking part in the Blogger to Boss 5-Day Challenge and have been inspired once again to keep the momentum going with my freelance work. I have some goals in place and a strategy to help me so fingers crossed, I can start adding more work and clients!
  • Get organised on a Sunday: I’ve been keeping up with daily to-do lists for most of the month but planning sessions have gone out of the window. They always help to keep me focused so maybe that’s why I’ve been in a funk in April.
  • Create a cleaning schedule: April has been that all over the place that I haven’t even thought about cleaning. Sorry, Mrs Hinch! We’re in the process of redoing the kitchen so I don’t even know where half of the cleaning supplies are currently!




6 things that made me happy

  1. Being organised: I’ve planned out my content for May and beyond, with regular features and the start of a new beauty series coming later this month. Producing regular, quality content is what all bloggers aim for so hopefully I’ll become the blogger I always dreamed I’d be!
  2. Musicals: I’ve booked to see 10 shows this month, all between May and next February. I adore musicals but went a long time without bothering to see any live. I’m determined to see a whole range, from new to old as well as ones I’ve not seen before on stage or screen. AND I’m finally going to see Six in October, the same day I’m seeing Jeremy Jordan. I. CAN’T. WAIT.
  3. Easter chocolate: Easter is by far my favourite holiday, purely for the chocolate. Mini Eggs, Galaxy Caramel Eggs, Malteser Bunnies, Smartie Eggs, I much prefer all the extras as opposed to the bigger, traditional eggs. However, chocolate is chocolate so I’m not too fussy!
  4. Hanging out with my dad: I’ve spent a lot of time with my dad this month. After some mix-up with the electrician before Easter, he had booked a couple of extra days off and had nothing to do. All we do is sit and watch crime documentaries and pig out on junk food but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  5. Finding the cause of my sickness: For months now, I’ve been feeling sick every single day and had no idea why. I decided to cut out dairy for a week and the feeling went away. Once I added milk back into my diet, the sickness came back. We’ve now determined that I have a milk intolerance so lacto-free milk for me! Thank god I’m not allergic to cheese!
  6. Stationery: I had a little tidy in our spare bedroom i.e. my home office, and found so many cute stationery items that I forgot I had! I definitely don’t need to shop for any more supplies. Will that stop me? Probably not.


5 fave things this month

  1. Podcasts: I’ve been catching up with Exciting Emails and Blog It Boss It and have learned a tonne of new tips and tricks. Vix and Holly are great at motivating you!
  2. Pinterest: I’ve been pinning away like a mad lady, creating new boards across my many interests. I do need to create a strategy though!
  3. Six the Musical: Such an amazing soundtrack, it’s so catchy. I’ve been listening to it most days so I already know the words. October needs to get here sharpish!
  4. Carrie Underwood: When I see Hamilton in July, I decided to book to see Carrie in the evening. I’d been debating over the past month or so but bit the bullet and made up my mind. All hail country music!
  5. The Bay: I’ve been fascinated with this drama since the start and really enjoyed watching it all unfold. I was a little disappointed with the final episode but overall, it was a solid watch.




April in numbers

2 – eyeshadow palettes used (I Heart Make-Up Wonder Palette: Chocolate Vice, Make-Up Revolution Redemption Palette: Iconic 2)

2 – number of films watched (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour)

2 – number of series watched (Arrow S2, Killing Eve)

7 – TV shows caught up with (The Flash, The Rookie, The Bay, 9-1-1, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire)

6 – number of empties (clarifying shampoo, hair mask, face mask, body spray, toothpaste, micellar water)

5 – blog posts (Goodbye March, Hello April, Capsule Wardrobe | Spring 2019, My Favourite UK Staycations, Going Cruelty-Free, Review | Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake)

5 – Instagram posts




May To-Do List and Goals

  1. Create a healthy morning routine: Since I went self-employed, some mornings I can be super productive whereas others I’m as lazy as hell. I know I’m useless on a Monday morning so I could include an extended version for then too.
  2. Create a before-bed evening routine: At the moment, I seem to get into bed, make tomorrow’s to-do list, play on my phone and then sleep. I need to incorporate better self-care on a daily basis: my full skincare routine, reading, journaling. Before bed is the perfect time to do these activities!
  3. Post to Instagram daily: I’ve fallen out of love with Instagram because my likes have taken a nosedive. However, I still go on the app multiple times a day and want to try a new strategy of posting daily and using better, more appropriate hashtags.
  4. Take one full day off a week: Since I have the house to myself during the week, I will probably start taking Saturdays off to relax and have some me time. My parents are usually off work too so now the weather is improving, we could have some days out!
  5. Catch up with Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin + Arrow: I’ve not really been in the mood to watch that many box sets this month but I need to catch up with these three shows!
  6. Keep track of spending: I spent a little too much money in April, due to buying tickets for shows as well as hotels to stay in too. However, I did track my spending and other than that, I was really good! Luckily, because I work from home, I don’t spend a great deal out and about but I still want to spend less money online!
  7. Read 3 books: I must start reading more again. Finishing 0 books in April was a disgrace so it can’t get much worse! I’m determined to finish Crazy Rich Asians and Mrs Hinch’s book!
  8. Document my Chester trip: I have a couple of blog posts planned after my trip, which means I’ll be taking a lot of pictures whilst I’m there. Chester is so picturesque so it shouldn’t be too hard!
  9. Update 2 old blog posts every weekday: I have over 400 posts on this blog, and 95% of them were written before I moved to WordPress. They all need updating but I know it will take a looooong time! Starting off small by updating two a day means it should take me about ten months. Wish me luck!
  10. Get my hair cut: I think this has been on my to-do list since the beginning of the year but it needs cutting pronto. I have so many split ends that I’ve lost count. It can be treat for the end of the month.


Hopefully, May will be slightly more successful than April was and all of my focus will be on running my business and blog!


What do you have planned for April? Do you have any goals in place? Leave me a comment, send me a Tweet or a DM on Instagram!



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