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How are we a quarter of the way through this year already? It’s crazy to think that spring is here because let’s face it, January and February were so long and Brexit has made everything worse (sorry, I had to go there).

March was a pretty great month for me. I headed to London for the C2C festival and enjoyed it so much that I’ve booked again for next year! There really is something special about the capital if you don’t get to go there very often! We’ve also been doing a tonne of spring cleaning in our house, in preparation for our new kitchen being delivered last Saturday. Since my dad is fitting most of it himself (he really is Handy Andy), I want to help out as much as possible. This means I’ve been decluttering a drawer or a cupboard one at a time and creating a pile of stuff to go. I’m amazing at minimalism but my mum is the worst culprit. She hoards everything, just in case. We’ve lived in this house four years now and still have some stuff boxed up in the loft just in case, of course.

April looks set to be less travel-based but with other exciting things in the pipeline. I do have to get some things booked in preparation for some trips later on in the year though. I’m planning on spending a lot of time blogging and freelancing, which is the area that I want to keep working in. I also have a trip to the theatre planned at the end of the month to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. I used to attend dance classes alongside one of the cast members so it will be great to see how far he’s come in his dance career! Other than that, it will be much of the same! Less binge-watching box sets, more reading. Less procrastinating, more content creation.




March Recap

  • Document my London trip and turn it into a blog post or several: I stuck with just the one post about my trip because it was rather uneventful, other than the festival and a walking theatre tour! It’s bad enough when you get sick at home but when you’re away, it’s even worse. I had so many ideas of things to do so it really threw a spanner in the works!
  • Read 8 books: I’ve managed to finish 3 books this month, which is an improvement on the last. My original plan was to read 26 books in 2019 but because I started off so strongly, I upped it to 52. Maybe I was a slight bit optimistic?
  • Plan out March and April content: I slipped a little at the start of March because I just had no motivation. I’ve now planned out my content for the whole of March and April and am trying to get as much scheduled as possible!
  • Catch up with podcasts: I have tried but I have dedicate time to listen to them when I’m not busy. I like to actively listen and make notes, which is difficult if you’re trying to work! I’ve managed to catch up with some but not all!
  • Gain one freelance client: I have some plans in the works but more on that soon!
  • Get my hair cut: Still a no but I will, eventually.
  • Sell clothes/shoes online: I have uploaded a load of stuff onto Depop but it doesn’t seem to be selling. Back to eBay I go!
  • Visit the cinema at least once: I did! I took my mother to see On the Basis of Sex and it was phenomenal. Such an amazing story and I left feeling super motivated to kick ass! I have to say that Armie Hammer may be the tallest actor I’ve ever seen though!
  • No spend March (other than my London trip): I didn’t spend too often but I did make some clothing purchases towards the end of March. They’re in preparation for my spring capsule though, so I feel like I’m allowed!
  • Find a fun way to exercise again: This is my plan for April now!


6 things that made me happy

1. London: There’s just something so special about the place. I love it that much, I already have trips booked to go back in July, October and next March!

2. Trainers: I really struggle to find comfy footwear so I now live in trainers. I don’t really bother buying branded ones; as long as they fit and I can walk around for hours in them without getting blisters, I’m on to a winner. Some of the supermarkets do the comfiest ones so don’t think you have to spend more to get quality!

3. Spotify: After C2C, I knew I needed to listen to music more. I had previously had the paid version of Amazon Music but wasn’t using it. I’ve opted back for Spotify again after years away and I’ve used it most days!

4. Getting my Masters certificate: It has been a long, arduous process trying to achieve my Masters degree. After 18 months of struggle and hard work, I have finally finished it and receiving my certificate in the post was the best feeling!

5. Ben Platt’s new album: Despite it being released at the end of the month, I’ve already had it on repeat constantly. I could listen to Ben sing anything and his voice would still sound so beautiful.

6. Decluttering: I really do enjoying getting rid of stuff and organising, I could actually do it as a career! I find it therapeutic to go through my belongings and discover if I actually need them anymore. It’s also rewarding to donate items that will go to someone who needs the item more than you do.


5 fave things this month

1. Country music: After my trip to London, I’ve been listening to nothing but country music. It’s not all old-fashioned, yeehaw stuff; it’s a real mixture of genres, adding in pop, rock, blues, rap even!

2. Smash: If you’ve not seen this TV show and you like musicals, you NEED to watch it! I really wish they could make Bombshell and Hit List into actual musicals because they have such awesome soundtracks.

3. Chicken in black bean sauce with noodles: This has overtaken chicken curry and egg fried rice as my fave Chinese dish. I tend to make it more at home and it’s such a quick dish to make!

4. Custard creams: I love a good biscuit and usually have an addiction to one sort of biscuit every month. This month, it’s the custard cream. I can scoff far too many in one sitting, more than I’d care to admit.

5. Writing: I’ve been getting back into the blogging game and have really enjoyed sitting down and pouring my thoughts into a post. I’m really excited to finally have a content calendar so I can see what needs to be done and when!




March in numbers

3 – eyeshadow palettes used (Sleek All Night Long – mini, Soap & Glory Perfect 10, Freedom Pro 32)

3 – number of films watched (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, On The Basis of Sex, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

7 – number of series watched (The OC S3+4, Smash S1+2, The Hills S1-3)

5 – number of empties (shower gel, foundation stick, eye primer, mini waterproof mascara, conditioner)

3 – books read (Mastering Minimalism: Eight Steps To A Life Of Less Stuff And More Freedom- Emily Josephine, The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life Before 8 a.m.- Hal Elrod, Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life- Gwyneth Snow)

5 – blog posts (Goodbye February, Hello March, UK Travel: Why I Love It, 72 Hours in London, Project Pan 2019: Empties #1, Capsule Wardrobe | Winer 2019 Recap)

6Instagram posts


April To-Do List and Goals

  • Plan May content: Now I have April planned out for my blog, my attention turns to May. Granted, I still have lots to do for this month but I certainly want to get as far ahead as I can!
  • Read 5 books: I’ve lowered my expectations slightly because my workload is increasing, meaning my spare time is limited. I want to read a mix of fiction and non-fiction this month, maybe some Harry Potter!
  • Inventory for spring capsule wardrobe: I want to catalogue the items in my wardrobe and complete a wear count. This will allow me to see what I’m reaching for more so than others and where my style is headed.
  • Plan my trip to Chester: It’s been a few years since I’ve been and I’m super excited to head there for a couple of days next month. I’m planning on spending the day at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, which I love, so I’ll be on the hunt for some summer bargains!
  • Finish the Freelance Lifestyle course: Despite starting the course mid-March, I’ve only completed 2 days so far. I need to keep progressing with it and hopefully complete it in April.
  • Create a workout schedule and stick to it: I’m really good at writing down what I want to do when it comes to working out but actually doing it is another story. I want to start by working out three days a week and then slowly increasing as we get to May. I’ve decided to use the Blogilate’s beginner calendar as a base to go off.
  • Self-care Friday afternoons: Because weekends tend to be busy for me, Fridays are the one day when I can relax a little. I want to stop working at around 3pm so I can treat myself to a super hot shower (I hate baths), a hair mask, a face mask and just generally treat myself a bit.
  • Focus on my freelance career more: I’ve been very nonchalant about freelancing so far, picking up odd jobs here and there but I really need to up my game. Now I have a regular client and I know how much time that takes up, I’m ready to add more to my plate.
  • Get organised on a Sunday: I used to spend a couple of hours every Sunday evening, sat on the floor with all of my planners spread out and figuring out what I had going on during the next week. It was a method that worked for me for years so maybe I need to go back to that?
  • Create a cleaning schedule: Now I work from home and still live with my parents, it’s important for me to help as much as I can around the huose. If I devise a schedule of tasks, this can serve as time to take a break from work too for a few minutes.


Are you excited for spring and April? What plans do you have for the month? Let me know! 


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